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Who is this marky you speak of?
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Erik is cute
Don't listen to him, smooth skinned lolis are the patrician taste.
Is it just me or has she gotten thinner?

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why do you care so much about acid attack?

okey, it's painful but... just be yourself, looks doesnt matter, remember?
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>why do you care so much about acid attack?
>okey, it's painful but... just be yourself, looks doesnt matter, remember?

This tbqh. Hypocrite cunts
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I know you guys are baiting. But this is seriously pathetic.
>I know you guys are baiting. But this is seriously pathetic.


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Anti-Trump forces are working overtime to gaslight innocent /pol/ users. Do not trust anyone who is anti-Trump. Kushner and his allies have infiltrated /pol/ for complete control.

As proof I went into several /pol/ discords last night and posted my phone number asking to talk to higher ups for "verification purposes". Within minutes my phone was blowing up with messages saying "Drumph btfo" and other horrible things.

I know this post is being monitored but I don't care. If there is anyone real left: Run.
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Oh shut up you idiot.
What a pussy.
this is /r9k/ and i am pro Assad fuck off cunt

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Do any of you browse /pol/? What do you think of their current civil war there?

Also, general /pol/ appreciation thread.
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>oh look it's another /pol/ thread, made by a dumb shill
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>/pol/ appreciation
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its not a civil war its just all the anti trumpkins pretending to swap sides ffs

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Society lied to us.

If you don't have a gf, you're a loser; a total failure of a man.

No matter how wealthy or educated you are, if you don't one woman who wants to be with you, you failed at life.

Look around you. There are plenty of "losers" with gfs. You are in effect even more worthless then them irrespective of the fact that you graduated with honours and you earn seven times as much.
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>That level of gynocentrist thought.

Off yourself
There you have it, Isaac Newton - who died a virgin - was a complete failure. Brilliant insight and airtight logic, OP.

It's not about women. It's about passing your genes.

The whole point of this "thing" called life, the whole point that we ever do anything, is so we could maximize the potential for our genes to be passed on.

Even after our 40s, we still work hard to attain status and power so that our children and grandchildren can inherit our wealth and status so that they would have an easier time to pass on our genes further into the future.

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Dating older women is like playing a dark souls game for the first time with no guide or help
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Dark souls is actually fun while playing and rewarding; whereas dating an older woman is hell and the reward is shit.
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>she is 11 years older than you
>she has 3 kids to include a 9 year old, 6 year old (likely with the 'tism), and a 3 year old
>her ex husband hates you
>her family thinks it's a phase
>she has tons of baggage

This is not artificial difficulty. It just sucks. But never had a gf before and although I miss free time I am terrified of the great lonely void of life without her.
>3 fucking kids

You're a goddamn jackass. Any girl would've been better.

>tfw a girl sits next you on the train because it's the only empty seat and then promptly moves as soon as another empty seat opens up.
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You probably smell.
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>girl would rather sit next to greasy neckbeard than you
>girl sits next to you
>promptly reach over and force about 4 fingers up her vagina

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>just go to parties DUDE
>just lift BRAH
>just drink BUD
how do I ascend from robothood without falling into the degenerate cesspit of normiedom by following the advice of Chads
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Just get fit and dress better and groom better. If you're more attractive you can pretty much act however you want and it becomes cool and girls will think you're "different" and stand out more than a default Chad
If you want to become good at something, you practice that thing. This is true for literally every endeavor. If you don't play piano, you're probably not very good at it. If you don't play chess, you suck at it. Don't ever socialize? You're probably bad at that, too. In all of the above cases, the first step is to start doing those things and to not be afraid to fail. Practice, practice, practice, don't be afraid to make mistakes, and try to learn something from the mistakes you do make. Think of each experience as a repetition, and building a muscle takes a lot of reps.
>dress better and groom better
Thanks Mr Rosenburg, I'll definitely spend my meagre earnings on overpriced designer clothes. After all, conformity is the spice of life!

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who else /erp/ here?
I've had the same partner for over 4 years now with a few others that we "took under our wing" to have fun with a few times.
It's made me feel less lonely and has helped with stress relief.
So I have to ask, anons. if you're really so desperate for affection why don't you just ask another robot to be lewd together? I met my BF on this site, you could find yours here as well
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because i'm incredibly awkward when it comes to anything remotely sexual even when a girl is asking me irl i can't say anything.
Oh my sweet sweet summer child, Anon.
This thread is gay I only clicked for the cute anime girl, fuck off you fag/roastie normie

*kiIIs baby*

my body my rules :)
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>jerks off, killing millions of potential lives

My body my rules :^)
I can't understand any robot being pro-choice. Unless they're going the Schopenhauer route of "bearing children is immoral because you create a being that is going to suffer"
>cums inside girl
>only one makes it to the egg
Muh body, muh rules.

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Let's have a faces of /r9k/ thread!

Here's me, banging to some heavy shit haha
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Now you're just looking to be made fun of and it's why you're a khv.

>Pushing your face back to reveal a double chin

>Opening your eyes super wide

>Forced awkward smile

>Bending fingers in a weird way

You could literally be attractive if you didn't do that shit, just tilt your head to the side and and hold your chin in your fingers. It's not that hard.
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Pleaze no bulli
You look like a blonde version of the guy from 3OH!3

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What is this guy ?/10 in your country?
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probs 4/10
-1/10 origano
if you live in russia 11/10 since navi jersey lol

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Hey bros,
i need your advice. There is this person i have a crush on for 2 years now and we were friends most of the time but i said to him i want to go further and then we kind of didnt talk for a long time until he messaged me and wanted to meet up again out of the blue and then we started talking again. He said he wanted a deeper friendship and that he is sorry it ended on us kind of going our own ways. We casually met up 1 time after that but it was still kind of weird for both of us. Now we agreed on meeting up again at his place because his family is on vacation so noone but us is there on that day. He said we could chill and talk and that he told noone about this and i am kind of confused what to think now. I made hints i want to do something else than chilling and he said we will see how everything will go etc. Should i even bother coming or do you think i have a chance?
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you should go, and, i'm presuming your male too, so do you know he's gay?
some ppl are afraid of having anal sex for the first time
ease him into it and say that youre willing to stop any time and youre fine if you just give each other handjobs and cuddle
back in the days he said no more than one time but he said to me he wants a deeper friendship aswell. But i doubt he meant that in a sexual way

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Why is it that women ruin everything? Now the US president
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He doesn't nees anyone to ruin him, he does a great job all by himself.
It's sad that Trump had so much potential and is probably going to be pulled down by (((Ivanka))) and (((her husband))).

It's not women. Trump is a kike shill, always has been.

Any /r/the_donald faggots can just seriously fuck off and go kill themselves. You turned almost all of 4chan and a good amount of 8ch into an echo chamber for Trump for this long, now you bitch and whine because people are pushing back.

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Do antidepressants actually help?
I tried everything else, stuff like lifting, eating healthy, getting a hobby etc. but the thing is there's nothing I'm passionate about and self-improvement doesn't make me feel better.

Are meds just a Jewish meme?
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They haven't for me.
Tried about 10 different ones, I'm not sure.
One or two made me completely numb, one turned me into a zombie.
They work for some though, you won't really know until you try.
The effects vary from person to person and finding the right medication takes some time. It's a process of elimination and a matter of trial and error. I started on meds about 8 years ago, easily been on at least a dozen different ones and the depression is not nearly as bad as it was when I started. I'd go so far as to say it's mostly cured but you also lose quite a bit in addition to the depression and these parts of you that you lose don't ever come back. I'm not the same person I was before starting medication.

So they do work but with limited accuracy. There's a lot of collateral damage. If you can find a way to fix yourself without medication, I'd highly suggest pursuing those other means.
Thanks, friends. Did you have any nasty side effects such as weight gain and lack of sex drive?
Also >>36135649 what's that collateral damage you mentioned? Why do you think you're not the person you were before meds?

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