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any autistic metalheads?
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Yes, both autistic and a metalhead
Personally more into hard rock. Listen to some metal now and again though
Good taste my lads

>being so introverted that you don't have much of a real personality and have multiple identities you subconsciously switch to depending on who you're talking to
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What does it mean to have a real personality anyway?
yeah i dont have a personality really and no hobbies but i kinda change how i act according to who it is
I guess a singular way that you can be defined with, I keep switching between obviously-not-straight, angry old man, mentally unstable and cry baby

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>have bpd
>meet "fembot"
>get hurt as she uses me and play with my feelings
She didn't take monetary advantage of me but it still feels shitty, how the fuck are you so pathetic that you have to hurt mentally ill people.
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How the fuck are you so retarded to trust anything that comes from this place?
True sadists get a perverse glee out of tormenting the people who have it worst in life.
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I know, I try to avoid meeting people here but I was feeling really low I thought that I had nothing to lose.

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Are people meant to be incredibly competitive and envious of others? I notice a lot of self-worth is derived from manipulating and lying to get some sort of perceived "edge" over others.

There seems to be a tacit agreement among all "normal" people that I can't naturally pick up on. I concede I may lack the emotional component to fully appreciate human life.

Am I totally off base with my understanding?
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You're stating the obvious in an autistic way. LIFE is a competition. Darwinism...Survival of the fittest. The best get what they want AND need. The leftovers (most people on this board) get society's scraps
the more people there are
the less need for cooperation there is
>Are people meant to be incredibly competitive and envious of others? I notice a lot of self-worth is derived from manipulating and lying to get some sort of perceived "edge" over others.

Yes, we evolved to do that.

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>fall for the "DUDE WEED" meme
>try inhaling multiple times
>feel a light buzz
>its gone
>nothing happens

did i do something wrong ? i had beer earlier but i thought it would help make me feel even more higher
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A lot of the time people seem to require sensitization before they can feel the full effects. Your first few times might not be as intense as subsequent times.

This can lead to the phenomenon where a guy smokes a 1 gram joint, barely feels anything. He does the same thing a week later. Then tries it again and gets way too high, has a panic attack, and pukes everywhere.

Would be interesting if they did some studies on this.
What method are you using to smoke?

You're probably doing something wrong. I legitimately got baked my first time because I had help to do it correctly.
Don't even bother. It's honestly a waste of money and is addictive. I've been a polydrug user for years, addicted to many things and weed is the only one i've never been able to quit for an overly extended period of time.

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How do I tell my mom I'm dating a guy in his 50s?
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the same way you explain it to me

I feared that when I get old I couldn't hit on young girls anymore
You have to state your gender here, it's very important
Either way i am disgusted and denounce your ways
tell her you're dating him for his resources

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Is it possible to make your bones thicker after adolescence? If I'm stuck with this beta frame for the rest of my life, then there's no point in trying.
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Yes, as long as you are covered, break your bones once or twice and let them heal. drink lots of milk and you'll be a fucking spartan.

If you break bones, the heal thicker and stronger than before.
High impact sports will improve bone density by repeatedly damaging the structure. As they heal the open spaces will be filled in.

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>Yo anon, come over and sit down and have some pizza with me
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a-are you naked, chad-sama????
I'm good...I don't eat cheese. What you got in the fridge?
Alright just this once, buff mixture of Tucker Carlson and Mark Zuckerberg

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How do you think your first time will go?
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Will a sexbot count as a first time? Otherwise, I don't think there will be a 'first time' to 'go'.
good joke dude
Benmis in bjango


Post your resuIts.
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We already had this thread

>inb4 leechshitters show up and brag about their epic leech skills xD again
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How does this website work? How have I not been shut down already by my ISP?
What showed up?


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Relationships are meaningless if you can't get an attractive gf.
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What do you think the point of a relationship is?
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To wake up next to a hamplanet every day of course.
Hamplanets usually have shit personalities so it kind of evens out

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Why haven't you permavirgins gotten yourself a prostitute yet? Also if you're a europoor you have absolutely no excuse.

>Get to actually experience sex
>Can fuck multiple women to a point where you're outfucking normies with cunty girlfriends
>Can get the insecurity off your back if you want to work your way to civilian women
>Literally cheaper than having a gf if you're not stupid about it
>Even affordable if you're NEET
>Get to pick and choose whatever you want like ordering food or walking into a restaurant

Now I get it if you're living in a shitty state in the US but essentially everyone else can pick up this enjoyable hobby.
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>Now I get it if you're living in a shitty state in the US
Because I don't want to, OP.
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Because there is a 50/50 chance of getting caught in a police sting, and I don't like those odds.

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>ywn be a little witch
>ywn learn magic and make friends at school as you fly around on your broom and fight evil
why even live desu
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>wanting to go to Little Witch Academia
>not Duel Academia
Shit taste, sempai.
>he doesn't want to be a qt witch
magic makes my penis the big penis, anon and friend.
Who has time to worry about their dick when there are card games to be played?

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When was the last time you saw a bee irl?
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couple of months ,fdghdhgdfhd
They;re outside my front yard every day, mostly just mind their own business, pollinating flowers and shit.

Had a wasp fall into my shirt pocket at work once, fucking hate those fuckers. At least bees give us snacks.
The other day I saw a bunch of bumblebees flying around a rhododendron bush. I think bumblebees are pretty cute, wasps on the other hand are fucking cunts.

Do you think that things like porn and video games that let you pretend you're less inadequate are harmful?

Are you no porn?
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I love porn but its a waste of time and semen.
I'm /softcore/ and /nofap/.
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All I need is to look at feet to keep me happy.

Any other patricians here?

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