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Can we have a feels or just general music thread. I just want to listen to music

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>Mac Demarco

Mein Neger!
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thank for contributing

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>the women in my Numerical Analysis class are begging me to help them with the coding on another piss easy project
>they actually expect me to drive all the way back to campus and help them even though it's 6:30
I'm not going to be the beta bitch this time!
But I did text them directions on how to do the project, and sent them links to code they could use. But that's not as beta as dropping everything to rush to their aid, right?
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It was the attempt to invite you over and seduce you.
No it's not. I've done this for them for every single coding project we have. They text me "hey we don't know what to do. we're in the library. help us". And I be the beta to the rescue and rush over. I basically code the entire project for them and leave afterwards. They don't want my dick. And I wouldn't want to gf either of them.
It means you made the right decision to help them but not too much.

>Neet anon, as your parents we are no longer at an age we're we can(or should) take care of you
>For your own good we've checked you into a mental hospital as you are a harm to your own self
>They will be here to collect you this afternoon
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>checked you into a mental hospital
they can do that?

Not sure of the exact laws, but if they have reason to suspect that you're a danger to yourself or others you can be taken to the looney bin against your will.
They won't because I'm 2loyal and grewwl up fast

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are biracials just inherently more robotic?
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It must be so. They can't identify themselves properly with one race, and since race is still relevant nowadays, they end up as outcasts.
i'm mixed race but i doubt it really means much as there's plenty of mixed normies and white robots
being biracial to a normie is like being a blond hair-blue eyed white person to a robot or /pol/ak.

not only does it make you hate every cell in your body after taking the red pill, but you don't fit in with anyone.

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How are you holding up lads? Which final project/exam are you dreading the most?
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My Analysis final. It's basically giving air tight proofs of why everything about Math and mathematical properties is true. It covers the number system/sets, sequences/series, limits, derivatives, integrals and other things.
>need to apply to transfer and email an adviser soon
>too lazy
I have straight A's. Just aced an exam today as well. None of my finals seem to worry me because I know I'll do good. Just wish I had something to do other than browse the internet all day. Might buy a piano or some other impulsive shit.

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You know fellas, I have to give you all credit. I spent a long time here. Towards the end of my browsing, I started to think of all of us collectively as broken and severely flawed people.

As I grew more as a person, I decided to leave. I thought maybe my misery came from here, you all were destroying me with your beliefs. It was time to improve myself.
I started working out more, slept around a bit, I got a good job, joined the marine reserves, I got hobbies. Normie status, but still a robot deep down.
Well guys. Guess what.

Fuck them. Fuck every last one of them. Maybe it's just my early 20s age group, but holy fuck.

There is absolutely ZERO fucking substance to all of them. All superficial garbage. All clones of one another. They are TERRIFIED of being taken down. They are the most insecure superficial fucks I have ever seen. Those 10/10 club sluts? Holy fuck they have no self esteem. Same with a lot of dude-bros at the gym. Most "Chads" are shitty empty husks of a personality, all they talk about is how much they drank the other night or some gay shit. Most people out there are very friendly, but the ones you all seem so envious of fucking suck dude.

TL;DR You're all fine. Focus on yourselves and fuck trying to live for others. Validation means nothing from these losers.
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what MOS pog boi :DD
0431 my man. Embarkation Specialist, logistics. I get to load planes with trucks and boxes!
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fuckin kickass lol
i ship in a month as enlisted aircrew (crew chief on V-22 or CH-53) tried to get inf but im fat and cant do 6 pullups

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>playing Kahoot in history class

>put nickname as "Mclovin"

>Some Stacy asks "Who the fuck is Mclovin?" and her entire pack of Chad's and other Stacy's start asking the same thing.

>Awkwardly blurt out "I am Mclovin" while trying to sound cool but you can tell how nervous I am.

>None of them get it.

>Group of Chad's and Stacy either laugh at me or just give me mean looks

>Friend gives me weird look before typing in their nickname

>Just sit there really uncomfortable for the rest of class

>Come in third to last place


this story took place last year. pls no ban, mods
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>third to last

It's hard, damn it. I suck at remembering things.
Nah. We had some big state-wide history test when I was in highschool, tied for 5th best with my two bestfriends even though none of us studied. The only ones above us were a few people who studied and some stacy that cheated off me for the majority of the test and guessed the rest.

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I got drunk with a female friend of mine who thinks I took advantage of her, and will not speak with me unless I admit what I did was wrong.

The thing is, all I did was walk her home. We were both drunk, but she initiated everything, and I pushed her away multiple times because she was that fucking drunk. We did not have sex, but I was left with a hickey. I did not touch her anywhere.

I've had other girls in the past tell me flat out that they would tell people I have raped them, even if I haven't even touched them. Is this something women do when men reject them?

I'd like to speak to this girl and explain what happened, but she's very stubborn and will not give me the time of day. What can I do? We were friends for over 10 years, and have drank plenty of times before without anything happening, however the last few times before this event, she had been getting touchy with me.
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You made a post in the one of thise "last time a girl texted you threads " right?
why not ask >>>/adv/
>I didn't touch you and you know it.
>Prove it.
>Fuck off, out of my life roastie.

That's all you need to say. I am sorry you're in this situation. Kinda your fault for hanging out with mentally ill roasties tho.

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I miss moot

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We all miss him. But I probably miss him more then you do.
i miss fat moot
What's a moot? I've never heard of it.

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>don't drink anything except water
>don't smoke
>don't do any type of drugs, not even pharmaceuticals
>don't watch anime
>eat sugar very sparingly
>always sleep 8 hours, no more, no less
>don't curse ever
>don't have any fetishes
>only masturbate once a month to softcore porn

Who else /pure/ here?
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i hope your " pure" little ass gets raped by eighteen black men with eighteen-inch cocks
Why does purity trigger the degenerate so much?
Pretty much you
Except I'm addicted to sugar, have fuked fetishes and masturbate everyday.

Normos get trigged cos I don't swear

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Anyone here have a personal trait that your whole life revolves around? Mine has to be how I always try to avoid conflict and change. Everything I do is based off of this, I have a strong desire to keep everything in my life the way it is currently, in every aspect. This has had more negative results than positive, however.
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>I always try to avoid conflict and change
Same. That is why I lost the love of my life.
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Growing up must have been tough, anon. I know it was for me and I'm the same way.

It's also caused me to hide stuff from the people I'm closest to, like my possible mental disorders and my sexuality, out of fear of what my life would be like after they know this information. Let's all hope things can't possibly get worse.

Goddamnit red flag

Anyone else here ended up edging to pornography for hours? And I mean, HOURS.
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There was a time I was trying not to fap and I'd edge for days. I'd go to sleep with a hard on after edging the whole day, I'd wake up with a morning wood and resume the edging.

I was trying hard not to cum cause I had a chance with a girl, but then, unsurprisingly, I couldn't even keep a hard on.
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>tfw cumming after a nice edge session
Shit can be painful if you go for too long.

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Why does this board have such deranged sexual fantasies and fetishes? My wildest sexual desire is to have a threesome with two hot twin sisters. And I thought that was a fucked up fetish, until I discovered r9k.
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an old teacher of mine married a girl with a twin sister

pretty sure she fugged him at some point or they both fugged him together

imagine that, having sex with your wife but two of her

geez louise
>tfw gf has a nice sister
stop it guys.

anyway, when you're anonymous it gets easier to share. seems simple

> imagine that, having sex with your wife but two of her

Holy fuck, that's the ultimate dream. I worked with a blonde girl who had a twin sister once. I asked one out and she turned me down lmao. Was tempted to ask out the other twin but then I got too shy lol. Sometimes I fap to the thought of me getting to fuck both of those hot sisters at the same time

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how do i tell a grill im not interested, robots?

>friend gave her my number as a joke
>never met each other, she is a few towns over
>she texts constantly
>i take ages to get back if i get back at all
>doesnt get the hint
>she asks me out
>autism erupts and delete all messages
>still texts me later

get this fuckin roastie away from me robots
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Just tell her you aren't interested. Just be super blunt.
You have two ways of going about this

1) Be super blunt and don't waste her time. It'll suck for her, but it'll be better in the long run.

2) just stop talking and drag it out until she gives up

I suggest the first
Tell her you have AIDS.

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Can you imagine living in a world where random women compliment you on the street every day and you fucking complain about it?
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Nah, dude

oregano sauce
Lol sexual harassment isn't complimenting you autist.

actually never thought about it quite like that before

stop making me hate women more than I already do

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