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My dad said he was taking me to a bar in couple days for my 21st birthday. What do I expect? im scared.

He said we dont have to but
i dont want to spazz out if i do
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What are you even scared for?
Go to a casino and gamble your savings away instead
Order classics like mojitos, manhattans, daiquiris, bourbon on the rocks, martinis. Or just get a few beers. Or have your dad order.

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>Be me
>19 year old NEET
>Live with parents
>Parents hate drugs and almost kicked me out of the house when they found my weed
>Into Psychedelics
>Done shrooms before when they were away
>Didn't get caught because they don't last too long
>Want to try acid
>Don't know what to do because that shit lasts for like 12 hours

Any bots have experience with this situation? I heard from many people that for people in situations like mine, it is best to drop around midnight but that still leaves time in the day where my parents could catch me. I can't say something like I'm at work because I'm a fucking NEET and have neither a job nor friends.

Send help
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you forgot 1 like = 1 prayer for pic related
If there's a chance they'll bother you after midnight, then you're only choice is park/river/wildlife. Which is probably the best idea anyway.
There's not a chance they'll bother me after midnight. Just that the effects last 12 hours and I'll have come down around noon the next day. They will not bother me at all during the night just on the day after.

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>female roomies panties are sitting on her floor, her door is wide open and she's gone

do i /bemoral/ here?
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>Take them
>Get caught
>Leave them
>Forget about it
There's blood in the water. And the sharks are looking for it.
Could be a message though
>Take them
>Go in room

>girlfriend (actual friend) oneits who friendzoned me just texted me
>"i miss you"

what do i reply? please seriously help
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Shes recently ended things with a romantic partner, is lonely and desperate, and is looking for attention from someone she knows will give it.
Don't reply at all. She's just looking for a quick hit of emotional validation and she will ignore you as soon as you respond because toying with you makes her feel powerful.
she'll use you to boost her ego back up

I just applied to McDonalds, robots.

Am I fucked?
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Yes I'd say so. Food service jobs are pretty terrible.
Umm, two Big Macs, Five Apple Pies, A Dozen of Chicken Nuggets, and a small coke.
no u


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How is my taste in vidya?
Which games here are most worth playing?
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That said blood borne is the most worth playing because it's PS4 exclusive
all of them are pretty good
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pc games.jpg
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I mainly play on PC. I only bought a PS4 recently.

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Anybody can get laid if they lower their standards enough.
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Just turn off the lights

All women feel the same.. I-in the dark.
not really if you are afraid of leaving the house and talking to people. But you can learn to masturbate to anything if you work hard and believe in yourself
>incredibly sensitive and rather stay a virgin than do it with someone I don't love

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>employer hasn't called back yet


I don't think I can go back to the searching, I just want to die a comfortable neet life but I can't even fight it
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try calling them yourself?

It is totally acceptable to call the HR department and inquire about the status of your application.
I once met a guy who went through nine rounds of interviews and then didn't get the job.

are small penises a deal breaker?

what if theyre a grower
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Not a problem if you don't mind being shagged by a fat guy with a chode and 'betus
Penis size doesn't matter. If the girl isn't aroused, it is literally not going to feel spectacular regardless.
Is that one of those rare trained Indian monkey's that can poo in the loo?

Also, he's not a shower. Indian average penis size is 3-4inches erect.

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All I wanted was to work in an Alaskan fishery, but it turns out you have to be an American. Why even continue living when my only dream in life is impossible to achieve.
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what country are you from? also what do you find so great about Alaska?
I'm from the UK. Its mainly just escapism desu with you. I've always enjoyed repetitive hard-going work and I like the idea of the isolation that comes with being in Alaska, it all just seems like some far off adventure. I'm lost in life basically.

Stop watching porn

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Oumi - TSDV 41609.jpg
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I haven't since Alina Li retired and haven't missed it at all

i could never give up gravure though
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>tfw peterson isn't your dad

why live
>Another faggot shilling no fap.

Enjoy your prostate cancer.

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>be me
>fat...short...(thank god I make her laugh and say witty things)
>going on fifth date with girlfriend (do I still call it "going on dates" at this point?)
>way out of my league (curious...smart...tall...thin...blond with dark tips...pretty face, but a fair amount of acne (its been clearing up since I told her sleeping with the same pillow sheets is bad))
>still trying to work out why she lets me touch her
>really wants poo in loo food (haven't had lamb in a while, awesome)
>chooses to sit by window
>talk about class...work...what we've been reading...tell her how to make Baklava after she asks about it on the menu
>having a good time
>handsome dude walks past us outside
>see her glance over, scoff in laughing disgust and roll her eyes after a bit
>put two and two together immediately, but still ask what she was doing
>tells me that once he passed, he started gesturing/mouthing something to the effect of proposing that she and he go out/asking why she was with me
>we laugh and continue talking/eating

I don't know, I just felt like sharing this.
I'm not upset, just mirthfully bemused. I never imagined dating anyone, let alone someone who others be attracted to enough at first glance to be so rude.

Thanks for reading.

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I am glad for you, but I hope you understand that you should leave this place now.

Next time you want to go on /r9k/, go to the gym instead.
wtf i love angela merkel now
German udders always deliver, even their chancellor's udders.

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mask off, fuck it mask off

percocet, molly percocet
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revenge on my body

he wan' meet my shotty

not talking bout my bitch im talking big guns yes big body
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Four-door Maybach, I drive anything
Buy my Range, make 'em go insane
(Oh my Lord, praise him be)
My guillotine, drank promethazine
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Baby got a pretty face but I just want the mouth though

You ain't come to suck me up, then what you in the house for?

Literally all it takes to make life worth living is having one person who likes you for who you are, no matter what. How pathetic are we if we don't even have a single person who unconditionally likes us with all their heart?

pic very loosely related
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if you can't like yourself then how can you expect someone else to like you?
I see, the concept of being liked unconditionally is foreign to you as well.
>tfw don't have that person who sees in you what you still fail to see in yourself, with you doing the same for them


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frieza is such a cunt
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B-but you said you wanted to take me on at

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What is Frieza's gender?
femboy senpai

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