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>sitting at computer
>look down
>see shirt outlining the contours of my gut
>adjust shirt to try and hide this even though no one else is around

Am I the only one who does this?
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>see shirt outlining the contours of my gut
>pat it
Post pics of tum. Preferably without a shirt, but I'll take whatever.
>see shirt outlining the contours of my gut
Damn I do that all the time in public
Who /notskellyorfat/ here?

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>tfw 5'6
>can actually feel people not talking you seriously everywhere and looking down on you
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You must be not very smart or friendly.
You have no fucking idea

>people always call me bud
>always use a condescending tone when talking to me
>no one takes me fucking seriously
>Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not.

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What was your most beta moment in your life?
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The time I made a masturbation joke on the Facebook profile of some girl I liked, was threatened to get my ass kicked by her uncle and dad, and the proceeded to try and explain internet memes to the both of them.
I eqs a beta orbiter of a girl while she got fucked by Chads. I used to to massage her feet.
>girl says stay chat with me anon
>I say, i need to work on my mugen

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Stop thinking about women and get on with your training!
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this should be stickied

You are right Vegeta, I think to much about things that don't matter.
But it's so hard not to think about it.
gotta get cute and skinny 4 that bf

Isn't it kinda disheartening how normie dudes get girlfriends so easily? I'm not just talking about Chads, I mean, I've seen dudes who were ugly, out of shape, and weird looking get gfs pretty regularly just because they had a big social circle. To normies, getting a girlfriend is just another hobby. To guys like us, we'd kill just to have a nice tea date with a qt girl. It's frustrating to see normies cycle through gfs, while I'm struggling just to get a girl to hug me. Pic semi-related.
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Ask a girl out on a tea date then?
it's more novel to just be single and die alone.

lol I have. I get more no's than yeses sadly

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>"anon, when will you get a girlfriend?"
>"you're my only child, anon. I want grandkids!"
>don't worry, anon! If I was a girl your age I would have dated you!"
>"stop eating, anon! You're fat as It Is!"
>"what happened to your friend, anon? You haven't seen each other In a while."
>"you can't live your life In front of that computer, anon!"

t-thanks, mom...
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>"we love you and you can live with us as long as you want, but don't you think it's time to become independent?"
i wish my mum gave one ounce of a fuck about my life
>>"you're my only child, anon. I want grandkids!"

yeah totally not a selfish motivation

your own mother shaming you for not having a gf and bowing to eternal pussy using standard breeder rhetoric, not even once

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yeah good idea mate
what else do you need? our social security?
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3,305.54 checking

24.15 Savings

>not getting paid Thursday morning with direct deposit
Paid yesterday lad

>1482 in current account
>380 in investments
>62000 savings

Have paid my rent and some bills though so it's alright

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cute hair.jpg
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Why do you fuckers always go for girls like this? Haven't you tried maybe lowering your standards? Why the fuck are you even here if you want girls that look like this??? You're all acting like chads
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I hope this is a joke

oreganogigiago skrt skrt beep bop boop
She's like a 6.5, honestly. You used a bad example of r9k's lofty ambitions.

Her bod is a 9 tho

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Why didn't you join a gym yet? It's such a cure for alot of your stuff. I mean, it won't cure your ugliness, but it will cure your mind and body.
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why don't you try cured ham
I mean it won't cure your AIDS but
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Because I don't like the feeling like everyone is staring and judging you. I know they don't but thats just my anxiety, I even struggle with simple grocery shopping.. It fucking sucks. I wanna be careless.
Maybe try overcoming that fear at some point. Good place to start is perhaps going to a gym.

I felt repulsed by the average Vagina since II first saw one as a kid at a porn shop. Its not just because the average female vagina has become a breeding ground for harmful diseases and germs, as a result of modern day fem promiscuity, but also because of the Aesthetics. Ive never seen a vagina I liked. And the fact that something as horrible looking as a Vagina produces mucus when aroused disgusts me even more. Even though Im not Gay, Id prefer the look of a penis than a vagina. And If I were to have sex, Id much rather kiss and cuddle than penetrate. Is this a common issue?
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This. I love futa for this reason.
You're literally gay, congratulations.
>am i fitting in

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The phenomenon dubbed "lonely death" or kodokushi is a growing occurrence in Japan. Their bodies lie in places undiscovered for long periods of time, and because of this, thick, dark stains (the residue of liquids excreted by a decomposing corpse) shaped like a human body are left where their bodies once lay. Kodokushi has become a nationwide problem in Japan.

Workers in Japan who move furniture for grieving families are reported to have come into contact with many cases of kodokushi. One privately owned company estimates that as many as 300 out of 1500 of the jobs they take are kodokushi-related.

Most cases occur in untidy men who are in their fifties. This is likely due to the relationship between being messy and not having many social contacts. In 2008, more than 2200 people over the age of 65 died lonely deaths, according to statistics from a city's Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health.

There are also a greater number of part-time, temporary, and contract workers these days--almost triple the amount seen in 1990. Many men and women who are included in this workforce never marry and simply perish within their homes, unknown to anyone.
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Better than lingering on life support in a hospital imo

>tfw 57yo khhv schizo neet
>this is precisely how i expect to die

>what in fucking hell? I had to "select around the street signs" for the captcha????
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Hopefully my sex robot will call the police when I go

> tfw no anon that would buy me things and want to play with me in exchange for attention and my feet pictures
> tfw not gay so wouldn't want to do anything more, but i'd love to dominate him and belittle him for liking my feet and fapping to them as I send him more pictures of my feet. Barefoot and in socks.
> no anon that will fall for me, even when he knows he has zero chance of anything happening, but still gets pulled into loving me
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post pics of feet and i might consider
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Gosh you're pathetic. Interesting thought process nonetheless.
I'd do this with a fembot and I don't even like feet.

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What's it like to date a shut-in?
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ask your mom desu :^)
It's like dating your dream girl, that's right, WILL NEVER HAPPEN, faggot
Horrible. Absolutely mind-numbingly horrible

How come nerdy rich guys (Mark Zuckerberg types) always go for 10/10 bombshells after they make it? I just want a smart qt boyfriend that wants real love.

I met one investment banker and he immediately wanted a blowjob from me. They're so sex starved and not normal.
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Cool story bro

Tell it again. Original comment fucker
File: wife.jpg (118KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>nerdy rich guys (Mark Zuckerberg types) always go for 10/10 bombshells
This is what his wife looks like. If you think this is 10/10, then I hope I never live to see your ugly mug.

The rest of your post just makes it sound like you're a gold digger looking for a nerd who hasn't made it yet and tagging along for his ride of riches.
No, I said Zuckerberg-like. Ivy league, makes big money, autismo, ugly virgin. I don't know why Zuck settled for that ugly bitch.

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We are still supposed to make significantly more than the average woman, behave only in a certain way, lead all the time, be stoic, never be vulnerable, be great at sex. And now we also have to meet unrealistic physical standards because the average woman thinks theyre entitled to Chads just because they fucked the football captain at the one time in the university toilet.. Women these days have more freedom to be whoever they want to be without facing much social consequences. Whilst if men behave in a certain way that deviates from masculine norms, they're considered unfuckable. All the pressure is on the man to perform and not much on the average woman. Is it going to always be like this? Why hasnt feminism eliminated male gender roles/steriotypes?
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>Why hasnt feminism eliminated male gender roles/steriotypes?
Because it benefits women. Their claims of egalitarianism are bullshit. There's just too much misandry in feminism.
Because feminism was never about equality.
It's about female superiority.

Women want all the benefits of being a man but none of the consequences.
>Why aren't women solving my problems for me?
Typical useless men

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