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Today I woke up half asleep and wrote YsaTB on my chalkboard
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the sister of Elliot is a bitch, she could help him, she had a lot of qt friends and she didnt ask them to fuck with her brother

what a selfish bitch
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>actually thinking this way

she doesn't owe him anything, fuck off. it'd be nice if she helped him but she's not fucking obliged to.
It wasnt her responsibility to help that faggot.

i wonder if Elliot ever masturbated to her
would you want a female to fuck you out of pity? what a selfish bitch

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Daily reminder this is why your favorite anime image board is rotting from within.
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I don't get it. what's the meme here
/a/ is still fine though, what are you on about? not the best its been but compared to the rest of 4chan it hasnt been hit as hard by phoneposters.
as apposed to my least favorite.... anime... image board...?

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HAHAHAHAHA everybody laugh

Roastie got roasted!
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she's hot. what a waste
I can't comment on the internal struggle she must have been going through, but damn that kind of sounds dumb.
I bet all the money in the world she had loads of attention and offers for companionship but her standards were so fucking high that she was all like "LOL, NO NOT YOU".
I would bet all of my wordly possessions that this was the case.

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Anyone here have kids?

>what was it like looking into your child's eyes for the first time?
>what does the love of a child feel like?
>is it worth it?

I'm a 22yo khhv incel and I've pretty much moved past women but the fact that I'll never have children still gives me feels.
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Wrong board

I have a daughter yes.

>Scary but amazing
>Best feel there is imo
>For me yes, but I can imagine a person having a kid which caused a lot of hardship for them, wouldn't think so
i see the robot police showed up again

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wojak and pepe.jpg
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>Wake up
>It's my 21st birthday
>Feel depressed as shit

Feels awful man
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Me a month ago

You'll get on fine, anon.
happy birthday anon

if you were around i would have sucked your cock as a present
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congrats anon! very originaol congratulations

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It's going to be glorious when this generation of Stacey's hits the wall.
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You hit the wall at birth.
That's why you post here.
yeah i know that, and i dont care.

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your sister has friends over but you didnt realize it until you came to the living room. in order to get to your room you have to get past these ladies, what do you do?
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go past them and go to my room
Do girls like rubbing their feet together when they hang out?
im 31 so i live alone unlike 99% of all newfaggot kids that spreads reddit cancer here these days

Fembots, which person do you self insrt as?
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Anyone else like dokkan battle?
Who here uses a private server?
pls respond
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bump for phoneposters

How does this make you feel?

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I think it's cute as fuck.
Wouldn't know, ran out of feels years ago.
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My mams 42 and my dad's 70 this is normal for me.

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Gentleman Supreme.jpg
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>Jews spearhead the Sexual Liberation movement
>A jew invents the pill. Without it, the movement could never have taken off the ground
>This causes hypergamy in women, flocking to Chads and leaving the rest out in the cold
>Jews control the media as form of bread and circuses to brainwash normalfags, Chads and Stacies, promote anti-intellectualism and sexualize western culture
>the goal of all this is for intellectuals, the biggest threat to the Jews, to be bullied and ostracized by normalfags, shame them for being virgins/weirdos, deprive them of allies and push them to either kill themselves out of loneliness or shoot up a school to further demonize them

Elliot Rodgers is a textbook example of this. He realized something was wrong and wrote a manifesto. After snapping and killing himself, the media demonized him as "The Virgin Killer" and making everyone even more suspicious of virgins/single males.
tl;dr if you're still single/virgin, there's a high chance the Jews were involved

Normalfags and Shareblue shills will deny this.

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Why wouldn't you just convert to that religion then so you can be in control of everything you paranoid idiot
I like my dick skin and there are different levels of jewry, you can't just convert and get to the inner group.
you like dick skin

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What are you listening to, anon?

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this is better

My big sister gave me a piece of paper with this written on it pKGppMa is this another language?
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Hmmm I am originally :thinking:
It's her Bitcoin address. She is begging.
I think it's part of a steam key! you have to find the other missing half and post it here

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>be in town
>dirty gypsy woman starts asking for some money
>tell her to piss off politely
>doesn't want to leave
>she says "cmon gib moni you will marry and have a wife"
>burst in laughter
>tell her I don't evan want a woman and that she can curse me all she wants, also rant a little about women and how I don't give a fuck about them
>she's confused and goes away
free yourself from the roastie menace and shall gain inner peace
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>and that's how anon remained a khhv for the rest of his life
Nice origin story
good job my friedn

don't succumb to the the evil normie gypjew demon menace tricks

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