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>Have one guy friend
>Long time friend
>He's a chad
>huge cock
>He introduces me to a girl.
>Says we have a lot in common.
>And we do
>We start dating
>Fall madly in love with her.
>Wonder how my friend and her met.
>Turns out they had a one night stand and ended up talking.

I don't know what to think about this or what I should do?
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One man's trash is another man's treasure.

You're Chad's bitch now.
enjoy chad's sloppy seconds
enjoy being her plan b
enjoy being inferior to chad when you fuck her
enjoy being paranoid and jealous every time your girlfriend mentions chad
more than anything, enjoy being a confirmed cuckold
Be thankful that the Chad did you this favor. Don't be a bitch about it. Alpha males who get a lot of pussy isn't as hung up about it as beta losers. They are happy to share the pussy around. Your a obviously a beta so you should be happy with getting chads left overs.
What if you didn't have a car and he bought a new car and gave you his old one.

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Can someone explain why Redditors and Tumblrites have such vitriol for Redpilled truths?

When /r9k/ says something they handwave it as mad virgins. But when /pol/ lays down the truth about gender, race, politics, and religion all hell breaks loose.
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>implying /pol/ stormfags are any different then Tumblr SJWs
>Unironically believes in all the "redpilled truths"
>What is horseshoe theory
Get out kiddie
theyre Redditors and Tumblrites for a reason. im past the point trying to figure out why theyre so dumb. i just treat them like shit if i know theyre so very emotionally involved in this crap.
>im past the point trying to figure out why theyre so dumb
Step outside the box and look at it.

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>start losing an argument
>opponant makes a typo
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>about to win an argument
>make a typo
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>start losing an argument
>everyone else in the thread gangs up on you

On a scale from you to Chad, how Chad is Wayne?
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wtf. idk.

2.5? 12? Fish?
Wayne is a level above Chad.
It depends on how big of a guy he is.

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how does someone with social anxiety go about finding a way to buy weed?

i just wanna smoke up but i have no clue about where i can find a dealer without friend connections...

any robots here have any advice?
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Smoke Onions instead, dipshit

or grow it yourself.
If you don't have connections you are fucked. You gotta make connections in order to get it if you live in a prohibition state
has anyone tried leafedin?

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Are you a lonely piece of shit?
Come join this discord server! You'll feel just as bad but with others to laugh at you!

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You can always laugh at me, I get off from that
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Ever since joining this server I have cured my depression, started going outside and got a finnish girlfriend.

I rate it a 10/10.
t-thats lood desu


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What does it feel like to hang yourself?
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Very erotic
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Holy shit Turkish genocide.
ok anon heres the deal with hanging onesself
It can be over in an instant or be very painfull because you asphyxate? yourself.

Heres why: the head rests on 2 vertebrae? the Atlas and Axis. The Atlas holds your head and rests on the the axis, the axis allows your head to move sideways left to right. But the Atlas has no Corpus vertebrae like all other vertebrae his corpus is made of the Apex axis which is a spike. This spike is secured by a Cord? Ligamentum apex axis if this ruptures the spike Jabs into your spinal cord? Medulla spinalis resulting in a quick death.
If not you just run out of air which is said to be extremely painfull.

English isnt my first language so just Google the words marked with a ?

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Am I the one one here that does not watch anime?

I don't understand why so many people think its the best thing ever, its just cartoons but from japan.
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because literally every one is about cute girls or cute girls who are aloof and like a nerd
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I don't like anime either

It's pretty fucking gay

Even worse are the dudes who post smug anime girls in all their posts
Yeah, I don't watch anime nowadays. I did watch Yugioh, Pokemon, Digimon etc in my youth.

I literally don't know how to get into the world of waifu anime. It all seems so fake and saccharine. Genuinely find it hard to believe heterosexual males are into that sort of stuff.

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>tfw circumcision ruined your life by narrowing your urethra, making you unable to empty your bladder fully, and making you do years of tugging to make you penis look somewhat not mutilated and making you distrust doctors enough to never want to go to a hospital or doctor's office again
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inb4 Americans defend this

haha who cares bro i still get sex haha who cares if I was strapped down and mutilated lol women like cut dicks that's why I cut my dick i do everything to please women ill cut my arm off to be more attractive
>tfw your parents not only found it acceptable to cut off part of your dick, they paid for it

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Okay, I have a riddle. I think I'll put it in my will, but I have to try it out here first.

"These are my cups. Everyone listed in my will is entitled to pick one and keep it. But only the person who chooses my favourite mug gets the rest of my inheritance."

So, how would you identify my favourite out of this bunch? That's the riddle.
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It will be the one that has stains in it.
It's the one that you were using before you died. It's not in your cupboard, it's still clutched in your Cheeto dusted ham hands!
upper row first one from the right. because it's easiest to access if you're right handed. if it's your favorite it would be the one used most often.
did i inherit ur cum socks?

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Any other Oxford anons here? I literally can't express how much better my life has been since I attended Oxford. I went to a state school and gradually became the stereotypical moody, withdrawn sensitive type who both despises the quality of his immediate culture and feels a weird pride for having been raised in a sort of anti-intellectual and brutal environment. I was all set to take my Russell Group humanities BA and spend my life working as an anonymous, insecure wageslave forever thankful of being offered a job and forever too insecure to pursue my creative ambitions. The chip on my shoulder had become something of a wedge, and I felt too out of place regardless of my environment, too resentful and bitter to even attempt to make it in the artistic world. Then I finally applied for Oxford and got in to study an English MA, with reassurance that should I work hard enough a career in academia or within one of Oxford's affiliated companies would be almost guaranteed. I turned up as apprehensive as usual, and the first few days were spent regretting my decision and desperately feigning a cultured personality. But then I realized that the people there were just interesting and that the snobbery and exclusivity I had anticipated was just a myth borne out of my working class upbringing. I've since graduated, having spend the year dining in grand halls with groups of interesting people, dating several girls (one of whom, a petite Russian whose family traces back to the aristocracy, is now my fiancee).
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I work four days a week at a publishing company and earn 38k GBP a year. I regularly meet up with friends from my college and visit Oxford for nights out and for meetings with my professors. The Martin Eden-esque novel I have been writing for two years has been selected for publication at a major British publishing house and, honestly, I could not have imagined a few years ago how great life could be. I come on /lit/ and see how pathetic you all are and just shake my head and chuckle. If I saw you guys on the street I would of course throw you a penny or discuss Bukowski or whatever "realist" writers you enjoy, but ultimately I would be able to tell within ten seconds if you're an Oxbridge grad and would dismiss you as a potential source of good company if you are not. I never thought I'd know what it was like to be objectively better than somebody else, for the value of my existence to be superior to the value of a stranger's, but now I do and I've never been happier. People are awed by power and prestige. All I need to do is mention the university I attended (if only for a year) and they immediately begin to hunch and look at their feet because they know they are in the presence of greatness.
I applied to Oxford, got an interview and was rejected. I don't really care, but i am happy for you anon. Even if this is all made up.
>tfw A*A*A*A* a level
>tfw very good at the test
>tfw never fucking applied because of getting kicked out of school most my life


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Does /r9k/ like Kekistan?

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it cringes a lot
You are a scourge upon this website
Wonder how "cringy" op's photo would be if the man were Chad.

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You literally have no EXCUSES. Literally NO EXCUSES
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>what is a pity date
that's her autistic brother
I have a shitty personality.

Checkmate atheists.

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Be honest which guy would you rather be?
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the one getting fucked
the one fucking
>Be honest which guy would you rather be?
bottom obviously
look how much fun he is having, guy on top is doing all the work

If you can read this please help

I am in Hell

Help me
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I can get you some ice cream, what flavor you want?
peanut butter ice cream
I only got pistachio, actually. You want it by air\ mail or telekinetic transcription directly into your bloodstream?

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