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Does anyone else enjoy pulling female tricks on females?

>be addicted to psychological warfare
>slowly build up trust and friendship with sluts/ roasties
>they begin to tell me all their secrets, fears, the works
>gradually make them fall in love with me
>all of a sudden, drop contact
>every message they send, leave on seen
>every call they make, decline it
>see you in the streets? Ignore them
>watch the desperation as they lose the one good friend they have betray them
>because you know they would eventually do the same

Who else /preemptive strike/ here?
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Have any of you ever had forcey-fun-time with a girl, or something bordering on it? If so, tell your story here.

I had woken up before my gf and so, started playing with her pussy and ass like I usually do when she's asleep. However this time I was really horny, so after about 8 minutes of gently wrestling off her shorts and panties, I spread her legs and started fucking her. She woke up about halfway through and had the greatest look of confusion/shock/arousal ever. After I came, we both went back to sleep. It didn't feel very wet since she obviously wasn't aroused before hand, but the psychological thrill of basically raping her made it feel incredible. She said it was fine after.

Pics not her obviously.
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Not rape dude
Get of r9k
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get away.jpg
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Dude, that's fucking messed up.

Would you complain about a girl waking you up with a blow job or by riding you?

She said she enjoyed it afterwards anyway.

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1498112196960 (2).png
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>started to level my warrior because i thought they are cool
>actually got a girl to heal me while doing random dungeons
>went out to goldshire once
>told her I lost main gladiator account so im leveling a new one
>she's really cool and likes vidya and anime and shit
>she wants to go out again
>don't want to go because im bored of warrior and want to double jump with my demon hunter

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This is a good meme. Lots of potential.
We're laughing at you

t. /wowg/

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Serious unironic question: how the FUCK do people get girlfriends? I see them all the time, average beta guys with girlfriends, and I've been trying literally my whole life and I'm 25 and literally never had a girlfriend or a date.

Do they get them online, at school or through friends or work, or what? LITERALLY HOW?
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they compensate in others areas. meanwhile you're a pathetic bitter loser who excels at nothing in life.

How does one become bf and gf in the first place? Is it like the movies where the guy gets all shy and says "want to be my gf? teehee" and then the girl says yes and kisses him then after that, they walk towards the sunset with Simple minds - don't you forget about it me playing in the background?
nah mate I'm more successful than a big part of the population, I try to be more sophisticated too when it comes to art, philosophy and general knowledge, and I work out a lot because I really fell for the ubermensch meme. The only problem is I have the classic 4chan cynicism because I basically grew up here so my social life went to shit

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Just be me
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Have any of you considered turning to religion? Are any of you religious? Did you convert or were you born into a religious family?
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I was raised Christian by tradition, but I found Jesus by myself and it saved my life.
and how did you do that, exactly? I feel like religion is the only thing that could save me, but I can't seem to find it.
This girl I flirt with at work
>inb4 reee out normie
Keeps trying to convert me to Mormonism, I show interest as I was a former Mormon but I care none for religion, she's just got a nice ass that I want on my face and that takes work

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Why don't we just fuck chads up their chadholes? They won't be alpha anymore, just bitches for beta cock.
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chads can "experiment" all they want and still be chads, you can't beat them. instead try learning that chads are actually pretty cool guys.
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>He thinks we can fuck Chad
If we can't fuck Stacy, what makes you think we can fuck Chad?
If anything, Chad will fuck us.
It's not experimenting if it's against their will.

Nobody said "fuck"

>tfw will never turn chad out for zoom-zooms and wam-wams

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images (7).jpg
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Join our server if you're Australian
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why should I

o r i g
nice discord server uwu

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>ex gf breaks up with my a month ago
>start to redate
>see redhead girl
>tonight she came over to eat my cooking because I told her I'm good
>eat then play video games
>see her ass and get horny
>tonight's the night
>lay with her and watch tv
>think about my ex gf
>lose interest
>don't do anything
>hug and kiss her goodbye
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how fuckign dare you to use that image. you were a normie. you still are a normie. and you need to get OUT
how did you meet this new girl anon?

Talked to her at work then at this work party had the guts to ask her out to apple bees, went to a few movies together. Told her I was a good cook and she came over to eat. She told me tonight she wanted to go to fair some day. So I think she enjoys being with me but, I miss my ex and I don't know why.

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>tfw no gefaehrder bf
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Anyone get lost in their own lust sometimes? Do shit you KNOW that is fucking gross.
>Be yesterday
>Jacking it hard, I mean HARD, solid hour fap
>Use like half a bottle of lube because it makes it feel better
>After a while I cum, catching each load mid air in my hand
>Without hesitation for some reason I slap my face with my cum covered hand
>It looks like a bukkake
>I was still jerking a little, getting slower and slower... Until I realised what the fuck I just did, my own cum is allover my face, some of it splattered on my desk and the wall
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I'm sorry but you're GHEY.
File: 1497862515463.jpg (14KB, 599x337px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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is this how you spend your freetime?
Not normally no

oh robros, I have a story to tell you

>lay on the bed, it's nearly 1am
>almost asleep
>hear some fucking "ccrrrkk shhiieheh" noises
>what the fuck?
>take my phone and turn flashlight on
>realize it came from a ceiling lamp, because it was few centimeters away from it and THERE WAS LITERALLY NO OTHER WAY IT COULD APPEAR IN MY ROOM
>it moves fast in a straightforward direction
>grab a pill bottle quickly as I could and try to trap it
>it's empty
>I lost it's whereabouts
>it could be literally anywhere
>notice it on my bed
>scream like a little girl
>punch it like 5 or 6 times, fucker dodges everything until the last precise blow
>get rid of it in the toilet

I couldn't sleep today and I fucking hate insects.

actual scary part is that I heard same noises at 9-10pm, looked but didn't see anything...
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Everybody thinks they're a badass around cockroaches until they realize those bitches can fly
>top 10 anime fight scenes
Not wishing to cause you further distress here, but there's no such thing as "a cockroach". See, roaches are a bit like paki's, in that they have no concept of doing things alone. You can be sure he's brought 23 uncles, 48 cousins, and 19 friends along with him.

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I gave my cat an orgasm with my hand.
She clenched her muscles and bit me.
I had a big boner the hole time.

Am i too far down the rabbit hole?
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Yes, go get the noose.
she looks pretty happy to me
>having a cat

It was over before it began, anon.

Alright robots I need some help /adv wasnt cutting it
Ive known this girl for about a year now. I met her at a library and as soon as I did I realized she is the most beautiful girl I had ever layed eyes upon. The second time I met her I got her contact info and we had been talking ever since. I am truly in love with her. I have never felt this way before about anyone else in my entire life. I'm 26 and had dated quite a bit in the past. I'm not some loser so I know what I'm talking about when I say these feelings are real. And she knows how I feel. The only problem is that she has a boyfriend. A boyfriend that lives across the globe all the way in Germany. Tonight has been especially bad because I told her to tell me how she felt about him and why. What she told me was a carbon copy of how I feel about her and I know that her feelings for him are as strong as my feelings for her. I have tried moving on. Believe me its not hard for me to get a date but I havent been able to shake her. She is too perfect for me. We have so much in common and she truly makes me happy to be around her. What do I do anons shes wrecking my life and I dont want to just leave her because shes only 19, still lives with her parents, and other than her boyfriend and her sister, Im the only one she ever talks too and she considers me a close friend
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>she considers me a close friend
Sounds like bait to me
Hey I know this exact place. You live In Long Island, Op?
Its not bait. Im seriously being fucked up by this girl

File: 1496374735983.jpg (8KB, 250x242px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>cleaning your ass
Is this the most normie thing?
Humans didnt clean their assholes before the toilet paper jew showed up and convinced everyone they needed a clean ass
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Willing to go to the extent of not wiping your ass to get away from normie-ism
>be retarded
>go to 4chan and tell everyone about it
>american hygiene

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