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>tfw on meth
Shit is so much better than coke. Weedbabbys eternally BTFO
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Its unironically safer too
Enjoy your fucked up sleep schedule and turning into an AIDS freak zombie looking motherfucker, losing contact with everyone (I guess this isn't as much of an issue since we're on this board), and pawning everything you own for one more hit
I have self control honey. Trip report: I'm still fucked up

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>walking with my friend from store
>We both are weebs and enjoy talking about Jojo and medaka box and shit together
>Tell him how I want to write my own jojo spinoff story
>Tell him stand ideas and the like
>He brushes me off and just goes "uhuh"
That was mean Noah.
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Have you ever fucked Noah's ass?
No, wtf does that have do with anything?
Has he ever fucked yours? what does he normally wear?

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Can we have a thread where anons post their steams looking for friends?
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>Another thread about faggotry thinly veiled as a steamfriends thread
No, you faggot. Why would you want that?
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198171491061 here you go anon

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Truly nothing better than a Latina with thick thighs, I want to put my semen in her vagina so bad man...
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what city's train is this?
glad people like you exist because I find her repulsive

but for me its the same with any girl that is not blonde + petite so im doomed to stay khv anyway
latinas are amazing

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Is there anything more pathetic than paying for sex?
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Not having enough money to even pay and just begging
Having sex for money.
desu I dont mind, an hour of just fucking and I dont have to endure/pay for anything else. i wish i had someone to cuddle at night tho

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Holy shit women are THE WORST.

>dumb as nails
>only cares about money and status
>shallow and boring
>ruining the planet with their virtue signaling bullshit
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They're so dumb and none of them will have a thing to do with you lol
>ruining the planet with their virtue signaling bullshit
>he hasn't figured out that the virtue signalling is a charade to cover their barbaric hedonism

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IF you are 3/10, how to into chadism?

How one learn self assurance of a chad?
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i dont care how old she is, if she acts tough im gonna give it to her rough.
post more of her
get swol
treat every woman like a fat ugly roastie who is inferior to you
get currency
be above 6 feet

that is all
Become charismatic. I heard that Winston Churchill had either hypomania or depression. If you're posting in r9k, you probably don't have anything to lose, so get your voice skill up, buckaroo

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ITT: fictional characters that you idolize and envy and wish to emulate in some shape or form.
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The movie ruined my adolescent hero.
The movie was straight up garbage. Light was supposed to be a Chad and also a genius. They made him into a retarded beta.
Her demeanor attracts me. I feel as if she is never hesitant and never doubts herself. She is passionate about a hobby and had made it her career. She is beautiful and doesn't seem at all concerned with sex or romantics. She appears unfeeling and for the most of the time, is.

Going to blow my fucking brains out with a 50 mill, wish me luck.
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.50 AE
/k/ here
HA! Faggot
You just unboxed a:
Tiger Dash Golden (Factory New)
Me too OP. I've had it with all the fucking cunts that Fuck up this planet.

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>he believes in conspiracy theories
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>he is in a relationship with a woman

completely compromised at that point, and can not be trusted
>He wears sandals with socks
He's under 6ft
He's black
His penis is under 7 by 6.5
He's poor
Plays mmos
Traps out

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Join the only r9k chat running for over a year and active every day. We've been going strong since around may of 2016 and have kept things interesting everyday, none of that discord shit.

Rabbit is different from discord as there is a shared stream so we can watch anime and movies together and just do whatever. We play vanilla wow and some other games together and mostly just joke around.

We'd like some new members that will stick, join if you'd like some true internet friends.

We don't have the fight but if anyone knows a stream post it in chat and we'll stream it up

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it is real /comfy/ in here
thx for the virus you faggot
Remember to use the chat function you have to make an account unless you are on mobile :3

REEEE did anyone get their neetbux direct deposited to their bank yet? if u live in the USA. I usually get them today but I haven't got them yet and I really want Chinese. u get them yet?
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I got my pay yesterday because i don't rely on government handouts like a cretin
Hi Anthony

I get SSDI so my pay is dif

My boyfriend is a pussy.

I don't care how much he means well, the fact that he acts sweet/helpless/pathetic for sympathy instead of making something happen himself deeply infuriates me. He never tells me NOT to do anything, he never wants to be responsible for anything in case something bad happens. Doesn't want to get a better job because it's more work, doesn't want to move up his current job because he doesn't want to tell people what to do. He just wants to circle jerk all day about ideologies like music and religion but not about what he's going to do when he's 30.
Everytime I ask him for his opinion, I just get:
> w-whatever you want to do
I could say I'm thinking about letting dudes cum on my face for a few bucks and he'd just say
> I-if that's what you want to do, I understand you want to make money...
UGH. I'm not a feminist. I am 100% willing to follow his lead and be supportive. I've had to be mother/therapist/whoever the fuck to so many people that if a guy said "I'll take charge just fuck me whenever I want it and make me feel good about myself" I'd happily take it.

I don't know what to do. I compliment him, I tell him I love his sex, I tell him he could do whatever he puts his mind to, I tell him that it's time to grow up and that he's a man now. I tell him I want to be submissive and follow his lead and he just WON'T FUCKING TAKE CHARGE.

I saw the latest episode of Reddit and Morty, and that whole thing about Jerry is my boyfriend. He's pathetic enough in an almost charming way that you feel bad when you're not cutting him a break, even if you fucking cut him breaks daily.

How can he and I fix this?
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keep watching the show. im pretty sure thell end up together
How about you post your tits.
Dump him and make it abundantly clear why. Act like a girl you're gonna get treated like a girl.

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Do someone here play an instrument? I was thinking about learning piano in order to express my emotions through music
What is your experience?
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I have tried learning piano, guitar, and bass off and on for years for the same reason. It takes work. Definitely do it, but dont spend $700 on a nice keyboard like I did if you dont really have the money and you wont use it.
start out with that simple cover of mad world by gary jules, you dont even need to know the theory just youtube synthesia mad world
bought a violin 6 months ago but im bad at it .

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Hey R9K, I've sucked my own cock and swallowed my semen about three times while dressed up in girl clothes. Does this make me gay?
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If I got a stiffy from this post does that make me gay
I've always wanted to suck my own dick
Please tell us how
>Hey R9K, I've sucked my own cock and swallowed my semen about three times while dressed up in girl clothes. Does this make me gay?
Dumb sissy white boi.

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