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Is 80s music the definitive robot music
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>implying a song about making romantic love on first sight with another is robot music

its just a song, no sex is had through a sound
that op pic scared the ever loving shit out of me. didn't want to sleep tonight anyway...

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Is it possible to find a human who isn't a low-IQ, boring, terrible person?
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A person with high IQ knows how to function in social situations a low IQ person is generally socially retarded
Yeah, they're mostly very normal people in STEM fields

"smart" robots are almost always just weird socially awkward autists
>be me
>have decent IQ of 110
>I think I do fine in social situations
>none of my "friends" ever want to invite me
>it couldn't be social retardation
>it's probobly social retardation

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>18 year old friendless virgin with literally zero friends
It's all downhill from there isn't it?
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At 25 I got into a big group of friends thst branched into other groups and by 26 I had more friends than ever before in my life. Still all friends to this day
Between 18-22 you still have very good odds of escaping inceldom. It's only after that your life trajectory becomes unrecoverable.
I don't know how to interact with people my age, especially girls. What young people do and like seems completely removed and foreign to me

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>gf of almost a year breaks up with me
>sends me a pic of her tinder matches the next day
why are girls so cruel guys? ;_;
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She doesn't sound too clever.
Did you do something shitty or is she jusst a massive cunt?

Also you should set her on fire.
Hey bro. I don't mean to get all Reddit fag on you, but tell her not to contact you ever again, and cease all contact with this girl. I wish people had told me to do that when I was younger, as it would have saved me a heap of trouble. The quickest way to Move On is the cut off contact, and it makes the ex-girls go crazy with jealousy. Act as if she is a ghost. If you keep talking to her and letting her send you pictures and messages, it will extend the healing time by at least a year . She's a savage cunt for doing that

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>tfw probably bi but just want a qt thick gf (female)

Why was I cursed with latent faggotry?
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what kind of girl are you looking for?
Same but I have the opposite problem.
I just want a cute feminine gf (male) to greet me naked in a apron when I arrive home.

I honestly wish I was full gay I have a slight disgust towards woman.
You can make yourself gay if you're even a little bi. Just only fap to dudes or gay porn. You train your brain to associate males with pleasure. Over time, your attraction to males increases and females decreases.

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How to abuse and bully girls and girls (male) in the way they like it?
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Call them a faggot and constantly remind them about how their father is disappointed in them.
Laugh at their feminine penis.
as long as you don't threaten to leave or cheat me you can do whatever you want fufu

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It's okay to rape traps right? Since they're wearing female clothes of their own free will. They're basically asking for it.
It's not morally wrong to pin a trap to a wall and rape them hard against their will.
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raping anyone is wrong. Unless it's during wartime and you need to recharge the effect of the magic potion.
Why is it wrong to rape a living sexual fetish like a trap or a tranny?
Bweewoo-bweewoo biggot alert!!!! Go back to /pol/

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>that feel when having bizarre heart palpitations and heart thumping with shortness of breath

I'm going to fucking die before i'm 30. I should probably see a doctor.
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If this happens regularly, it could be anxiety/panic attack.

I suggest reading ch 6 of The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook 5th Edition. It saved me.

Also, see a doc. They'll do a blood test, do an EKG, check your sinus or whatever. It doesn't take long.
man is like a breath his day are as a passing shadow
>all of this shit plus constant elbow, wrist, and hand pain that makes vidya painful and difficult

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if you got some tinder hoe pregnant and she had the baby would you flee the country?

its like, 18 years x thousands of dollars

+ you have to see a tinder slut from now till 2035
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I use Tinder a bit differently as in I usually end up in relationships with people I see a few times from it. In fact, my best ever relationship started off on Tinder, so it really depends on the person to be honest.
won't happen got snipped. not gonna pass on my shitty genes to some unfortunate person.
if she has your kid she must think your genes arent half bad

plus she let you fuck her

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>Be me KHHV
>At Uni, standing outside lecture hall waiting for doors to open
>8/10 girl approaches me and ask if this is the right place for the lecture
>say 'yea this is the place' she says thanks, smiles and waits nearby
>She picked me over the 20 or so other people to ask

D-does this mean im gonna make it bots?
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she just asked bc she wanted an answer from a weakling who didn't look intimidating. she tried to charm you with the little amount of time she had during your interaction because she loves to manipulate men.
No, you're reading far too much into it. She didn't pick you because you're a "weakling", but also not because she wants your dick. It was just random.
She picked you because you were obviously the only one standing alone while everyone else were conversing among themselves.

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>when you realised you're old enough to not have to lie about your age online
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I always lie about my age online. I made it 32 years without getting doxxed and I'm not starting now.
>when you're old enough so that you're not even considered "young" anymore
>you haven't accomplished a single thing
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The image hurts in all the sweet spots man.

are there such thing as a military robot? I want to join because im a poorfag and want to kill people as a job
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Yes and my guess it's either really sad or alright depending on your mind
I'm thinking of doing the same

I'm bored with life at the moment and I need something to do.
>inb4 wanting to die for Israel
>want to kill people as a job
should be more specific. I want to kill commies (north koreans) and mudslimes

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it is 5 am and i just fixed myself a rum and coke because my borderline personality disorder is acting up again. anybody want to talk?
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I'm here, what's goin on?
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i was thinking of making a rum and coke when i got home (12pm), but decided not to. maybe now is this time?

anyway what's up?
I sipping on some white wine to have some company for my depression. How you doing op? Do you like horror?

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>Anon, have you tried internet dating?
"Yeah... it hasn't really worked out for me."
>Yeah, you really need to stick with it! One of my guy friends goes out on three or four dates a week and he still hasn't met the right girl yet

Jesus, roasties really don't get it.
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I tried it. It hurt my self esteem. The only women who were interested in me were of terribly low quality. Which made me realize I must be too. I never thought I was ugly, but I have to be. Also the number of women who would just ask me how much I make a year got me really concerned. I quit trying. It's expensive to go on dates. The conversation is usually boring and media focused. I didn't meet anybody I could see as a wife or mother. I know I'm contributing to white genocide by not actively pursuing this, but I don't think I even want it any more. I'm 27 and I don't care about sex. I stopped caring about sex a few years ago and it really changed the way I see women. I want a wife and child. If it happens, it happens. I'm done wasting time and money looking for it.
I'm currently in the midst of a pretty much relationship with an above my league 23 year old (I'm 27) with two kids.
I was a KV 6 months ago and I feel that sinking feeling like I'm on the precipice of fucking up but I can't see myself slowing down willingly.
Someone please reassure me about how it's all memes on here.
I haven't a thing going on but this, and the job and the 9mm in the drawer. I guess it doesn't matter from an absolute equity perspective, but I'm running pretty low.
i dont think online dating is for me, or girls in general
idk how to function around them or talk to them and they generally dont seem to share my interests

all ive wanted for a while was a gf, but im starting to think that they arent what they are made out to seem

oh my fucking god nihilism and existential trauma have just hit me like never before and i feel physically sick.
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nihilists who stay nihilists for more than a day are just low T cucks

>dawns on you that nothing matters
>become nihilist
>there is no point to life, so you might as well strive to get the most pleasure out of it as possible
>realize the best way to get pleasure is to work on something
>realize the best way to get motivated to work on something is to ditch nihilism
Hello. Is this your first real existential crisis? Ride the wave and you'll manage it. You won't die tonight.
>the best way to care is to stop not caring
i just don't think i understand. i suppose you're right in that if i was truly nihilist i wouldn't be feeling pain, id be feeling nothing. I'm just dreadful.

hi, the first of this intensity, but I'm highly familiar with feeling things like this and thinking about it, etc. i appreciate you saying that. i truly feel i can't be consoled or comforted in this way for the first time. goddamn does that hurt

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