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I love riding the bus. It's so calming.
Comfy thread, I guess.
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>I love riding the bus. It's so calming.

Nigga what? Are you crazy? Riding the bus is one of the least comfy things there is. Last week, when I went to get on the bus to go to college, there were so many people on the bus that I had to stand in front of the yellow line next to the bus driver because there wasn't enough room for me to stand further back. Also, there were only like 4 other white people on the entire bus. Whenever the bus went over a bump or accelerated, I nearly got knocked off my feet, and had to hold onto the railing as tight as possible for 20 minutes. I wish I didn't have to take the bus!

10/10 wouldn't recommend again.
>full of smelly foreigners, the mentally ill, and niggers.
>abruptly stops at random places
>loud pneumatic doors
>uncomfortable seating
>Service is sporadic or not very good in most of America.
I agree OP
I'm in a place where public transit is gud
basically routes that go to places with homeless people and druggies are the ones where you meet the most druggies
sometimes i've enocuntered spergs retards and niggers on busses but that's the exception not the rule
breddy comfy

Was Elliot a mass murderer or a spree killer? I used to say he was a mass murderer but people people have called him a spree killer too.
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Oops I wrote "people" twice I've realized my mistake.
Probably spree since he was driving around. Mass murderers either open fire in a single place or use the ol' truck of peace in a crowded area
He was a delusional beta cuck gone mad

Give me valid reasons why you deserve anything good in your life.
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I dont. Nobody does. There isnt a magical being that automatically grants good things to deserving people you autistic pos
everyone else is worse than me
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Never said there was smart guy

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Why is it people who like metal have difficultly liking other music genres?i notice people who like metal can't enjoy anything else. Not only can't they enjoy it they seem to abnormally hate hearing anything other than metal.
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Anybody who listens to one genre exclusively is either underage or has mental issues
isn't /mu/ easier to bait?
Yeah it seems that way. Usually anyone that considers themselves a metalhead usually lives a pretty low standard life. I seriously hate metal culture. Shame since metal can be good, though.

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Why haven't you had a girlfriend yet ?
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Women are souless. Atleast all the ones ive ever had any interest in.
I avoid situations where I could get a gf. I'm not ready to make an emotional commitment either at my current level of emotional instability.
I have, every gf I've ever had has either cheated on me or tried to kill me.

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>nofap makes you attractive
what is this bullshit, females cant smell my confidence or my no fap
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huh, my hair looks just like that. Too bad my face is shit.
They can however smell the spilt semen on your hands
The nofap subreddit seems like a fucking cult

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I want to frot with a cute big dicked anon while he teases me for my four and a half incher so badly
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>I want to frot with a cute big dicked anon while he teases me for my four and a half incher so badly
Dumb sissy anime boi.
Thanks for the bump dumb sissy anime boi poster I know I can always rely on you to promote the cause <3
Now show me that small little white clit.

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Would you date Wendy Testaburger?
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No, she is a roastie who bitches all the time about nothing
No, I'm not a pedophile
This post was surprisingly unoriginal

Also she's like nine years old

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I'll write what's on my mind.
I feel like I haven't been making good decisions related to college. I just started my freshman year of college, and I'm supposed to major in accounting. I had no idea what else to do with my future in high school, and a few people in my family are accountants. Even though it'd pay well, and the accounting course I took in high school was easy (I might as well major in something that's easy for me) I don't know about the people I'd be working with. I took an accounting course in high school too, and even back then I realized that a lot of business majors are kind of the frat boy type and I definitely wouldn't fit in with them. However, I already took a gap year after high school, so I also don't really want to waste time switching majors. How easy is computer science?
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>Write what's on your mind

i want to fuk a pusy
>what's on my mind

the same fantasy girl i have been fantasising about since i was 14 years old
she cannot exist and yet i am hung up on the idea that every female i meet COULD BE her

kill me

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Virgins of /r9k/.

If you had the choice to lose your virginity to a 4/10, would you do it?
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Post me a picture of a 4/10.
I'd lose my virginity to an actual animal. I do not give a fuck.
Jesus, if it means this much to you, just pay a fucking hooker at this point or give up and end it
you are the only one that's in your way

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papa johns pizza.jpg
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who here /papa johns/


I ordered a large cheese pizza tonight with extra garlic sauce. so good, what is your favorite pizza to order from papa johns?
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I get a big slice at Costco and a lemonade for like $4.

It keeps me from eating a whole pizza in one sitting.
you alreay consumed 5000 calories, how much do you weigh anon?
Papa John's is patrician taste senpai

Have you reverted back to Islam yet? Did you know that YOU were born as a Muslim? A Muslim means "one that submits to the will of God". You were born in that state which is in accordance to God's will. It's only once you reach puberty you become responsible for your disbelief in the oneness of God.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "No babe is born but upon Fitra (as a Muslim). It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Polytheist." (Sahih Muslim, Book 033, Number 6426)

Let's look at why Islam is objectively superior to every other way of life.

>believes the creator is one not three (pure monotheism).
>believes in the messengers Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them).
>many modest women that dress like the righteous virgin Mary (may God be pleased with her).
>has God's law instead of man-made, conflicting laws and ideas.
>currency of gold rather than paper.
>provides basic resources for Christians and Jews that pay tax (food, clothing and shelter etc).
>pagans are sentenced to death if they refuse to abandon their pagan beliefs.
>if there are sufficient witnesses, a death penalty for homosexual activities, rape, adultery and murder.
>if there are sufficient witnesses, lashes are received for fornicating, drinking alcohol and taking drugs.
>if there are sufficient witnesses, the hand is cut for stealing.
>destroys racism.
>destroys tribalism.
>destroys nationalism.
>unites people under one flag. ("There is no God worthy of worship but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God". See flag above).

You only have to look at the problems with Brexit and all other political problems to see what a disorganized mess democracy is. Democracy is a failure. When will you admit it? It's not too late to revert back to Islam. You'll have a fresh start in life. Islam is the solution for degeneracy. You know it makes sense.

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Muslims believe in a small, petty god. It's preposterous to submit to such a small entity - we wouldn't submit to such a character on Earth, and calling it god makes it no more sensible. It's like Islam was created to parody the rise of Christianity, failing to recognize that Christianity's rise was enabled by virtue rather than truth as such.
How is Allah small and petty?
My God is European and white. Go fuck a goat.

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How do I git gud at life?

I'm a 27 year old grad student with no life skills or gf. I'm worried i'm going to turn into a wizard. I feel I'm almost at the point of no return and I'm going to die an autistic permavirgin
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Is there a book I can read to teach me life skills and how to get laid. I feel like there should be an instruction manual for this stuff
what is your degree in anon?
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Pretty great book, but I would recommend you to do the opposite

>Girl approaches and asks me out
>We go on a date
>Get along surprisingly well
>Towards the end, I find out she's a stripper

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Strippers are great fucks, athletic, flexible, enthusiastic, at ease with their bodies
>OP is an idiot
This girl literally told me that she's a slut. What does that say about me?
don't let cuck memes run your life, make your own choices

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I fucked up robots. I was watching MisterMetokur videos and I sent one to my friend as a joke, and she kinda flipped on me and basically started saying that he couldn't be friends with me if I found that sort of thing funny. I immediately felt bad, I dont want to fuck over our friendship, it is kinda newish, but at the same time, I want to be able to find that sort of thing funny. And I even told her, that if she didnt want to go political in our friendship that I would respect that. I'm just kinda lost, and I feel as though I've shot myself in the foot, bc this person is really great and I care about her. I just am at a very odd point in our friendship, and I dont know what to do.
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fugg look at those dubs
she might be one of those lefty shill sjws who cares about offending people
Why would you want to associate with someone so easily offended? I'd hate to be around someone I couldn't complain to about Jews and black people.
tell her that It is just a fucking video, and that the guy has really extreme opinions compared to yours, tell her that you are not really into politics but you like to be her friend and to forget the video

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