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Let's see who's actually a robot here

>Last time you were outside
>Last time you spoke to a female you aren't related to
>Number of friends

Gender is not a question here as females cannot be robots
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Lose it 5 years ago
>Last time you were outside
1 day ago
>Last time you spoke to a female you aren't related to
About 4 hours ago.
>Number of friends
Real close friends? Then answer is 5. If not answer is more than 100.
>Retail wage slave
>Friday, at work
>>Last time you were outside
>>Last time you spoke to a female you aren't related to
I spoke to the cashier at taco bell yesterday if that counts. If not my ex 6 months ago
>>Number of friends

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Serious thread here anons.

I just realised that: I'm never really happy. And I can't be. Like, I could work out, get a gf, a job. Fcuking win on the lottery and... That would not make me happy. Is that it? Have I reached rock bottom? What do I do from here? Every path I see leads to me feeling sad and empty anyway.

>what do?
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you live in a world that doesn't challenge you
find something you're passionate about and challenged by, your emptiness won't go away but at least you'll forget it exists

Fuck so I have to distract myself until I'm old and can't do that anymore? Is that what life is about ? Guess I'm not surprised...

Well fuck, guess there's nothing else to do except go an hero
You frame your entire existence around what you're going to be doing (leads to anxiety) and what you've done (leads to depression).

You've got this strange belief that when you reach x level of achievement in your life, you'll feel good. That's not how it works. Just stop worrying about the past/future so much (a bit of planning is good) and enjoy the moment.

It's like when you were a kid, just going to school and hanging out with your friends, playing sport at lunchtime and cracking jokes. You had nothing in the past to dwell on and you hadn't yet reached the point where you were looking at a career path, finding a job or girlfriend. That's the time when I was happiest, because you could just live in the moment and do fun shit all day.

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Anything in the mail you are waiting for?
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Some girly clothes I can look terrible in and only wear once.
>surface book w/ performance base 16Gb i7 1tb sad
>Sleeve for it
>Display protection
>200gb micro SD
>Special micro SD adapter for the surface book
>Additional pen with tips
>Wireless display adapter
>Bose quietcomfort 35
>Leather desk protection
>24kAh Powerbank
>Pad pucks
>Arc touch mouse
My new glasses. I've had my current pair since 2009 so I think it's time for a change.

How would you rate this man's facial aesthetics from 1-10? Is he attractive, unattractive or more than handsome?
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"You want that pretty Flacko? Ratchets, designer jackets
The same niggas who jack it be the first who claim we faggots"

That should tell you all you need to know
You keep making this thread. But why?
I think your newfound bull is quite handsome, your wife has good taste

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Post in this thread if you hate yourself and feel bad for wasting the time of everyone who associates with you
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Seek medical advice, anon. Depression is a real sickness and it requires professional treatment.
Go back on Tumblr, fag
I don't have the will or the money. Im sure I'llget over it or used to it.
>fb image
nice meme

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>want to get a library card
>want to spend some free time reading books and learning about the world
>go to library
>try to sign up for a card
>need multiple phone numbers for security reasons
>girl at desk tells me, "you can just use a friend's number."
>say I actually have a friend waiting in the car I'll just go and ask
>leave and never come back
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should ask for her number
how are you supposed to have multiple phone numbers that is stupid
>home phone
>cell phone
and possibly a work phone if you're an office slave.

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>Make tinder
>Swipe right on everybody to maximize opportunity
>Get 2-3 matches a day
>Decide to see if any of them will take the initiative and start the convo
>1 month later after 60 or so matches not 1 started the convo

Why can't women do anything? Is being the conversation starter such a task they'll leave it for a whole month? Some of these weren't even qts, rather uggos that still wouldn't take the leap.
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Because men have to do all of the work. This implies in the workplace as well.
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I have multiple women start conversations, and bugg me if I don't reply on occasion

If you're attractive, you can get away with not starting any. Otherwise you got to put some effort in

Would you bother start sending messages to people, if you already had people sending you multiple messages ?
isn't bumble's whole thing that chicks start talking first? You could try that if you never wanna initiate. If you're getting 2-3 matches a day you can't be that ugly desu

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What song defines you? Mine is probably A Light In Black.
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I don't like music, I think it is unnecessary noise.
Say Anything - Hate Everyone

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continuation of >>36153757

robots, I did it. I was dangerously close to wizard age. Went something like this:

> come to her place
> she greets me in sexy outfit
> looks 11/10 on a photo, but IRL she's 9/10, still very hot
> take a shower, have a casual talk
> dick is hard in anticipation. The fact that she's yours in exchange for your money is really arousing
> while talking she puts some white drug into foil, heats it up and inhales the smoke with a small tube
> try inhaling it too, don't sense anything special
> she says it lightens up the mood
> ask if she's ok with kissing. I know you're not supposed to do it, but you live once as the say, and she didn't smell bad or anything
> she says sure, whatever you want
> go to bed. get nervous, dick gets limp
> lie on back, she gets on top of me, covers us under a sheet
> lays down on me, we hug each other and start kissing
> it's wet and sloppy just as I was told by normies :)
> tightly hug her little body while she's sucking on my tongue and lips
> best feeling of my life. seriously can't imagine how much fun we are missing out by being khv
> after some more cuddling she starts gently stroking my dick
> it gets hard again
> she puts condom, and kinda lowers herself so that dick goes inside her
> starts moving and 10 seconds later I'm already ejaculating. Everything happened so fucking suddenly
> still felt amazing as fuck
> she didn't say anything, just asked if I liked it. which of course I did
> before leaving feel the urge to do something completely robotic
> ask her to give me something from her clothing and proudly say I'm a fetish-fag
> gladly gives me her carefully chosen panties

that's it. Not the proudest moment of my life, but at least I'm not a kissless virgin anymore. R-Right?
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Congratulations do you want an award for being such a good boy?
Hookers are 0.5 points
Now ur a vir
You gave her money.

You're still a virgin.

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White men are small dicks, ugly, cuckolds, pink skin, losers, beta cuckold race owned by white women, their whole media who is owned by democrats party and every american industry is about white men only with white women and the white women high valued and with other race, black men are the dominant male, black men have much more media, porn and movies with asian women than white men, even the word "black men" represents real male, movies, mockery and everything made in American racial industries in media, movies, porn against white for black men, the white males are pathetic, secondary, sidekick, cuckolds and shit in american media, porn industry, movies, and everything who is around the white women being the godesses, black men being the real men and dominant male, and the white loser being something to be related to shit, beta femdom owned by white women, cuckolds of white women, losers and mocked for other race in the cuckold and loser media of the own country of white men

White men is fucking loser, disgusting, undesirable, represents beta cuckold race of men, white women worked in every american industry to remove sexual value and relate white men with shit while white men are only with white women in the media, porn industry and everything and working to increase racial value and image of white women.

White men in the news represents shit
White men in the porn industry represents shit
White men in the media represents shit

White women in the media, porn, movies and everything in america western globalist racial propaganda represents godesses

Black men represents the real men and dominant male above the white male

White men is just generic, random, secondary, shit to make some movie or porn around the racial promotion of white women, meanwhile white women in media, comics, porn, everything are with other race 80 times more than white men and produced everything to remove the sexual value and promote white men like garbage
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White men represents shit like humans in the media, news and propaganda of the democrats party

White men represents sexual and loser trash in the porn industry and american media being beta males only with white women meanwhile white women actress, pornstars, comics and everything are 80 times more in all this media with black men and other men of other races

White men aren't dominant males since they are beta femdom cuckold owned by white women and are with white women only in all the same american media, porn and everything.


White men is cringe, loser.

The only way to be attracted to white men is because of other motives like money or other thing since white men represents sexual trash and beta losers as non-dominant males cuckolds owned by white women above white men, have low sexual value after the porn industry and american media who show that white men have no choices and white women are the only race who produce movies and porn with white men but white men are cuckolds and demoralized by own white women to remove racial and sexual value of white men while white women is racially promoted.

White men are pathetic, have country of cuckolds, sports of cuckolds, media of cuckolds, porn industry of cuckolds, and everything in the USA is about white women in racial pedestal, above the white male, black men being the real dominant man and high valued male in racial propaganda and porn industry, and white men is just the neutral sexless boring random secondary sidekick shit with some random white women pornstar or actress to promote the image of white women about the white women being pathetif gift for men of own race since white men is so pathetic, non-dominant and loser that white women is trophy for the loser men of own race instead of being women of other race praising white men

loser narrative of white male is opposite of black men in media, porn and comics, white men seeking instead of the women of other race wanting, praising and fucked by white male
Oh yeah, i will pretend that white men don't look like a pathetic beta loser cuckold race of men with white women and undesirable pathetic beta loser males only with white women in the media, porn industry and everything meanwhile white women in comics, media, movies, porn and everything are with black men, men of other race and trying to remove the value and shit in men of own race.


Compare white women in media, porn, movies, comics and everything with asian women, black women and women of other race.

The whole American culture is about the white loser males with cynical smug pretending to not be losers when all the American industries, media, democrats party is around white women being queen, black men being the real men and white men being some disguised random generic bullshit to try to manipulate the loser white men to think that they are not the most loser cringe race of men in all industries exported by USA

In the media white men is sexless and boring as shit in another random white male with white women all focused in promote some random white woman image, and white men is only with white women, and the narrative is the white male being sexless undesirable male seeking the women and the women being dominant feminist women only against white man and above white men, the narrative with the black men is the best white women model or pornstar seeking and wanting to be fucked by black men, with black men being the gift for the women, and black, white and asian women fighting for black men.

The narrative of white males is being self-hater, cuckolds, non-dominant, shit media, shit movies, shit pornography, loser culture.

Look at Disney

Disney Miley Cyrus doing rap videos for black males about being fucked by them or for their fetish

Disney Ariana Grande fucked by a black male

Disney girl of Icarly fucked by a black male

TV Kardashian family about fucked by blacks and white cuckold transgender father

While we need to pretend that whites aren't losers
Seriously, if these youtube videos aren't staged, the whole american culture, have thousands of videos of black men with white women and the white women making racial videos against white men for black male and cuckold fantasies

The American porn industry, comics, movies, the white male is fucking pathetic with white women, and they are only with white women lol meanwhile white women in all comics, porn, movies, media is used 80 times more with blacks and other men of other races than white men and non-white women and the narrative of white male is fucking pathetic, while the narrative with black men is have the best high racial productions wiht best white women models in media, porn industry and everything with the narrative of black men being the gift for the women wanting to be fucked by them and having real sexual scenes or good cheating and cuckold pornography against men of other race and everything about feel proud and racially promote themselves, the pornography and media of white losers is the white men being undesirable male seeking for the women who will end with white men because of money or other motives since white men don't represents males and were promoted like racial sexual trash and beta cuckold loser race of men with white women, and are only with white owmen in porn and media because represents a undesireable race of loser men while white women are 80 times more in marvel comics, comics, media, porn, movies and everything with black men and other races and making explicit racial narratives and propaganda against men of own race in hope to remove sexual and image value of white men, while the white women is racially promoted and the white loser men is racially promoted like shit

Then the beta white males go to produce some neutral pornography only with white women, neutral movies and media only with white owmen like the undesirable, no choices, beta cuckold non-dominant race of men who they represents in American globalist propaganda industries

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So Why'd she go away?
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Whats happend to her?
Stop whoring her out.

For outing herself as a con artist.

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Dis is mah thread !
Mah thread
don post her
cuz dis is my !!
Get out now !
If u commint her I'll kil u wiff mah revover

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*postes in yore threade*
Wakie wakie

Oh waif, u hav dubs
Hm... u can watch mee pley wiff mah car then then.




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who are living in the twilight of your lives

report in
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> found out how to make money from StubHub
> Makes $200k+ from scalping tickets in the past 3 years
> New gaming PC, paid off debt, moved out from parents place
> Everyone thinks I'm selling drugs
I had the best birthday party at 30. I think things are going pretty well
33 here

I am ready to die as fuck, my guys
Can I get a quick rundown? I want to know how you make money on this please

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01 - W7YmIoaa.gif
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>haven't taken a shit in three weeks
20 posts and 3 images submitted.

peppermint tea helps

honestly it's hella easy, just get a plastic bottle of water and stretch a bit to fit it in, then pour

I'm really not trolling here, it always helps my constipation. Hold it in for a minute or so to make sure your bowel is absorbing or some shit.

good luck OP
>I'm constantly full of shit
>Sometimes I manage to squeeze out some, but never a whole log
>This never used to be the case, I didn't change my diet or anything
>I can't stop farting
>We just hired a bunch of qt interns who keep walking past the lab
Why is this happening, Anons?

File: 20170406_005523~01.jpg (442KB, 1836x2494px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>complain about attractive women having standards
>refuse to date ugly women
>tell fembots they don't have real problems and don't belong
gee i wonder why you're all single
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The fact that this post was ignored by all of you is telling.
for real there's a woman hate thread everytime I refresh

yall need to grow up and go outside ffs

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