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This just happened
>Be me
>Sitting with gf while she tried to put the baby to sleep
>She puts on some movie which triggers a mental episode for me
>Try my best to bear it and just watch the film because I know it's one she likes
>Can't keep going struggling not to try
>Finally in tears ask her to just change it
>She agrees even though I could tell she was unhappy
>She quietly ignores that I'm crying
>Go to kitchen to cry in the dark
>Hear her leave living room and go to bedroom
>Continue to cry on kitchen floor
>Eventually join her in bed after trying to calm myself down
>I expect her to apologize for ignoring me
>She says she doesn't understand
>I explain my feelings
>She tried to make me feel better and hug me
>My brain feels like it's moving a thousand miles a second
>Overhwelmed, begging her to kill me and smash my head
>Have to just burst out of the room and run down the street, hoping it'll tire me out
>get back from running and get in bed, still suicidal and head begins violently twitching
>At this point she's frustrated because she thinks I'm going to wake the baby
>Trying my best to stop but I can't
>Try to roll over and force myself to sleep by suffocating myself with blankets
>My movements awaken the baby for a moment
>He quickly goes back to sleep but now gf is pacing and hitting herself in the head
>Pull blanket over my head and close my eyes
>She starts hitting me, third one is a direct hard shot to my left temple
>Head ringing, turn to punch her back
>Aiming for the arm or something

>Straight in the mouth

>Her mouth is covered in blood, lip is swollen. I didnt see any knocked out teeth and she wasn't acting hysterical like any were knocked out but she keeps telling me there are, I think to guilt me

She keeps saying she's going to press charges, leave tomorrow, call the cops, all this stuff.

Now I'm just sitting in the living room clenching my teeth and just trying not to throw up

What now
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move countries before she presses
never look back

t. lawyer
please take my advice, you dont realize how fucked up you are currently
knock her the fuck out and in the morning tell her she must have been dreaming and you would never do that

and her wounds are because she fell out of bed
What the fuck is wrong with both of you?

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Hey faggots.

How does it feel to literally be worthless when it comes to the most important skill in life - to mate with the opposite sex?

Had sex with nr. 100 yesterday, bow down and congratulate me.

>Pic related

Also ask me anything
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Last night went like this:
>Didnt feel like doing anything at all
>Look for hottest girl in recent matches
>Message her ''baby''
>Have snapchat username in 3 messages
>Snap her if she is at home
>Shes at after work party thing
>Ask if she needs a ride home i have bottle of wine
>Pic her up and chat her up in the car
>She asks me inside her apartment
>Drink wine and fuck her
>She asks if i wanna stay and i said that i had to get up early
>Woke up at noon today
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You don't get worship. Just my unending envy and hatred.
I don't really give a fuck about that tbqh

post normie shit from /r9k/
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The entirety of /r9k/ can't come up with a good comeback to that post
Except nobody said stacy created all problems. It's a stupid strawman
Stacy, Chad, the jews, same difference.

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How does femanon keep their vagina clean? I can't imagine living with something that leaks shit all the time.
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>tfw no gooey panty gf
>that gigantic shit stain

jesus fucking christ bitch learn to wipe
I too would like one. I want to see what it tastes like but I'm afraid of eating anothers man semen. its looks too similar to distinguish.

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>tfw you haven't eaten in 19 hours
Feels good. Who else /fatbot trying to turn skeletal/ here?
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I usually eat once every 5 days but I still wont lose any weight. Probably because I drink more than a liter vodka everyday. Fuck this shit
already /skeletal/
it would be okay if my ribs weren't disgusting and uneven

i eat plenty but marfan syndrome keeps me thin
damn how tall are you? skelly as fuck

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>Sorry, I don't date girls with brown eyes
>No sorry, I don't befriend roasties.
No, sorry, I'm Jewish.

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You don't really believe liking pic related is gay do you anon?
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You don't really believe liking men is considered straight do you anon?
No traps look that good, that's clearly a girl until proved otherwise.
gaythreads are welcome to die. they're a cancer on this board

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What are some hobbies? Not retarded shut-in things like Videogames or Books or Chess. I do that all the time. I mean new real hobbies, like Photography or Running.
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Maybe Programming/Scripting.
That's literally my work. And I hate it with all myself.
Photography or Running

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download (2).jpg
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>"dank memes bro"
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That pistol looks wrong.
You look wrong

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Meanwhile, in a galaxy, far far away....
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just think thirsty beta virgins probably paid for all of her shit.
I will never understand what kind of brain damage have those donators
Major thirst and a sad passivity

Ideal bf threads are always shit, ideal gf threads are top tier.
So robots, post about your ideal gf

> Her age
> Her height, build,general looks
> Her ethnicity and location
> Her hobbies/interests
> Why do you want a gf
> What could you offer
> What's the most important thing/trait for your potential gf to have
> Deal breakers
> Quick rundown on yourself. Your age, ethnicity, location, interests.
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I make 100k a year I just want someone to touch me. I am 6'3 200 lbs and I work out. Jesus Christ I am so alone please talk to em.
Discord: meethemeat#7644
just hire an original prostitute
> her age

> Her height, build,general looks
Short asian girl would be best but i could love anyone

> Her ethnicity and location
Asian anywhere
> Her hobbies/interests
Vidya animus mosic
> Why do you want a gf
Im fine with a friend honestly
> What could you offer
Completely dedication and time
> What's the most important thing/trait for your potential gf to have
Just be loving honestly supportive
> Deal breakers
> Quick rundown on yourself. Your age, ethnicity, location, interests.

Im a spic that loves animu vidyas mosic of all kinds im incredibly open to anything im in cali

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>living in the age where escapism is very affordable and enjoyable
>you can have the best time in your life just by being at home and sitting in front of a screen
>with all the video games, tv shows and anime produced throughout all of these years you have almost an unlimited amount of content to consume
>I'm suppose to have a job, be married and have kids
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Having a job is enough. Women are a waste of time.
Yeah need a job. Then you can eat like a lonely king.
Start watching to show or playing any game and I get bored in 5 minutes come back here

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If Atheists are so logical then why do they not follow God? It's the logical thing to do.
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Why do you not follow Allah?
Because I would rather follow a God that loves me unconditionally than a some some shit made up by a sand pedo.
Remember that time when Noah got so drunk he cursed all of his son's descendants to be slaves for the rest of history?

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Do you wear them indoors or take them off?
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I walk barefoot or sometimes slip into slippers.
why would you wear shoes indoors
you'll track dirt everywhere and have to clean the floors more
I live in Japan now, so I always remove my shoes before stepping inside. But back when I lived in the US, I used to wear my shoes to my room, take them off there, and then go barefoot.

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Ask a girl who lives in the middle east and will be taking her own life because of that anything... i'm just done.
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Why don't you just move to Europe in a refugee boat?
Can I see you in the nude before you an hero?
which part of islamistan

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