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Goodbye anons. Riding around till the hardware store opens up to buy some rope.

Been good knowing all of you.
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Come on dude don't be a dick. Whats on your mind?
How much money do you have in the bank?
peace out mah nigga, be sure to have some distance to fall when hanging urself so you instantly snap your neck have a painless exit.

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>tfw you have type 1 diabetes
Never had a chance.
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What are your symptoms? I eat healthy and im thin but my grandpa had beetus so im scared i might withiut knowing. What do
Well thats what you get for eating so much sugar fatty.
type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease with no genetic transmission.
the type 2 affects people eating too much fat or sugar food, and there is a genetic field.
Symptoms initially are loose of weight and polyuro-polydipsia syndrom wich means you drink a lot and piss a lot

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Recently, there has been a huge influx of pleb tier users, various redditors, normies and failed chads but worst of all, roasties and "fembots".

I have an idea on how to get rid of them

We will all call ourselves fembots and assume everyone is female by default.

It sounds stupid, but if everyone calls themseleves fembots, there will be no way to distinguish these roasties from the users trying to save their board. Eventually, these people will leave, as they no longer recieve attention, since no one will take them seriously.

I hope that we can cleanse this filth from this board before it is too late.
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Does ketchup go in the fridge?
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Or better yet, just stop giving them fucking attention
Fembot here
It's also a new way of beating the robot. Better than saying oregano.

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Another day, another 12 hours into the abyss
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just go to sleep anon.. everything will get better
Do you guys ever feel like you leave your body when you enter deep REM sleep? A person's eyes in this state kind of look like they're a robot receiving a signal.
nope, never felt like that

Still writhing like a worm I see.

You have lowered yourself into degeneracy yet blame everyone but yourself for it. Blame the Jews, Blacks, Females, or even your parents the fact is that you are the bane of society as well.

You've come up with these delusional pathological theories but still can't clean your room. You have a long way to go, anon.

Now get off your knees and achieve your dream.
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*opens mouth*
*gives the succ*
>delusional pathological theories
bro CNN quite literally programs mindslaves to do its bidding.
shut the fuck up griffith

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>tfw I can't stop romantizing death
I don't know how to enjoy life even though I'm one of the most privileged people in this world.
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Say it with me:
I am sorry, of course it's called romanticise/romanticize
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the lie of it all is life anon..
Just kys already we won't miss you

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>she's obviously part white
>it's her white genetics that make her pretty
>no pure black looks like that
Would someone mind explaining this meme?
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Sure, black people are generally ugly, and white people are generally good looking, so a black person who looks good is usually at least partially white.
Who gives a fuck about the genes? She's hot and I'd fuck that non-stop.
>it's an alt-right racism thread
Go back to /pol/, Fascy. This is our board now.

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ITT we predict the near future

>incest becomes normal
>more and more people drop out off society in favor of AI relationships
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>Apple releases iPhone 8
>New Avengers movie gets released
>Wars in middle east continue
>Intel releases new generation of CPUs
>Mario Odyssey gets released for the Nintendo Switch
I commit suicide
Roboy a bih
This thread gets archived.

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>walking down the street when a man calls out to you
>you stop and let the man catch up to you
>"Haha hey there buddy. The name's Shane. Sorry to chase after you but we're in a little bit of a pickle."
>you start to back away thinking the man is going to ask you for money
>"This is kinda weird but we're shooting a porno in that building upstairs and we need another guy. Our regular guy couldn't make it and we've already paid the camera crew and my co-star."
>you appear intrigued and he notices
>"It's a little different than what you're probably used to. We're shooting a scene for a genre called cuckold, have you heard of this type of porn before?"
>you have but you shake your head no
>"Well basically it will be me fucking my co-star and all you have to do is watch and follow me and my co-star's lead. You may have to help out with the clean up and packing afterwards (he smiles slyly as he says this). We'll pay you $100 and you get to see how a porno gets made! What do you say buddy?"

wat do
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Sorry Shane but no, also RIP sledgehammer
>get fucked in the ass
>get $100
would do.
100$ is good enough plus i get to see some action irl.
I don t watch cuckhold tho

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ITT we post someone we'd like to have as a father.
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>tfw no lee from walking dead father
>implying Rollins wasn't ridden with father issues in the past
I can't really think of anybody myself. I have no hope for men in this day and age.
I need no father figure because I was destined for greatness.

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The comfiest edition
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First for comfy NEETboys.
>tfw found a dollar on the sidewalk
Pretty good day, my fellow Brits
Girl I am talking to has seen my message and not replied for over an hour. What are the chances she has decided to ghost me.

is he the ultimate robot, r9kay?
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>has a gf
most robots have a gf these days, it's not 2011 anymore.
faux robots.

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Post someone and that person will be your gf/bf.
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File: AudreyHorne.jpg (79KB, 401x466px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Giv Audrey Horne gf.
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karsyn bartruff.jpg
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I need to pee so might as well get this out of the way.

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>get invited to a wedding shower for a guy I've known since childhood
>reluctantly decide to go because I haven't seen the guy in years
>get there and I'm greeted by the guy and his fiance, who is an absolutely stunning 10/10
>after we each lunch, they play a slideshow of pictures and videos of them growing up and having a friendship together, from toddlers to grown adults
>you can actually tell see from the pictures how their infatuation grows for each other over time

>tfw the slideshow ends and i realize that i completely missed out on young love
>tfw i realize i will never know what its like to grow up with the person I'm going to love for the rest of my life

Their wedding is in 2 months and i don't think I'm going to be able to make it through it without being drunk. Do anybody else know this feel?
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Yea. I try not to think about it. But it's a sad feel.
Call me autistic but for me, young love sucks.
Like yeah that feel of being married with the person you grew up with sounds heart warming at first, but the more I think about it the more that concept seems bland to me.
You should have seen these two together. It was pure unadulterated love. Even movies can't recreate was I was seeing. There was a happiness that I know I'll never get to experience.

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That males should be huge betas for hot Staceys, and beat up and humiliate other males for the hot Stacey?

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it s old as fuck dude.
and it s just a song stop being mad over nothing
>its just a song lal stop looking so deep into this
not a defense. making dumb implications means dumb writing doesn't matter what it was written for.
same anon as >>38551962
just wanted to add the song has the opposite meaning op described. Its about a dumb woman starting shit because she thinks highly of herself. Shes supposed to be the bad guy

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