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Let's take a moment to remember.

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Estabrook, Lee
17 July 1973 - 25 June 2003
New York, USA
Anyone else get really annoyed at themselves when looking at this? All these people were brave enough to do it. They were also a lot more attractive. Fuck me I even fail at failing.
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This guy stands out to me.

Are any of you still with the woman you lost your virginity to, who also lost hers to you? Yeah, yeah "where do you think you are" and all that shit. But seriously, anyone?
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Still a virgin. Fuck off chad.
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Oriental Connie.png
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Seriously, where do you think you are?
go to hell normalfag

>tfw bullied another autist out of the discord
feels good fellas
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You are the reason why I dont socialize online and also GET OUT NOW
I need nudes of her pronto. She hot.
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I want to impregnate Brittney Venti!

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>You sir have won the internet!
>Did you guys see the latest episode of Rick and Morty?
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>In soviet russia internet wins you!
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Hey trump, how about those tax returns?
Have you every heard the tragedy of Darth Pleageious, the wise?

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Why aren't there based serial killers anymore? It's all mass shooters these days. Why can't mentally ill people put in a little more effort? Is it because they want instant gratification, so they can't just kill 25 people over the course of 15 years, they just shoot up a school instead?
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I really want to be one honestly. Every waking moment i want to but i just dont have the resources to do something like that.
Also it's become a lot harder, hasn't it. I mean with security cameras watching your every step and all. You can't even buy a fucking bar of chocolate without someone recording you.
We live in a society of 'likes' and instant gratification.

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Have never once had my height, dick size, hairline, jawline or any other strange superficial stuff effect me in life. I find it hard to believe any of the above things can actually hold someone back in life significantly.
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You think height and all that other stuff is the reasons why robots here never get puss? They just blame those features cause they don't want to admit their personality is the problem.
>t. square jawed 6'1 with a 7" dick and a full head of hair
I'm short, balding, don't have a great jawline, and am pretty skinny. They have definitely made it so my life isn't as fantastic as it could have been, in a sexual/romantic sense. I didn't go out and fuck different girls every weekend when I was single, but I have had a decent number decent looking to beautiful sexual partners (like 8 I think?), and am now married to a good looking, loyal woman who I love.

They do have an effect on you, but they're definitely not barriers to living a happy "normie" life whatsoever.

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>want to an hero
>will leave suicide note blaming all the stacys that rejected me and all the chads that bullied me just to make them feel guilty
>have family myself
>can't an hero because I don't wanna hurt my family
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stop whinning about it and just do it phaggot
>>will leave suicide note blaming all the stacys that rejected me and all the chads that bullied me just to make them feel guilty
This is gay and ridiculous.
you are going to be dead. you no longer can or will feel bad. i bet your family is way more guilty of your situation that all those stacys and chads

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Ask me anything, i'm here.
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opinion on hohols?

pick one, lad
russia seems really nice. i wish i lived there instead of the shithole in south america i was born in.

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college lifw.jpg
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Why dont you just talk to her? she's waiting for a nice guy to talk to her
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Those guys are qts desu I'd like to be spitroasted by them
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Threads like this only exist to make robots feel worse about themselves. This is your daily reminder that r9k is not a support board for people like you to gather and talk about your problems. Instead it's a place where sick fucks like OP try to make you feel worse by juxtaposing porn pictures with things you feel insecure about. I'm not saying you shouldn't come here but you should always be aware of who you are talking to and what their motives are.

Fuck you OP. I hate you with a burning passion and hope you fail at all you do and suffer as you finally die.

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Just got sent home from work for taking a really smelly poop. AMA.
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Where did you poop?
In the bathroom. I didn't do anything gross I just have really smelly shit and it wafted all around the office.
Where do you work?

Mega original shit right here.

>tfw 4,7 inches

Why keep living?
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But no one was going to see it in the first place my dear anon.
True. Words of wisdom.
same. mine is 4 inches exactly.

Turns out medicine I took at 13-18 stopped it growing properly. To this day, i'm the 'confident, funny one' in my friendgroup, but I'm terrified of what would happen if anyone found out.

I just want a gf who'll accept me and love my dick.

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checked catalog, did not see thread
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Okay so this confirms he is /r9k/ right?
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if you dont buy a 20 piece McNugget MEAL today you are literally worse than hitler
Press S to shit down his throat.

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>ignores a nice cuck for a jock
>gets raped by the jock
>kills self
>cuck wasted his time going on a mystery hunt to figure out why Stacy killed herself
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moral of the story
stacy is dumb
betas will always be dumb cucks who get nothing in the end
chad always wins
>cuck never makes any moves on her and is always awkward as fuck.
yea i figured that this was one of those normie bullshit movies where they try and justify the roastie mentality

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>be an autist
>"awww just be confident about yourself :)!"

>be confident
>"ew whys that thing talking to me go away"
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Here's a well deserved (You)

Organically Grown Oregano
It's time to sleep, anon..
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>mfw dumb midgets try to talk to me

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muslim gf.jpg
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why havn't you gotten a muslim gf yet?
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Why would I want a muslim gf?

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Who keeps making these shit why dont you x meme threads, seriously did i just miss a meme over the past year or so or is it just one faggot who keeps shitting up r9k with this retarded fucking bullshit.
you mad brutha?

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