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How much of /r9k/ is male and how much is female?
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>be female
>vote male anyway

I sure hope people are just lying about being female to throw off data collectors.
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You guys are faggots and claim to hate us females yet post about us 24/7. You have ruined the board.

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literally me.png
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>tfw I missed the first thread

post yourself as a bf and find that fembot or trapbot who loves you
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Here's the template originally speaking
Hookup threads belong on >>>/soc/ thanks
>mods banned selfies
>shit like this starts popping up
Go to /soc/ if you want to find insecure sluts to suck your dick. Christ.

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>too shy to visit an escort
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>too shy to become an escort
>be me
>find escort on BP
>go to her location
>get naked
>she grabs my jacket with my wallet and runs
>tfw too beta to fuck an escort
It doesnt change anything

girls will still hate you because youre not a Chad

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If you had one chance to swap genders, would you do it?
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Absolutely not
t. guy
do you mean swap sexes?
Fuck no, being a guy is vastly superior because I can watch serious movies without getting scared

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Post your Keyboards ITT

I'll start: Pok3r w/ Mx blues
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pretty nice anon.how long since u got it ?
Had the keyboard for a while, recently got the grey/black alphas.
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fuck it look real fucking nice. when i'll be full time im gonna buy something like corsair.
pic irrelevent

I'm thinking of joining my uni's theater club to try to beat my social anxiety. Does anyone here who has experience with theater recommend it?
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Everyone will realize how weird you are and you'll never get to perform let alone rehearse with anyone and will forever be on stage hand bitch duty
Phenibut and getting out is what's saving my social life, shits a legal wonder drug for anxiety
Did plays in high school. Theater kids are super exclusive. Have fun going through rehearsals alone. The breaks are the worst part because you can't bury yourself in the "work".

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I can't stop downloading sexy anime girl pictures. Does anyone else here share this sentiment?
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Yes. Every folder ony pc and phone is full of anime girls
That's a nice picture. What would you do if someone found out about your phone/computer stash?
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I dont care what others think about it. I love it!

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im fucking done.jpg
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im so fucking tired of being rejected by girls

this shit is about to reach its fucking end

starting to think elliot rodgers was onto something

all I fucking ask for is a girl that ISNT fat, isnt a giant whore (idc if she isnt a virgin just dont sleep with a dude every week), and is at least somewhat similar in personality to me

and no girls will talk to me. ive tried so many different messaging/dating apps throughout the years, its been 2.5 years now and still NOTHING. no fucking results. im constantly improving my body, lifting, eating better, cutting down to 140 lbs (148.5 rn used to be 166) and still fucking NOTHING
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maybe you's ugly

but i see ugly guys with hot girls all the time i dont fucking get it

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Do robots and fembots like pegging?
It's the only way I have penetrative sex.
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I don't know about pegging but I've always found strap-ons interesting.
>Do robots and fembots like pegging?
70% of robots like it or are okay with it, 50% of fembots like it or are okay with it.
>It's the only way I have penetrative sex.
because i don't like taking dick, i like giving it.

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Dubs decide what I order from Dominos. Looking to get two things for $5.99 each.

Trip 3s decide how much I tip.

inb4 dominos is shit
They are the only place that delivers here
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Pepperoni, No sauce, No cheese. Just pepperoni.

tip $500
Pizza and the bottom twist things. Tip like $5 that's what I do
Two salads lmao. Tip $2.00.

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>Wake up
>This is now your body
What would you do?
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>>Wake up
>>This is now your body
>What would you do?
Start crying
I hate fat people so much, I couldn't imagine being one

then masturbate
Call up my friends and do a fat version of the "you ready to work out with us, white boy?!" race bait photo.
Induce lactation and become a chocolate dairy cow.

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How do I into Initial D? I heard not all seasons are worth watching.

Also I'm not interested in the manga desu.
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Start from stage one and continue from there. If there's one stage you might want to skip, its stage 4 because its very repetitive, but still enjoyable.
also the dub is very well done and makes for an immersive experience, i wouldn't choose subs
watch first stage at least. then watch second and third stage if you want something more. then if you want more epic doriftu battles just pick out the good episodes mainly in fifth stage. god hand especially.

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Talk to me guys. How was your day? Anything happened? You can tell me I am willing to listen.
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Nothing happened, nothing will happen. I am bored. How are you doing friend?
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Obligated to visit with my transgender relative.
I listened to music more, didn't leave the house though. I'm trying to get better at singing and playing guitar at the same time to perform better shoes for my cat. How are you anon?

What's your favorite Kendrick song?
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I really like Poe Man's Dreams His Vice.
YAH, originalo
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>listening to (c)rap
>listening to normie music

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How are normies able to not care about a girl's sexual past?
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They are just as degenerate

also desperate
They do care, they're simply in denial if they say otherwise. Most of them just try to forget about it because as disgusting as it is, normalfags simply can't handle being alone.
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When I asked my normie friend he said he doesn't care and it's just a part of life. I wish I'd didn't cared otherwise I'd probably would have a gf by now.

It fucking disgust me the thought of kissing a woman when her lips were probably on another dudes dick in the past.

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