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Whatchu waitin' for, whiteboi. Rub my back.
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Rude af! Don't tell me what to do! *runs away before she chimps out*
can I taste those sweet baboon farts of yours?
*inserts mouth in anus*
Wtf is this p0st?

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Who else here /literal manchild/?

>skinny manlet with cute face, look like 14-15
>milfs sometimes call me "sweetie" "honey" "champ"
>dress like highschooler
>neet, only do typical kid homeworks like washing dishes, walking a dog or helping dad with computer
>mommy cooks for me and washes my laundry
>watch cartoons, read disney comics, play games like mario or pokemon
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sounds comfy desu

You don't have much time before that situation transforms from cute to pathetic and society hates you
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>tfw 6'1 and I STILL look 14-15 because I'm a lanklet with a high pitched voice and no facial hair

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>He supported drumpf
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>left panel is truth, safety, civilization and delicious snacks
>right panel is marxist chaos, lies and degeneration

yeah im going with drumpf and im not even american
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fak of.jpg
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Don't feed the troll
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GR7 newfag


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>taking gender studies

Are people seriously this retarded? Do they really need a college course that basically tells you what a gender is and what a sexuality is? Everybody knows what the fuck a damn gender is and what a sexuality is by the time they're 8. This is some fucking stupid bullshit. This is what happens when you give liberals a class. This is extremely pathetic and sad and won't get you anywhere in life besides some McDonald's.
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Yeah right, as if you could know about the 71 genders without studying them in detail in uni
>71 genders
You need to jump off of a bridge
it is 76 genders not 71 genders

What is your moral aligment? True Neutral is the true robot.
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Lawful neutral.
A man got to have a code.
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anyone who spend at least 5 year on 4chan can be nothing other but chaotic
good also very unlikely but possible
neutral most likely as result of seeing some shit
evil possible if btfo too many time

personally i have the chaotic neutral
Robots are either chaotic neutral or neutral evil

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Why do you care what others think of you? When you act so you think about how you're actions may look to others? Why?
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Gonna need a higher res version of that image, stat
because other people and their opinions effect me
Because even if I go off on my own way, and follow a path of living for myself, I still get lonely.

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>see a couple
>afternoon ruined
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why doesn't it inspire you?

>see young couples constantly, all the time, in public
>see them even in the dead of the night
>instantly think about /pol/ and /r9k/ and how people never shut up about young men 'opting out' despite me hardly seeing one woman alone without a boyfriend the entire night

It's a unique feel, but it exists.
>the bitch is walking around with an extremely fucking smug look on her face
I have never wanted to kill a human more.

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Another job interview, another failure:

>so anon, it says here the last time your worked was 4 months ago.
>what have you been doing since?

What's the fucking point.
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Here's the issue pal. You can't tell them you haven't been doing anything. It just makes you look unproductive. Instead, try telling them you've taken up something new. Whatever it may be. Just make sure that whatever you say you're learning, it could possibly contribute to how you'd fit in well with their company.
"My mother fell ill. I was taking care of her. She is better now".
I've been working with my to start a business. Boom, you got the job. Just lie you dumb faggot.

What's on the menu tonight lads?
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Is it horrible that I kinda want to see this happen? I wouldnt be laughing at the dead it would just be morbidly facsinating.
Fairly certain my coworkers think I'm a nonce

>often have banter with coworkers about fit girls that come in the shop
>one asian girl in today
>tell my coworkers she's peng
>she comes closer
>shouts for her mum
>she's about 12

Very sad day lads

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>mfw a dream last night made me a footfag

Why must you do this to me
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What do you mean? What happened?
i cant remember much, but my friend put her feet on my face, and now i'm just attracted to it.
I had a dream two nights ago I was lacking my sisters legs and feet!
Please help me!

why havn;t you talked to her r9k?
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>Fell for the just be yourself meme
>Fell for the just go for an ugly fat girl meme
>Approached a fat ugly girl with the intention of asking her out
>I say hi
>haha... uhhh... sorry...
>walk away

I mean she at least was nicer than how average/hot girls treated me but it was still really hurtful

Don't fucking fall for OP's bullshit.
I tried yesterday and it went horribly wrong. So I decided to give her (and myself) a break today, went home and slept the whole day. I'll try again the day on Thursday.

/pol/ and /r9k/ are filled with these "women are oppressed and lonely bro just go date them haha" threads for a few days now.

I hate when femtards try to raid these boards.

>he fell for the college meme
>he WASTED all those bux his parents saved up on a liberal arts degree/CC degree instead of being a NEET

Let's laugh at those losers thread
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>laugh at the losers
Yet they have friends and a lover and you don't. They also have a supportive family and a house of their own. They have a nice paying job and a succsessful career. Yet you're nothing but a pathetic leech who cries at his own insecurities. I bet you live with your mom aswell, faggot.
>t. Assmad gender studies major

It's okay, we all know you got memed on and are now a pathetic burger wagecuck.

You can't help but to waste your life away here like the loser you are. The poor ass loser lmaaaooo
I actually have a nice job and a nice life. I'm not a pathetic dagenerate with nothing to live for.

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>demoted at work
>Humiliated, fucked.
>Can't be bothered to show up anymore.
>Can't leave job because I don't have one lined up

What do, lads?
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Meant to write "cucked" instead of fucked.
Idk. At least you got double dubs though
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>demoted at work
What did you do, anon?

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Why do all women have such high standards? Literally if you're not 10/10 Chad-tier then you're nothing to them. Even the fat pigs want Chads.
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Don't fall for this. Have you ever once had a girl reflect you and say it's because you aren't in the top 10 percent. Don't get your baseline from tinder profiles
Its easier if you meet them in real and make an impression. But then again if you're ugly as sin its not gonna help much. Just buy a pocket pussy and dedicate all your effort to a hobby or something lol
that's weird, i know no 10/10 chads, but i know plenty of guys with gfs and sex lives

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What would you do if this girl became your gf right now?
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everything in my power to marry her

nice quads
Probably fondle her tits.
Question what she wants from me

Then sex probably

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