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whats an action anime that will help me take my mind off my depression?
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test test test
Hellsing ultimate and naruto season 1-whenever the chunin exam arc ends.
Inital d. orighghg

The Greate Debate
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Both are shit and I never watched this gey anime
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I'm taking Rei with me. You can do whatever you want with what's left
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The only answer is Misato. But between just Rei and Asuka, Rei is at least inoffensive.

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How come anime NEETs became Nazis after the feminists tried to take their vidya away? Don't they realize that the Nazis will take their vidya away anyways because it's degenerate?
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The Nazis have cool aesthetics, also anime girls dressed as qt Nazi officers helped
>How come anime NEETs became Nazis after the feminists tried to take their vidya away?
You mistyped jews
white nationalism is being normalized and theres nothing the jews can do about it. There last resort is calling them nazis, but ironically every time they do that they are weakening the word. Just like calling somebody racist or sexist doesn't mean anything anymore.

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Post your originrobobattlestations.
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where the fuck do you live

most definitely original post

you got a hole in the chair
Holy shit, that chair looks comfy as fuck

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>ask out nerdy black girl
>"sorry I only date white guys"
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>>"sorry l only date white guys"
>ask out hot white blonde

>she lets you cum inside on the first date

Sure nigga, let's all pity you.

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ITT: sentences that hit you hard

>are you ok anon? you look really sad
I've heard that from 4 different people this year and they were just in random casual moments
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>He's my best friend!

I'm a beta cuck and I want to die.
>i'd like to see you smile for once
my oneitis who i was really close with,in that instant i realized how much of a buzzkill i was to everyone
>It's ok, sex is overrated and it's better to not have bad experiences

Like wow, way to patronize me and pat me on the head. Good job.

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ITT: Words that annoy you whenever you read/hear them.

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>anything to do with raceb8
"delicious" used in any context that isn't food-related

Im going to kill myself tonight. Nothing fancy just a rope and a knot. Im not scared tho. I just want to end with all this shit.
> inb4 Dont do it blabla things get better.
They wont.
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how old are you?

I'm avoiding my problems talking to you right now.
I wish you all the luck in the world, nothing that happens after you croak could possibly be worse than what you've felt up to now.
We'll see you on the other side vro

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Would I be a cuck if I raised my niece on my own?
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You are a cuckold if you like your woman having sex with other men. So no, you wouldn't.
No, you'd be a good guy who cares about his family.
Nothing wrong with that OP. It's a good thing to do what you are doing.

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>go to wally world
>cashier sees my purchase and looks at me weird

every single time. who pays these people to give me weird looks.
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I gotta ask, what were you buying?

I only got a weird look when I was buying kitchen knives, condoms, glue, duct tape, and a bunch of bollywood movies.
125 packets of instant noodles, deodorant, a bottle of hot sauce, and peanut milk.
It was the peanut milk. Who the fuck buys that? Seriously?

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Thoughts on this painting I did?
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>Thoughts on this painting I did?

anon likey :)
Better than what I can do
My thoughts are that I do not like the painting you did. It seems bland and stereotypical.

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Post your randomly generated waifu.

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kinda shit desu senpai
Twintail saikou!
If that was you're first roll, trust me it isn't shit.

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White penis in a black vagina

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My thoughts are this: Why are you so miserable?
What has happened to make you this way?
literally how I was conceived
I don't recommend it

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Share anything creative you've made in this thread

Here's an instrumental I recorded

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pcc pic.jpg
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dece, pretty chill. i think it would sound better with more layers.

here's my stuff once again. the youtube link is something unreleased i'm planning to use eventually. it will be up for a limited time



liking it gets me in the mood for brawling

the youtube demo track i mean

left you a like and comment

Is it legal for an employer to deny me a job interview if he offered me the interview originally? Bascially what happened is I was called to come in for a face-to-face interview, the issue is that I currently work a job so I have to coordinate going to the interview with my job schedule. Well the employer wanted to do the interview on a Tuesday, now of course I told him that I had to work all day Tuesday but could still come in for an interview anyway. I was planning to just lie and say I have a dentist appointment which my manager would believe, I know she wouldn't have a problem with it.

Anyway he told me to email him this information since I didn't know what I was working on Tuesday originally. So I emailed him and he still hasn't gotten back to me, I even called him a couple days ago and left him a voicemail asking if he got my email and to call me with any questions. I feel like he doesn't want to mess with interviewing me now which is horse-shit because I did nothing wrong, if anything an employer should work with a potential candidate's schedule if they already have another job. It doesn't seem right or legal to me for an employer to offer a job interview and then just turn around and deny the candidate the interview. I didn't even do anything wrong, I just simply said that I'd email him what I'm working and he said that'd be fine. But tomorrow is Tuesday and he is interviewing other people on Tuesday as well, so I just feel like he struck me off the list. He also said he had "limited time slots" available for interviews so now it makes me think I won't get an interview.

I mean, he was the one who offered me an interview and I accepted. I never said "No, I don't want to interview for the job." I just simply wasn't sure if I could make it to an interview on Tuesday because I have to WORK all fucking day, I mean that's not my fault and I feel like he should have been understanding about that.
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>Is it legal for an employer to deny me a job interview if he offered me the interview originally?
Yes. didn't read your story, this isn't reddit
You're fucking stupid mate.

You never give them details about where you're currently working. Just say you can't make it at that day or time and schedule something you know you can make work.
>"This isn't Reddit"
>Gets upset when people post life stories/situations
>Gets mad when he has to read a bunch of stuff
>Doesn't realize that /r9k/ is just one giant blogging/venting board
>Being this new
>Still using the Reddit argument when he disagrees with someone.

Alright, thanks for the bump.

He fucking knew I was currently employed, it says so on my resume, retard. Also most employers will ask "Are you currently employed somewhere?" That's a common question, don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Most employers will ask about your current work-status, or it'll be listed on your resume.

I suppose you could lie and say "Oh I'm unemployed." But that's retarded because I always give two weeks notice at my old job before going to a new job, so if you lie and say you're unemployed when you actually aren't then it just makes it more difficult in the long-run.

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