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How are you holding up this week anon
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wow not even one reply that's sad
made this thread 1 minute later than the another one so rip
I'm........ kinda mixed in feelings. How are you OP?

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Misaki figure.jpg
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Where the Friday Misaki thread at?
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what the fuck i made the thread 1 minute later. guess we can just use this one
hey there misaki lover. I am here too what do we do?

we watch NHK together guys?

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I'm in serious trouble robots

I don't know how to socialize with the normies at work. Whenever I try to involve myself and fit in, I inevitably say something wrong and get myself into trouble no matter how hard I try to be normal.

And when I just be quiet and do my job without talking to anyone I get accused of being unfriendly and cold and not a team player. I'm on thin ice at work now.

How do I talk to people without getting myself in trouble?
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>Hey anon working hard or hardly working? Haha
>Hey person who just screwed up, is this your first day? Haha
>Another day in paradise amiright coworkers? Haha
>Hey Mike what day is it? Mike what day is it? Hump dayyyy! Haha
>Hey do you guys watch game of thrones, the walking dead, etc? Can you be live that episode wow.
>Hey check out the floppy hangers on the new girl I'd like to show her where the loading dock is if you know what I mean.

Are these things that I'm supposed to say to fit in? Some of them seem kind of obnoxious.

>Hey check out the floppy hangers on the new girl I'd like to show her where the loading dock is if you know what I mean.


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Is makeup essentially lying?
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is this Adele anon?
Yeah, it's what she looks like before photoshop, lighting, and makeup.

Yeah basically, especially when they get into all that contouring shit to change the shape of their face. But I wouldn't really care if women didn't go out of their way to mock anything a man does to appear more attractive.

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Why is it that the only interesting women are crazy?
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I don't fucking know! Why is it that every woman that every time I meet a girl on OK Herpes she has a tattoo that I somehow didn't notice and instantly turns me off?
I stalked a guy i liked and gave him all the info I found on him, including his reviews on a sex toy website. Does that count?
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thats my fetish.jpg
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That is legit my fetish. You are welcome to stalk me anytime, but you better be ready to go all the way. I'm talking chloroform, duct tape, and fertility drugs.

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my room.jpg
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ITT Post your rooms how do you robots live??.
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Here's my original bedroom.
Gay as fuck familam

That is a sad ass room anon.

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Why is Trump being South Korea's cuck? Who gives a shit what North Korea and South Korea do? Its on the other side of the fucking planet! Another shitty interventionist war wasting trillions of dollars is exactly what we DIDN'T elect him for.
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>Its on the other side of the fucking planet!
Their missiles can and will reach the other side of the planet. That's why.
Because he has to respond or he'll look weak. He is obsessed with optics.
This is why we need education.
Learn some fucking history.
South Koreans > dumbass white Americans

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Who /phimosis/ here?

>tfw small dick and phimosis

I never had a chance.
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I want to suck that smol phimotic dick
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Ahhh I just want to suck on it and and tease the foreskin with my tongue
Just stretch it in the shower every day with some shower gel on it, or with lube. It will work fine after a while.

How much do you relate to satou from Welcome To the NHK /r9k/??.
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I can't find a job, I'm a college drop out, I barely ever go outside, I have no hope
Satou lost his virginity in highschool OP
I haven't seen it but I feel like I'd relate too much so I don't even wanna see it

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Why did the philosophy of modernism fail? Why is everyone okay with society stagnating?
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What is the philosophy of modernism?
Do most people subscribe to it?
The Jews.
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This drawing demonstrates how you dont understand postmodern art.

its not to override the philosophy of modern art because if it did it would have nothing to critique or insult. It is to make fun of modern society and the things society produces.

Society isnt stagnating either. just because i sub group appears that likes insulting the way things are doesnt mean "OMG GUIS SOCITEE IS STAGNATING!!!111!!"

There isn't really a philosophy either. Unless you consider "critiquing societal standards" a philosophy

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>mfw a board made for social outcasts is now majority non-virgin normies who are active on social media (failed or otherwise)
>mfw a board made for people who are romantic failures has tons of people with girlfriends or exes
>mfw a board made for lonely people is full of people who have friends and go out
Literally the only thing that separates this board from being Facebook's cousin is all the constant gay/trap shit which is also a symptom of the change in demographic.
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this board wasn't made for any of that. maybe if you weren't such a newfag you wouldn't have much such a stupid thread.
>/r9k/ has no official topic
What did you expect?
Wouldn't you rather just go on Facebook or Reddit or something though? It's just a bit unfair that you'd invade a board that is culturally aligned with virgin beta males and just ruin it.

Why do you want to ruin something precious to so many unfortunate people?

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Fembots, why don't you have a boyfriend when there's so many guys who want a girlfriend?
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I don't care about the thread itself, but could you dump what you have?
I don't leave my house and I'm cripplingly socially awkward and quiet. I tried the online thing with a few robots but despite saying they would be okay with a socially awkward gf, they don't seem to o put together that they'd have to initiate all the social interaction between you two then get mad when you don't talk much.
because they are waiting for the chadcock

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tfw everybody watches this new edgy show with unfunny jokes

>"I'm piCkle rickK XDDdDddZDd!!1"
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You really do need to get into the mindset of the faggot atheist Redditor to understand why this show is so popular. These people have never heard of adult animation in their lifes that wasn't stuff like Family Guy, it was completely alien to them. And they can't laugh at these shows because they consider these shows stupid. They want a show that isn't necessarily smart or funny or well-written, but that appears to be to appeal to their surface-level taste. Because these people live for that mindless self-validation. They don't actually understand what makes for good writing or good comedy, nor have they ever picked a book about physics. They want to pretend they do so and circlejerk themselves, that's what matters. Rick and Morty is just perfect for its demographic: these same college-age, self-important Bernouts who "fucking love science". The entire foundation of the show is built upon the dichotomy between "silly sci-fi humor and references" and " things are super deep and tragic bro". This pseudo-intellectual "nothing even matters, I'm insecure about existence, we are all going to die" bullshit that R&M shits out in almost every episode is what appeals to its audience. The show doesn't actually have the tact to even begin to offer an interesting presentation and discussion of any philosophy, so it spouts these edgy teenage catchphrases. Nevermind the bean-headed, noodle-limbed unexpressive character design, or how the story is non-existent and only comes up when the writers beg you to feel something for these characters so devoid of substance, or how the entire show is a trendy forgettable scenario of the week memefest with just enough sci-fi references to trick kids into thinking they are smart for understanding them, or how the characters have somehow been reduced to even more obnoxious caricatures than before, none of these things matter. What matters is that it appeals to the millennial redditor audience, and that's what's selling Rick and Morty.
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>can't just sit down and enjoy a cartoon
>need complete justification to entertain self with like "this specific piece of entertainment rises deep emotions and questions regarding science and/or the very fabric of our society"
Oh boy

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>He hasn't become a girl (male) yet

whats your excuse to finally become happy?
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>>He hasn't become a girl (male) yet
I'm an ugly masculine robot. If i could have become the girl (male) I would have done it long ago.
He was prettier as a guy desu
>tfw chad is better than you at even being a girl
Why live

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fuckin normies what are they thinking
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Won't this kid just grow his hair back anyway? What is the point of this?

you laugh but you know he's getting any stacy's pussy wet with this shit
probably that he loves his son, really.

maybe if your parents loved you more you wouldn't be shitposting.

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