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That fucking normie hive ruins this for me, everything gets posted onto r/4chan or whatever the fuck it's called. What can we do to prevent this? Is there anything or move to new boards and see each other in the next life?
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Follow my example, make this board less appealing.
post cp with your comment
Post all your collection of gore in this thread.
(I don't have any, sorry)

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>welcome back class, I hope you've had a great summer. We'll share what we did over summer. Anon, you can go first.
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I wonder if you're an underage ban. PTSD should only be when something actually tramatic happens.
> I uh, read some books
i just relaxed hehe

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>tfw born in Europe
>tfw the jew didnt rob me of 2 million nerve endings when i was a kid
>tfw my foreskin is still rather short, so my dick never looks like a fucking worm as in pic related
>Masturbation still feels amazing though.

Shit bros, this may be the only good thing in my life, but is sure is REAL good.
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Fucking kikes.
Most parents here have no idea what their doing when they allow their kid to be circumcised. They just assume "My parents did it to me, it must be good"
I swear to fucking God I'm willing to ditch my religion because of that. Nobody deserves to have their genitals mutilated because some dumbass in a desert 3000+ years ago thought it was a good idea.

It's sad when some doctors believe circumcision to be beneficial. Circumcision shouldn't even be allowed. Doctors should be refusing to do it.

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Who /Shoenice/ here?

Love me some Shoenice
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what is this? 2010 dude?
>what is this? 2010 dude?

you mad brah?
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>Man eats 20 spongebob stickers in back alley

Video of people losing control of their lives is my favorite. Not entirely unique with there being whole TV stations dedicated to it but Youtube opens doors to personal failing you could never see on TV. I love it.

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Please give me some help to get motivation.

I know some of you have actually get your shit together and can help with experience.

>Be me, 22, no gf, doing bad at college (thank god is free or I'll be dead)
>Go back to my hometown for the weekend
>Go out to buy some clothes
>Saw almost all of my highschool peers on the street
>All doing better than me, some of them already graduates
>Hate the sight and want to go back to my shitty room in the city In which I study
>Fight with mother for how she pretends to listen to me, and for stupid reasons
>I'm getting more overweight every day, I'm 85 KG now, 1,90cm tall
>Don't talk to my friends or family anymore, the only people I talk are "friends" from college, but they don't know me enough yet to hate me.

I know what I have to do, Study, Clean my shithole and workout all day and nothing more and I would be changing my life.


I'm such a lazy ass fucker. What can I read, watch or listen to change my habits?
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you have to stop being a faggot. look up the bureau of labor statistics on jobs and majors that have good employment outlooks and job prospects. major in those. fuck your dreams.

if you wanna do something like write a book, screenplay, or start a business, you have to do it on the side while you "put food on the table" so to speak. do what the economy is asking of you/demanding instead of majoring in the liberal arts.

as far as the social aspects, yes go to the gym, get in shape. you don't have to be some ripped faggot, but just dont eat garbage all day and sit around. count calories.

socially, do baby steps. don't just dive into complex social situations. say hi to people, ask the time, etc. work from there.

books that i've heard are good are "how to win friends and influence people." it honestly depends what your goals are anon. but focus on establishing yourself first and becoming financially independent because everything else will be moot in terms of effort without that base.
>becoming financially independent
It's the thing that would make me more happy! Feeling like I don't depend on my dad's humor to eat well or buy clothes (bastard sends me 400 dollars per month)

Thankfully I have no extreme social problems, I can get to talk too much and people ask me to stop sometimes. Stil no gf.

Ok, I would check if there are some PDFs in my language of that book.

Thanks anon!

I made some original content and I think it's worth the read anons. You can also post your expanding brain memes.
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And this, lurkers is how imageboard memes are stolen and land into faceberg or twatter.
The thing about these memes is that brevity is key. Too many people think as the brain expands, the text has to get longer and loftier and honestly it completely ruins the gag.
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brains 2.jpg
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I made this for /g/

I actually saw someone repost it once, which was the most accomplished I've felt in a long time

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why hasn't rem posted all day? Is he ok?

I'm worried :(
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rem messaged me
rem hates you
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he became an hero
I'm too busy sucking his 10 inch cock, sorry

Guys. I made myself a meme. Now, what else does Jen say...?
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Looks like we'll need to order more gas, Hanns.
That just made my monday.
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Have a lovely Monday, Anon.

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rose bread come home rosebud
autism free edition
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wonky your new video is out there too mate
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How can one person be so perfect?

if you find an answer
let me know

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>my sister is walking around in athletic shorts and a t shirt that's too small for her
>Her navel is always visible
>I can tell she's not wearing panties or a bra

Why the fuck does she do this. I've jerked off 3 times today already
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Damn onii-chan imagine how warm and soft her insides are. Sure hope you don't do anything to her sweet little body
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her friends are over too
Imagine her pussy and her butt :3
So nicee

At what point is it time to visit a sex therapist?
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when you're a millionaire chad with a cock so big that girls won't handle getting fucked. So you turn to your therapist and ask her to cure your premature ejaculation that's developed from a lack of alpha balls-deep breeding sex
What happened to global rule 3 here?
anytime you feel like it and have the money

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Wtf are these things burgers call "college debt" and "hospital bills"?
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Wtf are these things europoors call "higher taxes"?
Wtf are these things europoors call "rapefugees"?

This is the thing you put on successful normies to fund your comfy lifestyle.


Idk too, where I live there was no single incident of refugee raping someone...

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>good-looking young man
>basically completely wasted as I age since I am not outgoing enough for it to matter
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Yeah anon we all feel really bad for you

"I wish I could suck anon's cock he's sooo cute too bad he's an autistic neet loser"
Yeah OK LMAOooo
Women are weird.

If they don't like your personality then they get turned off completely.
they don't say they wish they could suck your cock just because you're cute, they watch you and notice how you awkwardly fumble and stare at the ground and seem like you don't know what to do with your hands

then they know they don't want to suck your cock

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Imagine dressing up as a girl and enjoying it~ :3
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Imagine me breaking your nose, feels good right bby?
Imagine having sheets on your bed

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who else here never made friends, ever?

when i was a kid i drew little faces on those little eraser pencil topper things and would give them names and personalities and such

they were my only friends. my parents made me get therapy when they found out about them so i stopped.

i was cleaning out my old room yesterday and i found them in a little pencil box

i was basically just throwing everything away but even now i couldnt bring myself to get rid of them because some part of me still sees them as my friends

im 21 years old
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I hug my pillow at night and pretend it's oneitis, going as far as to talk to the pillow. I'm that starved of affection.

I'm 25 years old.
I forgot those things existed. The erasers.
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