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wanna be friends anon?

I don't care if you're a neet or whatever, just day to day conversation would be nice. It would be nice if you don't magically intend to leave one day.

I don't care what skin colour you have or race you belong to or gender.
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sure, OP. what kind of person are you? what are your hobbies?
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i like photography and cinematography, photos and movies basically. I used to play lots of vidya but new gen games killed the mood desu.

i like bob dylan, damon albarn, kid cudi, BANKS for music, a lot more but thats just a couple from the top of my head

im at uni, doing computer science, last year.

I don't know what else to put down, failed normie is probably a decent description, got any other questions?
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anon where are you? did you died? :(

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is he the robot of monsters?
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Jason is a little boy whose parents mistreated him so badly he ends up killing normies, seems more fitting

He is the monster of robots.

Something we should all aspire to be.
This literaly deformed retarded boy who drowned because chad and stacie were fucking instead of life guarding

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Only normalfags hate drugs.
Why do the fuckers care if I smoke weed or go shrooming?
They're the perfect robot hobby.
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I woke up at 10 today and waited until 11 to light up a fat bowl.
Waiting until around 8 or 9 tonight to light another one.
Anyone here about to smoke?
>Only normalfags hate *cigarettes
fixed with fumes fuming out my nose
Eternally sheltered robot here,

can anyone recommend the best "first try" drug besides weed? Something which you don't have to smoke preferably.
Would like to try something which would make me feel normie as fuck for once in my life, heard something about xanax but I'm really clueless.

Why do I look so much better in the mirror than photos? Which one is correct?
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The mirror, that's what your eyes see in real life dumbass. Photos can be saturated or focused badly which can make anyone look bad.
Your brain does this mental trick that convinces yourself that you look better than you actually do. I feel like I was in a thread about this one-time and someone posted a study.
Doesnt matter because really its about how others percieve you

What's the closest you ever came to love?
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in love, deep, closer each second
Watching Lego Batman with a girl and talking about Runescape on the way home

It's close to me. Everyday.

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I actually did it guys.

I managed to make it through school and get a good education.
I have friends, my own apartment and a nice car.
I just landed my dream job as a construction/site manager, and the pay is great.

My looks are average.
But for some reason I just can't seem to click with any girl I meet.
Why can't I do that right, when I can do every other normalfag thing right?
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Guess I don't deserve any pity here.

I'll just be content with what I have. But the thing with having a big apartment, a big car and a big bed.
It all feels even more empty at night
robots are now focusing on certain threads and ignoring whatever is appearing in the catalog.
You should get a pet, to be honest. Makes it feel much less empty coming home.
But else I think you'll do well sooner or later. Just be extra aware of golddiggers, you sound ripe for those.

>be me
>7/10 QT Sister in other room
>hear her talking dirty on the phone
>le whip it out
>fapping commences
>start imagining her feet
>cum uncontrollably
>start audibly panting
>realize I've been zoning out
>she isn't talking on the phone anymore
>she knows.png
>wat do robots?
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Ask her who was phone
I can't talk to her about this. If she tells my mom I'm just gonna deny it.
How often do you chill and talk?

Highly doubt she knew you were fapping to her

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>tfw I got certified with Adobe for taking a Premiere Pro test

What did you accomplish today?
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postponed drinking until 10am. that's a solid 1.5 hours on top of yesterday. nice.
Not killing myself

Managed to assemble a bench grinder, also first day on the gym.
>I'm trying to crawl out of my NEEThole

Quit 4chan onii-chan
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nope, theres nothing you can do to stop me
4chan might very well be the most free zone in human communications.
A vote against 4chan is a vote for tyranny.
>Quit 4chan onii-chan

make me :^)

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So, my boyfriend is a really nice guy. He's okay looking, fairly well-off and educated. However he's 5'9". It didn't used to bother me, but now my girlfriends have been making fun of him? Soo . . . how do I break up with him in the nicest way possible? :( I love him and don't want to hurt him, but he's just too short. :/
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just tell him you know you can do better, which is true.
literally no one says that
why are you even trying to date an out-of-your-league stacey?
stay in your zone and find a nice shy girl
>So, my boyfriend--

stopped reading

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Were LEGO sets better back in the late 90s? Grew up with the early 2000 sets and always wanted the older ones as a kid.
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Yes, they better. Back in the day there were almost literally only squares, but later they started making more complex shapes to the point where they basically started injection molding whole figures and objects. LEGO is pretty much cancer these days. Most of it anyways.
Lego has gotten progressively more shit overtime.

It started doing more and more franchises, to where now it's like 90% franchises. As well, now they just create pieces for whatever they feel like, so it used to have to be more creative when they would use normal pieces to try and make a drill or interesting window or something. Now though, they just create a brand new piece for that set whenever they want or feel like it. It's a problem because you end up with all these weird pieces from specific sets, that you can never use otherwise because they're too specified.

So yes, those two in conjunction, have rendered Lego shit nowadays. When you see the prices as well, there's really no reason to ever buy or have anything to do with modern Lego. Instead of getting some stupid $200 dollar Star Wars set that's actually pretty small and few pieces, and has weird pieces made for that set, just go on eBay and buy $200 worth of old Lego in bulk from people.
Lego is really bad now. Everything is based off whatever the new popular normie movie is. Late '90s / early '00s were very good.

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can someone talk to me or distract me somehow
i feel like hurting myself again
just talk to me about whatever you want or show me some videos or music you like or something
i'll compliment you or try to help you with your problems or anything you want
i just need a distraction
browsing r9k isn't working anymore
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Why would we, or anyone you know would want to talk to you.

you attention whore self harmer.
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Go listen to some podcasts, Its like having friends.
i'm not trying to get attention
i just need some help
i'll help someone if they need somebody to talk to as well

do you have any podcasts you would recommend?

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>full time wage slave since 16

>now 35

>have always lived with parents, no rent or utility payments

>have 800,000USD in bank

>apply for citizenship to Japan, with the caveat that land will be purchased for starting a business

>get accepted, purchase 130 acres of land ~40 kilometers east of Okutani

>moving there as a permanent resident in two months and will be starting a lotus farm on 40 of the acres with the rest of the acreage being leased to a livestock (cattle) farm that will be used for grazing

>still have 200,000USD in the bank

Tell me again, NEET, how great your life is. Allow me to watch you jump out a window once your parents have passed on and you have zero financial support.

I'll make another post once I find a beautiful Japanese wife.
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God bless Ken-sama.

>spent 600,000 dollars on land and a home
you are one stupid motherfucker

Doubles decide how I open the conversation
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>born in jerusalem
dont even start the conversation imo
Give me a pizza dat ass
Hey baby, do you want some milkshake with that thick slice?

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So this is the power of antifa.
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Would you sniff her hairy pussy and armpits?
yes, porn is so terrible
never mind that without it, there'd be 10x the rapes, whoring, and situational homosexuality

haha degeneracy XDD
File: image.jpg (194KB, 682x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dat bush is harrier than any "Nazi scalp".

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