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What the fuck
Hug sister, greentext results
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I still don't have a sister to hug so I hugged my cat again
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While my sister may not be in band anymore, nor is she interested in majoring in music, she keeps showing me band memes.
I get a good laugh out of them, but makes me sad that I may not hear her play the flute as often ass she did.
>protects thread from spammers one day
>deletes it the next

I am confused

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What happened to this board? It used to be a place for social outcasts and fuck ups..now it's filled with normie trash, what happened guys? I used to really like this place cause it reassured me that I'm not the only super autist in the world.
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traffic has doubled since 2015. A shit ton of normies have discovered our place and they pretty much have ruined it.
LARPers happened. Or maybe the failure of the normie dam at /b/ spilled over here too. At least we're better off than they are. Can still find some good threads every once in a while
they're still here

dig harder

you are among them my friend

we are all among them in some shape or form of the matter of the word

we find peace among ourselves in such a manner as to ascribe greatness to those who pass before us and

divisive change to those that come after us. But at heart you are still there. We are all, still there. Do you not see. You did not move but the universe moved around you.

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can we all agree that lesbians are the truest of robots

share feels etc
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You lost me somewhere, care to explain your stand a bit further so that I may endulge myself in the sweet feel of a sudden realization?
I'm a guy but I've met lesbian bots. Just dont give up
get out roastie, please

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>could play the intro on guitar
>have forgotten how due to not playing in 4 years

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I can't get over how bizarre the human condition is.

It seems like we are only "happy" when we are busy being involved in something, so that we are fully engaged. But when we're not engaged, we suffer under the illusion that we can create our own happiness.

Is there any such thing as "happiness"? When I look at my life really carefully, there is no such thing. There are just times when I was engaged in something, and times when I wasn't.
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damn. What the fuck, bro.

holy fuck how stupid are you?
the human condition is a form of being engaged in something at all times wether that be thought, communication or activity
you are always engaged in something dipshit and a myriad of emotions can arise from those forms
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I know that feel OP, I've only been truly happy when using drugs.

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It pays off to do ballet! I recommend.
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Ballet is gay and it fucks your feet up.
i think you need heIp anon

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Anyone else feel like Michael Jackson was doing pretty wel with his denigerization until he sang "the kid is not my son" ?
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He denied having sex with her to begin with. The song is about a crazy girl who think's she's having his kid.
Just another niger in disguise running away from a futureles kid
>cause the whole world has to answer right now, cause I'll tell you once again, who's bad?

What did they mean by this, originally at least?
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jews need to make up bullshit to justify their bs psychology degree and siphon shekels from the goyim
>not in labour force
>emotionally stable
fake && gay
Why does it refer "wife" for men but not "husband" for women? Are lesbians more likely to be happy than gay guys?

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Greetings gentlemen,

That's how posts used to begin here in 2008. Was it pretentious? Not really. It was more of a joke and compared to /b/ at the time, well, we all looked like gentlemen. 4chan's growth had burst exponentially any possibility of discussion on /b/ was lost, drowned out by youth discovering memes for the first time. So, r9k was created.

It was kept secret for a few days. Back then, there was no front page. The only way you would know about /r9k/ was if someone told you and you bothered to type it in your browser. For those of us, jaded by the perpetual shower of memes and fatigued by all of the non-conversations of /b/, Robot 9000 offered something incredible. It was this brand new world, an essentially empty space. It was a mix of an image-board and a game. Things moved slow. The hurricane of bullshit that was /b/ lifted and we could all actually talk for the first time in forever. And it was all thanks to the robot, our merciless muting guardian.

This was once a place of excitement, an anti-depressant, an undefined wonder of the internet. A version of 4chan that thrived with a spirit of play, a sense of deep engagement, and the glory of exploring the unknown. When I look at this board today, I can't help but lament what it has become. It is not that I blame any of you. It is not your fault in any capacity. A culture developed here, you gravitated towards it, and that was that.

Over the next few weeks I want to share a bit, about what this place was-- and what I hope it can be. Because I truly believe that underneath all of these frogposts, past the frantic cries of REE, buried beneath layers and layers of indifference and cynicism, this place really could be better.

Before I do that, I want to ask a question-- do you believe that r9k can be better? Do you want it to be? Or are you happy with it as it is? Has this become a home to you? Tell me about the r9k you see now, tell me about the r9k you want, I would love to hear your thoughts.
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really gay thread, OP
no one cares and no one should care
i am indifferent. it could either succeed beyond our wildest imaginations or flop and i would not care. it is the flavor of the season and nothing more, and when things improve even slightly i will forget that i even spent time here.
Gay ass thread, OP. Consider ending yourself now.

Why do women like guys with curly hair so much?
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Who the fuck cares

do they?

I have curly hair and it always seemed like an ugly trait
It's more tactile, they like to run their fingers through it.

have a boyfriend that's pretty much perfect for me

he asked me to marry me

the only problem is that he's my age and i want someone who's at least 10 years older than me

i also don't get along with his relatives

these are the dumbest reasons to ever break up with someone

but i think i'm going to

isn't this the dumbest thing i've ever done?

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i'm also very ugly and have zero chances of getting someone as good as him in the future.
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I know this is bait but could you at least spare us from the reddit spacing
I already hate women, you didnt need to make this

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>tfw I have literally never talked to a woman
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*chokes your waifu *
Do you have any qualifiers on that?
Never talked to a woman irl
who wasn't in the service industry

In chat but not on voice....
Call me fag, I'll show you how to talk to a real woman.

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Slugs are seriously fucking disgusting.
That is all.
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I've always liked sluggos and snails. I was thinking about breeding my pet mystery snail
Those niggas won't hurt you senpai. Learn to coexist
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mmm yummy slug

I'm a gay man and I have no clue why any man would want to be with a woman.
>Women have no sex drives and aren't open to trying new/unorthodox things.
>gay men are always down for sex, no periods, no condoms, no "I have a headache"
>literally every fetish exists in gay community
>male virginity is valued.
>variety of gay men
>don't really like men. We have men that look and dress like women (but don't bitch 24/7)
>don't like women. We have 285, 6'7 hairy men
>never worry about having kids
>if you want a kid you get to pick which one
>the list goes on
So why are you still going after women robots?
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Because I want my own kids, not some fetal alcohol syndrome chad-spawn that got dumped at the orphanage
It's simple, I'm not gay. Some people are gay, most aren't, that's life. I can't force myself to want gay sexy, sorry

>In before traps

Still gay

I wish I was gay. I really do. Give me the pills goyim give them to me.

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>haha anon, you'll need to lose some weight before you could even talk to one of us, fatass!

What is your response?
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Fuck left
Kill middle
Marry right
I'll take Rose Byrne, the other two looks like uggos
I'm not fat I'm wumbo

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