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Are there really robots over 18 that never had sex?
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see you in a month lmao
19 here. Never kissed, never had sex. Hugged a girl for the first time a few weeks ago (friend from uni, she's just friendly).

Not that I give a shit though, I have things to occupy myself with :)
23 yr kissless virgin. Im not even ugly and I dont have any excuses im just a failure at everything lel

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What are the types of guys you hate? Why do you hate them? How can we get them to change? Here's my list:
>beta permavirgins
>anyone who can't grow a beard
>anyone named Vlad
>people that complain about women on the internet because they're sexist.

Just don't fuck these losers and they'll die out eventually.
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tfw 6/7 match me
fuck off Vlad, in an original way
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I'm sorry baby. Do you want mommy to suckle your fuckle and make you feel better?

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what was their names again?

origi commente
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Mingey and Gary
Erkita Teslan
Her name is Jonathan Taylor Thomas

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Can we use cum to power space ships?
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Fuck that photoshop shit.
you ruined my moment
No anon we can not dod that.


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>don't want to work
>don't want to starve to death as homeless
>no easy way of suiciding
>if you go NEET normies will hate you
>they will won't help you kill yourself

I want to get off this ride
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>Have talent, did good in school, can get a good job (comp eng)
>Not a chad, but people tell me that I'm attractive
>Have had some flings with girls
>Me 2 years ago, realising that there is no point to life, and that all of my efforts will be in vain
>Accepted absurdism
>Love doesn't satisfy me
>Money doesn't satisfy me
>None of my hobbies satisfy me
>Wake up every day hoping that I'll die
>Don't want to kill myself because don't see a point in doing that either
I want to get off the ride too anon.
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fuck off larry.png
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>>Have had some flings with girls
get out
What do you enjoy doing, though?

What are some drugs i can get easily that will dull my emotional pain? Weed, dxm and alcohol don't cut it any more.
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Fuck, man. Even alcohol?
You could step it up to opiates (poppy seed tea) but they're a bitch if you get addicted.
Don't bother with stims, they'll make you feel like superman but they'll drive you to absolute insanity faster than you can blink an eye.
Kratom originale
How do i make the poppy seed tea work? I've tried it like 3 times and i couldn't get it to work.

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>he doesn't shave his legs
Wew how disgusting, no wonder girls despise you.
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Shaving you legs removed your masculinity, retard.
I'm too much of a coward to use an epillator.
ihave been doing that since 8th grade and i remember people saying it is wierd I do that when I was in highschool

>going $100,000 in debt and spending 4 of the best years of your life to study a subject that you probably won't enjoy so that you have the chance of making $60,000 a year in a soul crushing white collar job as opposed to making $40,000 in a blue collar job
Is college the ultamate normie meme?
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>40k debt for 30k job

thats my scenario. I majored in worthless shit to so honestly it couldn't have turned out any other way
>don't go to college: work until you die
>go to college: work until you die or get lucky
>do a trade: retire but ruin your body
Everything is a meme.
where the fuck are these ___k numbers coming from?
most college grads will be getting their pay hourly

WHY DID MY BBC MEME THREAD GET DELETED? It was a genuine discussion about how/why seeing other race men with the race of women you like effects you, and how we are all insecure. It wasn't the typical bait war shit.
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I want to see that nigger implant his seeds into that gook.
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Here's some BBC for you, ohhhhhh yeah
Maybe the pic you're using has something to do with it. No one wants to see BLACKED threads anymore.

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there are a lot of videos and magazine articles that are like
>10 girl trends that guys LOVE

and it's all clothes and shit

so let's be real here

do you guys actually give a shit what we wear or do you just want to see us naked?
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no one wants to see you naked no offense
Cosplay and lolita shit is neat, but for everyday clothes, just don't look like a slob and you're good. Hell, I'm pretty sure there are guys out there who would prefer you to look like a slob, so it doesn't even really matter. You win no matter what.
I like when women dress modestly.

It's not so much that I care about the actual clothes she's wearing, I just like that she isn't dressed like a whore or in an attention seeking manner.

Anyone actually had a gf her? How does it feel to kiss someone? Or cuddle with them? Was it a good time? Please tell em anons.
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Kissing is nice. Makes you feel all tingly and warm.

Cuddling is great too. Especially on a cold winter night. It's like being next to a warm mound of pure joy & bliss.
How does kissing work? I can not imagine doing it right. Does it work on it's won? How can you comfortably touch lips like that? And stick your tongue out without it being lame?
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bump because i want to know.

oegano origani

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>tfw no lonely gril to take care of you
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grow a pair for fucks sake
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>tfw no lonely girl to take care of
>tfw no rope to hang myself with

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>just been diagnosed with late stages of liver failure
>6 months to live
>don't even care

When I was 10 I said to someone that I don't fear death, he laughed at me

well guess who's laughing now bitchboi!
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>when you liver want to be more like you
>so it fails
But you can get a new liver.
Anyway you probably got drunk
That sucks, dude. My dad is going through the same shit and it sucks beyond bad

Enjoy the times where you aren't too shaky to type or do normal functions. They're gonna go by quick. Oh, and remembering anything new at all. And having made up memories. And having general brain failure 24/7.

Yeah. Well. Sucks. Was it alcohol? Hep c? Being fat?

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Just another day in Canada.
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I really wanted to move to Canada after uni and now this whole new thing on being PC there has been a massive turnoff...
This. When I was about 17 Canada was where I planned to end up. That was where I was going to work hard to move to someday. Now I have no interest in it at all. It was always America Lite and now this nonsense as well as its economy (ironically both caused by the same person) just makes it seem like a pointless place to live.
It's funny because statistically, scientifically, that is incorrect. Black people have lower labour rates in almost every industry that can be compared to whites.

Then again, the people who put up these signs don't work in scientific careers so emotion is what guides them. They are just glorified baristas.

Fuck this town.

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How the fuck do wagies even do it when they're so tired?
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Cocaine for me.
Feel like killing myself right now senpai. I get paid almost $20/hr to wipe old people's asses. Fuck me.
l abuse Adderall.

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