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How accurate is it? Have any of you actually done any of that shit in your own lives?

The video is question:
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I used to know a guy like the dude in the video, but he was significantly less autistic.

I mean, how can someone manage to get an IT job or something, yet not have any social tact to know that giving some chick you never talk to a $1200 watch is creepy as hell?

Video really isn't all that realistic.
>be good looking
>have a girl go on a date with me
>move out of parents' house despite being a NEET
>post on /adv/
>get a job
No, I haven't done any of that shit in my own life

It's creepy as hell only if both of you are middleclass poorfags

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Why won't you idiots realize that literally every person you meet that is a virgin is either.

>an anime lover
>a coding nerd
>plays video games

Connect the dots and realize you have to drop these things if you want to get laid.
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>MFW females can be anime loving, videogame playing code monkeys and men will still fuck them but not the other way around

Why is life so unfair
>stop playing videogames
>lay in bed depressed the whole day instead

Much better!

The fact that woman can be fat, and some men have a fat fetish infuriates me the most. I just want to be able to eat whatever and be loved. Food is the only pleasure I have access too.
>>an anime lover
>>a coding nerd
>>plays video games


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how do I lower my test naturally?
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Cut off testicles and drink milk.
>Cut off testicles and drink milk.
orchiectomys are kinda scary idk

drinking milk is for brainlets who want to pretend they are cow babies, no thanks
A cow baby is more rational and smarter than you,feminine bitch boy.

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family of redheads.jpg
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Dear redheads,

If you are at or above the age where it is biologically feasible for you to give birth, it is your moral duty to do so at least once every ten months for the rest of your life.

Hop to it. The Chinese are fucking winning.

Not you, dye-jobs. You go straight to the camps.
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I'd fuck the shit out of those redheads
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We need moar redhead
this is vaguely unsettling

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>tfw no dom gf to tease you but insure she loves you afterwards with headpats
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Resolve your issues with your mother anon. Go to a therapist
I'd much rather have a dom gf than go to a therapist about a nonexistant issue
bumping with



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What happened to the great subcultures of the past like goths, punks, hippies, etc.? Everyone nowadays is a fucking normalshit.
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past subcultures, even though kinda pathetic/funny and influenced by marketing suits, were very anti-establishment, questioning authority and in general people joined them to escape from mainstream society

today's subcultures are mainstream, worship mainstream media, authoritarian state (as long as it fits their views), they aren't rebels, they're conformists and consumers

the hippies used to question the powers that be, rebel against materialism, preach self sufficiency, today's left is basically producing conformist android slaves
Oldfag here
They were all assimilated into the machine AKA the man
You can see the same thing happening to the video game industry, although this control is in its infancy
Music and art have been subsidized by the government, only government approved pieces get put into big museums
Rich people fund private art and they don't want anything that makes them look bad
There is no counter culture anymore, it has been killed
If you or anyone else is interested in a revival of counter culture please point your inquires to the FBI
I mean if you look at counter culture in America it had very violent roots
The hippie movement was a rejection of the American counter culture and thought that we could bring peace through ideas
They are yuppies now
Then the punk movement came and expressed violent and anarchist ideals, and never gained much traction in society.
Then came grunge, a rejection of 80s ideals of affluence, but that was short lived and watered down to begin with
Then we had hip hop and indie, one praising death and objectification, the other bringing a watered down hippie ideal
Now we have rap, pop, and house
Nothing is counteracting the mainstream because everything is a part of the mainstream
There is no underground, there is nothing that plays against the fabric of society, because everything has been bought out
With no breeding ground, there is no counter culture, with no counter culture, there is no progress, with no progress we are left with a devoid and meaningless culture

>70 percent of men between the ages of 20 to 34 are not married


How do we stop the manchild epidemic?
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Doesn't this also mean that 70% of women between the ages of 20 to 34 are not married? Why is this men's fault?
Women don't want to be housewives anymore so its completely understandable that men are avoiding marriage
man don't need marriage unlike roasties that are close to hitting the wall

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>he daydreamed about disarming the school shooter and everyone in school seeing him as a hero
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>he daydreamed about performing his favorite song at the talent show and everyone giving him a standing ovation
this was my favorite daydream.

it still works too. I do it at work and I have all these dramatic discussions with my oneitis memorized. Mostly "no big deal, I'm just doing the right thing" screenplays.
>he daydreamed of a zombie apocalypse so he could butcher everyone expect his crush and eventually save her

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Since the old zeemap was kill, I've decided to make a new one. Write a small description about yourself and put down your markers. I'll try to approve them everyday. Suggestions are welcomed.


Also, share your meetup stories in this thread and keep this thread bumped so more markers would be added.
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>only a couple of robots in my city
>look at the profiles
>they don't provide further info. for contact
>they just give you an email that won`t reply if you message them

I hope you guys are having more luck and fun with this, for me it's just a waste of time
Forgot to say. Make sure to include contact info or it won't be approved. How would you meet up without including contact info?
Map isn't working for me so I'll just leave my area code and info
217 (central IL) male 20yo. No gay shit

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Just bought Bloodborne GotY edition. What am I in for robots?
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Well bloodborne itself is one of the best games in a long time. Never played the dlc. I actually have the goty edition unopened. I'll get to it one day
There was a thread a few days ago about BB and everyone recommended I got the GoTY edition.

Also, do you need PSplus to play the game properly or is it just as fine in offline setting?
I've never had ps plus and I put in over 100 hours in it. You can't co-op or pvp without plus, if that matters to you. I only bought the standard edition because it was before the dlc even came out

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lads do ugly mature women also want chad?
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All women only want Chad.
Same reason ugly old men also want a young hot woman.

And the same reason a skinny person also wants ice cream.

Desirable things are desirable.
All women want Chad. Ugly mature women might be willing to settle.

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Is there a dating site for people who have autism?
I'm dating a femboy with autism and I love him more than I've ever loved someone I'm dating, and I want another. Any suggestions?
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Me me me me pick me oh god please pick me
My email is [email protected] inbox me pics with timestamps and I'll let you know
If you live in Massachusetts I'll make you mine.
Either way Kik me: Akitarex

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We are now closer to the year 2030 than the year 2000. I just want to go back to the early 2000s and relive one day of when my life wasn't complete shit, that's all I want is one day.
Also this corny ass song takes me back


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So I just took my gf's cat, put her in a cage, and tossed her off the pier. It was night, so no one was looking.

What's a good excuse to tell her so she won't think I did it.
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Lmao. "It ran away"? Did you at least out heavy shit in the cage so it wouldn't come back to the surface? I can see it now...

>local man drowns cat
>Sorry about your cat dying. What do you mean that we don't know it's dead yet? No, of course I didn't kill your cat
Why though?
Animal torture is a common thing around serial killers
Sort yourself out

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Why aren't you a self made billionaire and the shadow president of the US?
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his hair is greasy and he has a carpet for a necktie why
Pretty sure his dad gave him a fortune and he's lost most of it with stupid deals.
He's a multi billionaire, I doubt he lost it, if anything, he gained wealth

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