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Not shit posting, need help robots.
I work 3rd shift, and just talking to this girl and we agree to hang out. I ask what she wants to do and she says she can come over after work, we can do whatever I'm usually doing at 4 pm. I say haha I'm usually sleeping but I doubt you wanna do that (due to 3rd shift) and she said "I wouldn't be so sure ;)". What do I say to that?
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i wish i could help buy all i can offer is a bump
post full logs

without logs best I got is cracking lukewarm jokes like "does it count as an all-nighter if the sleep I'm losing is in the middle of the day?" with a quick explanation if she's not familiar with your third shift stuff.
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>Still a woman-loving pleb
>Hasn't joined the trap master race

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So, if there are more women having sex than ever before why are there so many male virgins?
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Whew lad what an original thought to be sharing with us today
There are hardly any virgins aged 18+ in the Western world.
virgins are probably fat or skinny. people who don't care about losing it.

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What's it called when you make a word shorter than it really is?

For example:
tumblr - tumbler
SBTRKT - "subtrakt"

That's all I can think of, but I know there are more like it
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it's called a stroke
How do you actually get a body like that? Thin waist and phat ass?

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Hey, I want to make sure you guys understand what you're missing out on. The vast majority of you can find someone easily if you just tried
You on Saturdays:
>wake up
>sit browsing /r9k/, making small plans to go out for groceries or coffee
>5 hours later, still haven't gone out
>decide it's too late and play some vidya/watch anime
>go to bed at 5am after a day of looking at the computer
Me on Saturdays
>hang out with chads, playing Mario Party
>go home, beautiful fwb girl has been waiting all day to see me
>go to hookah and get drinks, smoke together
>she's on her period so not expecting any sex, just company
>mfw she sucks me off anyways to show her gratitude
Seriously, you guys should get off your asses, work out, man up, and get a girl. Life will just be better. Or you can stay inside and do nothing (again and again until you die)
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>have FWB
>don't really like her that much but enjoy human contact
>not any happier with life

What now, OP?
>have FWB, don't really enjoy her
>have Friends with benefits, don't enjoy her
>Friends with benefits
>I don't enjoy this person but I'll still call her a friend
Sounds like you have a hookup, not a fwb, sorry

I don't enjoy the company of most people though

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If you're a robot DO NOT JOIN THE MILITARY

I just luckily got out after 2 months of basic training it was a nightmare for an introvert like me
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Idiot. Why would you be that stupid even . If you're that autistic it's good for you to get smacked down by life to let you know how retarded you are in reference to self awareness.

Now that you know that you are retarded, shut the fuck up about things that you probably don't know anything about. You are too retarded to have an opinion. How could you? You don't even know yourself.
Lol I'm guessing you're the faggot who was spamming this board telling robots to join.
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>tfw norway
>tfw mandatory 1 year service
maybe i can get out of it with my shit sight and mental illness

>be me 18 yo
>walking down the main street in my city with my 21 yo cousin
>16yo stacie and friends walk on the opposite direction
>when they pass by us she insulted me for wearing glasses and they kept walking
>i stop, turn around and tell them fuck off
>after one hour or so , we hear from behind a girl say "nice bag" to my cousin
>turn around and see the same bitch with her friends
>she talks shit to my cousin with childish insults
>he just ignores her and i just stare at her and then tell her that she acts autistic
>she say "your face is autistic"
>literally elementary school response, didnt answer
>the more they talk the more i get angry
>when they are leaving i tell them "make sure you die on the way home"
>one of her friends comes back and just stares at me smilingly
>i give her the most intense death stare
>another friends says to her "maybe we should leave"
Why would even she do this?
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are you sure that they were not in middleschool still with that sort of behavior/ comebacks
she looked like she was going to high school, idk
desu you just sound like you tard-raged at some random middle school girl

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Is there any good depression chat room or some place whe i could talk with sad and lonely ppl like me?

this fucking board went to the shit and it isn't what it used to be anymore
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Wouldn't that only worsen your case?
Depression isn't real, just be happier bro.
i didn't ask for advice, i asked for another place to talk about sad shit bc /r9k/ is awful now

Reminder that you are alone because you are too picky.
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>Cherry pick the negative comments
>Ignore all the good ones

No you's, this time fuckface. Now piss off.
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What really is "too picky"
If those girls hit the gym, ate right and got some sunlight most of them would look amazing naked. They're just the same as an average looking skinnyfat dude right now. They have potential. Needs to do squatz and cardio.

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Rate my pussy /r9k/

Pic related
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Tits w/time stamp and I rate both
nice brapper
I get it. I'd lick it I guess
Take a closer look

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I am unironically pissing in piss jugs because I don't want my parents to know that I spent another night playing video games and browsing image boards.
pic not related but might as well be
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i meant to say that those arent mine not that the pic is unrelated, i have been awake for over 35 hours now my brain is mush
My parents caught be doing that shit. Not a good place to be at anon
I often have to piss at 4am and the bathroom is right next to my mom's bedroom. She gets annoyed if I wake her up at 4am. She also doesn't like me peeing in bottles.
What do?

can white guys stop stealing asian girls please? i need to get married one day.
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>He doesn't realize that Asian women are as shallow, vapid, and materialistic as the rest.

I'm Asian so I know exactly how shallow, vapid, materialistic they can be but I can't help it... I want to get married to my own race... Life would be much easier if I didn't want this but I don't know how to get rid of it.
>posting this here

it ain't us they want, doofus, it's ching chong chad

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>Do you think this is spooky

What do i write for 3rd answer?
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I found ghost sexually arousing
>3. Go away, KKK!
Did the Ghost rape anyone? Preferably after a murder.

So I've talked to a lot of guys from both here and other boards and most of the time they go from saying things like they can't believe a girl as 'cool' as me exists to pretty much ghosting me after they see me or just straight up telling me how ugly I am.

Their entire attitude changes after they see me.

Why are guys so shallow?
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same, robots want to say that no girl ever likes them but they won't accept anything from a girl below 7/10. the only way I can keep their interest is with super angled pictures and makeup like a stacy
girls are incredibly uninteresting on the whole the only reason those guys talked to someone like you is because they wanted to fuck you. The only solution is to follow rule 30 or 31
We want to have sex with you so we'll say anything to help that along. Once we see your ugly excuse for a face, sex is off the table. With that out, we have no reason to talk to you since women make for terrible conversation.

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*blocks your path*

sorry anon! want to touch it while your down there?
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>Sure bro, I hope you're into ball busting
*unsheathes steak knife*
*glomps on ur dick*
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Y-yes please
>will never kiss that bulge and stroke it

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Show me your best gondola memes, I am collecting them for my grandmother
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Here, suit yourself
File: Clay Gondola.png (185KB, 640x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Clay Gondola.png
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Clay Gondola
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This one is one of my favorites in a most original way

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