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do boys like a slim girl or one with a bit of fat

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Roastie gtfo

Unlike women, men have varying taste

Depends on the body
Hi, I'm here on behalf of this board.

It goes like this slim>skinny>athletic>average>chubby>anorexic>fat>obese

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>tfw it took me 1 year to go from bluepilled beta male feminist to redpilled mgtow
How quick was your transition, robots?
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3 years to go from bluepilled obese neckbeard with zero self-awareness to normal weight redpilled semi-normie
>you went from being miserable to being aware of how miserable you are

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>never transitioned from anything because im not a sheep
My beliefs are my own lmao

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Share stories of fuck face customers, coworkers, bosses and other JUST moments from your shitty retail wagie job.
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>do a good job always
>have a shitty attitude sometimes/won't suck customers off when they request
>frequently tell boss that rules handed down from corporate are completely ridiculous
>they wont fire me

it's an abstract type of hell
wagie wagie wagie
>plan on quitting with no notice at all within the next few months
>have to survive the next few months

what's the harm of quitting *right* now my mans

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>get random text from former coworker
>worked together three years ago
>asks what I'm doing Friday night
>invites me to her place to "link up"
>say I'll try to be there
Here's the thing, she's a 19 year old black girl. Anyone ever been with one? Is that what "linking up" is going to entail?
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You really gonna fuck a monkey arent you OP
she wants to talk, then fuck if you're not autistic
this >>36407795 anon is correct
don't fuck it up famalam

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You will never get tucked into bed by your mother again.
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But anon, I never did
I literally don't give a shit, that'd be weird as balls if she did that aga-

Fucking anon. Nostalgia of simpler times just hit me. Fuck you.
Maybe you're just not a good boy. Mine would love to do it if I asked her.

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>MGTOW guys would say they wouldnt want a girlfriend

not even pic related? if you say you dont like her, you arent fooling anyone
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why would someone fall for a gender ambiguous hag?
I would not.

I've been through the same dance with litterally every girl I've been with, no matter how cute:

Love eventually equalls what the man can contribute. If she wants more than what you have, she will move on, and you will be a memory.

There used to be a subway commerical that put it blantanly clear in the 90s.
she's okay

You have been muted for 4 seconds, because your comment was not original.

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For about a month now sometimes I get tingling/numbness in my hands and difficulty speaking
What did God mean by this?
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See a doctor instead of posting on /r9k/. Sounds serious, like a spinal cord/brain injury.
You mean autism.
But actually OP, listen to this.

could be diabeetus

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>Tell doctor I get anxiety, and occasional depression
>prescribes clonazepam, and says to see a therapist
>still anxious and depressed
>I really don't want to see a therapist
wat do?
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binge on the benzos in one week
I'm in the opposite situation
>seeing therapist
>says I should see a doctor and discuss possible medication
>been procrastinating on scheduling an appointment for about a month
Wish I was you. My doc won't give me shit. I'm a fucking basket case and he does nothing. Not even non-narcotic therapies like Atarax. I kinda want to see a different person, but I'm afraid they wouldn't take my insurance, so I'll be stuck with Dr. Do-nothing for all of eternity.

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how do we stop collectivism
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Didnt this lady defend the native Americans getting BTFO by whitey?



She also believed a lot of other kooky shit, like how smoking was good because it "showed man's dominion over fire" and that genetic makeup has no effect on human behavior (contrary to empirical neuroscientific evidence). And that's just scratching the surface.

By becoming bears? Humans are not solitary animals, never have been. We don't just rely on groups to survive, we yearn to be part of them.

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/r9k you're my only hope. I only have 2 weeks before I leave campus as a Senior and I want to ask out a QT Christian girl who I used to see IRL but now is on a totally different schedule. How do?
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R9k pls all I hve are persona memes
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shit tier stickers desu
also see if she is available after a class to talk to her
>t. khhv
but I don't share any classes with her

When you have a gf do u get to smell her feet?
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>Post men's feet
Yes. Also her armpits.
Yes whenever I want. She even tells me to when she returns from the gym.

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Pepe seen.png
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wtf do I do when I hit an existential crisis and I'm 100% unskilled and 100% unmotivated to do anything because depression
send help
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Have you tried smoking the ganja?
Have you tried making another thread?
I bet you don't even smoke you faggot

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for love of christ i want some human interaction

talk to me and other anons

i don't care what it's about just say something, whatever's on your mind
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h-hey anon how's it going? weather sure is great outside :^)

also, ass or tits?
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I feel the same way. I often feel so lonely it's like being smothered. I'm here suffering alongside you.
hi friend. thanks for replying.

weather has been rainy by me today, so uh, yeah.

i would choose both but if i had to pick i'd go ass

you're surrounded by friends now, internet stranger

>tfw wanna die
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bruh, thats why you avoid bars when you are alone, or only go to places its easy to dance and meet people if you are attractive

that bar looks HORRIBLE if you are alone
I'm with two buddies
My instants tell me more alcohol
But that's a lie I tell my self
>I'm with two buddies

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How do I disappear? My life is shit. I want to quit this life and appear somewhere else and just be a new person. Preferably to a different country. New name, everything. Have any robots here disappeared?
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Kind of i ghess
Ho to disappear completely? Teach us please
This isnt harry potter.
There are novelistic ways, and there are simply practical ways.

When you say disappear you have to tell me why and what you're escaping from.

Not poking my nose in your business, it is actually necessary.
You might mean dissapear (new life) or disappear(no life).

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