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Want to kms but dont want my family to know I died. Is there a way I can kms and never be found? Like at least they can think I just ran away or some shit
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can you cum to this video as hard as i did?

also could you make me a webm before you kys thx
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forgot the link as always
: shesfreaky.com/video/young-girls-luv-to-please-119137.html
Am I the only girl who wanted to be a black chick like in OP?

They are so curvy an sexy, I'm a pasty white spic with literally a hank hill ass and pancake tits.

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how much weed can you mow down in a sitting?
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Over a quarter
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I have to release my inner-Chad to smoke all the weeds in once
fuck 7 grams

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What is this? I've been seeing this everywhere.
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Who the fuck has been taking pictures of me
>What is this? I've been seeing this everywhere.

realization of the american dream

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Gas all rude people.

Take the test:
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Also chart, behold.
>tfw infp male
>kids in school had this game where whoever makes me cry first wins
>tell dad about the game and he calls me a faggot for letting people treat me like that
>12 years later I still think about that everyday

I can't live like this anymore. Past is just a sequence of horrible events, present is sad and lonely, and future makes me panic. I want to die.
MBTI tests
>Beginner level
>Advanced level
>Bonus test

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>Be me
>Be 17
>Never really cared about grils
>Always got rejected in the past
>Start really feeling down for a lot of reasons
>A friend (who just happens to be an average 6/10 gril) decides to talk to me
>We've known each other for two years but never really got to know each other
>She actually helped me recover and get better
>We got to know each other for a couple months
>Start falling in love
>Won't tell her because idk if she's single and don't want to be rejected
>Finally decide to make a move
>Tell her I'd like to be with her more often
>Get sick
>Can't go to school for a week and a half
>Come back to school
>I finally ask her out, had saved money to pay for her
>''Sorry Anon, but I'm in a relationship since last week''
>She's in a relationship with another girl

It's been about 6 months now and I still feel bitter about it, especially since I know she gets physically abused. What should I do to forget her ?
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>Be 17

>It's about about 6 months

Since then I turned 18
Bumperino 'cause I need advicerino

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>How's that..McDonald's, anon?
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>tfw in McDs right now
h-how did you know?
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Oh I ALWAYS know, goyim
I work at mcdonalds goyim how does that feel :^)

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coffee link.jpg
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>guy at work thinks he's the smartest and coolest guy in the world
>brags about how good of a developer he is all the time
>no one can put up with working with him because he's an enormous control freak
>takes credit for literally everyone else's work if it's in what he deems to be "his codebase"
>basically locks down control of all code bases he's a part of so only he can approve code
>always fucking changes other people's code before merging it into the main codebase (probably just so his name will be tagged on it.)
>constantly says what he is working on is "innovative" or "the next step forward".
>basically bragging he can do better than all the full-time working designers as well.
>is actually just complete shit that only he understands or can make sense of
>will still defend his design decisions against any and all opposition, saying they are vastly superior.
>fucking hates everything new that challenges his point of view, won't adopt any new technology
>basically longs for the days of Internet explorer 6
>fucking hums and whistles at the top of his fucking lungs all day long.
>literally zero life experience, completely sheltered
>basically only thinks he's smart and cool because he has never left his comfort zone in his life.
>never left the United States in his life
>only ever been to four states in The United States
>thinks ramen and tiramisu are "exotic"

why the fuck do people put up with people like this in a company?
just a rant from the wagecuck-anon.
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HR is supposed to fire his ass, that's how you put up with cunts like that
Damm glad i work in construction despite all its faults there is a way with dealing with people plus you dont have to be stuck in the same room 5 days a week with them.

Take for example some stories and things i witnessed at how people deal with arse holes.
>push them down stairs and then get eveyone to back you up saying he tripped.
>all go out on strike until the wanker is sacked.
>get them sacked or worse by planting other peoples tools in their tool bag
>steal their tools so they get pissed and end up going to another job
>people take them to one side and threaten them to sort it out or else.
>people drill holes in pipes and cut cables to make the arsehole look like their work is shit and dosen't know what they are doing.

99% of the time every one gets on well and there is rarely a person every one hates, though they are quickly disposed of and black listed so they never set a foot on sites again if there ever is one.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose my job because I went to HR about one of my co-worker forcing a project to use out of date software. Just so she can hire her brother and sister.

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>Smoke weed every day for 2 months straight


>have headache and dry eyes that wont go away for a month

Did I fuck my brain up
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No, that's just what being sober feels like
A constant, unending headache?
Whoa what the fuck
I was forced to stop recently after rather frequent use. Came back from vacation and got a migraine after only 1 week. Can confirm sobriety just sucks

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Who here is aware that egg man is becoming a rap star?

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this better be real!
i wish nothing but success for him
Rap is so cringy.
>yeah im dat motherfucking eggman im gonna kill you yo yo yo
he's actually pretty good tbqhwu

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Why does being Asian give you such a huge advantage in the romance game?
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>rich sperg and insecure high-maintenance whore
Sounds like a recipe for child-rearing success, why not post a real couple if you're going to troll
Not sure if Asian male trying to raceb8 or white guy posing as an insecure Asian
I think it's probably because they're super intelligent and successful, very polite and they worship their wives.

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you robots don't know what you seek. You can seek to live life as chad, as I do, but what do you gain? The only way to achieve success is adopting a borderline sociopathy, if "sociopathy" means deriving life from manipulating social circumstance and power into benefit, in true sociopaths only a need to come out on top but in you empaths a need to find unity, purpose, life through what living the 'chad' life only serves to hedge the chances of occuring. to adopt sociopathy, and a break in your empathy when you are already so full of it, is to adopt loneliness

you believe your troubles begin at the rift between what can be understood about you and what is apparent about you. you're wrong.Your troubles lie in your self, in a weak ego and amplified sensitivity that. Only serves to create a buffer between you and the uncaring, brutal world you have found yourself in. What if there was no purpose in life? What if all media has done is manipulate you, as its purpose was and always have been, and you have been unlucky enough to make artificial, idealized circumstances and actions into your mindset? What if all the advice ever told to you was right; that all you can strive to do is make your own luck, and ergo manipulate what you can around you to greaten the chances of success?

It would hurt you to hear that you as yourself will never be good enough; it is true, for you give nothing to even allow life to throw you the social dice rolls to allow you happiness. But success starts with you, robots. Success starts with not assuming traits on people based on how they manipulate social circumstance, how they utilize superficial connections and sex to find unity and purpose in another. The perfect girl for you is out there; but how will you find her if you wallow in self-pity and call her a skank for following what her heart tells her will find her the love she is looking for?
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You gain the ability to fufill your basic human desires of social contact, love, and societal success. You also fufill your biological/material needs like having sex and buying nice things.

Sort of agree with other 2 paras, but not every robot has the same problems. There are just as many robots with overinflated egos and total lack of empathy as there are with weak egos and amped sensitivity.
I agree with you on that, but do you suppose those robots really suffer? If they do, do you suppose they would debase themselves as to imprison themselves in this hellholle of negative positive feedback, echochambering, and the validation of ideals and mindsets invariably toxic to normal social functioning?
shit I forgot when I reposted this to title 'message from a crossfaded chad-aspie'

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How old were you when your parents divorced? How would your life be different if your parents never divorced? Which parent raised you? What's an experience you had caused by the divorce?
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I kind of wish my parents had gotten divorced but then my life would have been even shittier living in like some bullshit apartment with one or the other, but then again it would have motivated me to move out and get my own place and start my own life instead of being an adult live-at-home NEET that is fine with mediocrity.

They're still married but they sleep in separate rooms and watch TV in separate rooms and don't ever do anything together like all the other normie parents I see walking around after supper and all that.
parents divorced in 7th grade, was raised by my dad. They divorced because my brother played victim and said my dad abused him, even tho the court couldn't prove it and i know for a fact it isnt true. i honestly dont know would it would be like if they decided to stay together, but right now i just graduated highschool and am not going to college and my life has been going downhill since
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My parents divorced when I was a toddler. I ended up being raised by an over protective mom who didn't let me do anything without her supervision, probably because there wasn't a father to counteract her.The result was me not having any friends growing up which lead me to being a massive antisocial faggot. I hate my dad so fucking much and I've never met him

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wtf OP? what
I don't get it. Was this the guy that burned his family alive in their house?
This is the strangest thread I've seen here in a while..

Is it true that if I go to east Asia I will get a cute gf just because I am a westerner?
Can any robots confirm?
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false. do not attempt. is a lead on to making you waste you money over seas in the land of the orient.
No where near guaranteed. But your exoticism may help your chances. You need something to build off it though, for example being groomed and socially conscious. Think of a lanklet, height alone is usually not enough to get him laid, but if he has other personal qualities being tall will definitely help him.

Lost my virginity just 1 month after going to Japan to a cute Japanese girl. I was a virgin 28 years prior. I reinvented myself and it worked but if I did that back home it probably would have worked too.
Not really. In East Asia, you will not be held in high regard for being a Westerner. If anything you will be ignored, held with mild contempt, or being treated overly fake-nice. You may still be able to get one though. If you just wan sum fuk, go to South East Asia and you can get some for cheap.

If you want an AznQT3.14, your best chances are in the West. The ones that are born here are bullied for being Asian as they grow up and hate their Asianness, so they vehemently claim to only date white guys. Those are the ones that you have great chances with, as long as you are well groomed and have confidence.

If you want an Azn that literally just wants you for being white and fuck all else, you want one that's from Asia and looking to use marriage as a ticket to citizenship. You can lead them on, fuck them, then dump them.

Why aren't you cucking black dudes?
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You guys have to realize that true, genuine cuckholds are truly masculine.
How are they masculine?

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