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How do people just have casual sex.
I can comprehend it.
It completely baffles me that two strangers can just swipe right, meet up and jump straight into sex.
Fucking how??

Aren't they scared of stds and other shit?
Isn't sex with someone you dont even know scary and empty?
God, it's like everyone is doing this shit now and days and it makes me feel completely disconnected with every single person I meet.

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Condoms nigger
I don't understand it from a woman's point of view. It's harder for a man to get an STD and if he gets the girl pregnant, he can just run off. Women get STDs incredibly easy and they can get pregnant. Casual sex is retarded for a woman. And just think about it: there are women out there willing to have unprotected sex with strangers from bars. It's crazy. I could dump all my AIDS into your vagina and a baby as well and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. I'll leave and go on with my life. You're stuck with my AIDS and my child. You probably didn't even cum. One of the greatest things I can imagine is a slut catching a serious STD from an awful, unprotected one night stand and finds out she's pregnant months later. Serves that stupid cunt right.
When I meet with a new girl on Tinder it's only after making my intentions clear, and she agrees to show documents of recent blood work saying she's clean. Sometimes she's timid or overwhelmed by it, so I offer to go and get it done with them. We're usually holding hands as we both walk out back to my place after that. Ever since I first heard about Tinder in highschool I've fucked eight girls in the ass raw. Ass to mouth will take your breath away my friend.

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What's some good money making methods for a NEET?
>inb4 get a job
my town's fucked on a crisis so that's out of the question, and /biz/ is completely useless
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I still consider myself NEET, but I make money delivering food to normalfags through UberEats and Postmates. I don't really consider it a job since I can turn it on and off whenever I feel like and it's easy as shit if you're a decent driver.
But bitbeans
sell perscription strength drugs

How do i get an asian guy to be my bf?
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stop obsessing over asian, especially japanese culture, only japs who would fuck a westerener are fucking westaboos.
>How do i get an asian guy to be my bf?
I want this too
>tfw no qt white girl with yellow fever to fetishize me

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I can get better but she wants to smash

What would you do
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>I can get better but she wants to smash
>I can get better
No, you really can't, that's why you're in this situation and asking us for advice
losing your virginity isn't special if you aren't waiting for marriage. fuck a really fat bitch if you want, who cares? it all feels the same, and she's asian so probably really tight.
lol want to see my other tinder girls? i'm just not outgoing enough to meet more girls irl. I'm not here to argue tho.

Other girls need more work, but she went straight to the point

i get 1-6 match a day ,i'm not that desperate desu but i'll kinda be an hermit until next summer cause of university

Who /gettingfuckedup/ here?

>tfw on my third vodka tonic and just smoked some medical grade weed with my professor
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A lot of wine. a lot of tinder messages without responses.
As soon as I'm off I'm picking up an ounce of flambo. Then I'm doubling back to the apartment to pop some bars and drink a beer while I break down my new bag and play some SC.
Gonna shoot a point of heroin here in a couple minutes

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How do you pronounce this word?

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Pee can
I've said it both pee can and pee con but I say pee can more frequently.
I don't even know. Neither comes out naturally, since I didn't even know it was a word until I was an adult when I learned there was multiple ways to say it. I have to think about it every time I say it.

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I'm a psychopath. AMA.
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Do you have any writings that you want to share? I'm in the process or writing a novel
What makes you different from anyone else
Or rather, original compared to everyone else.
We are all psychos here, why do you think they made this board

Any Floridabots here? Talk about your storm plans, if you left or if you're weathering it. Islanders and Texans also welcome.

I'm in Pinellas and the radiator for my truck broke so I can't pick up any fortification supplies, I have a few weeks of food and water and some propane though.
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do a lot of people stay in the abandoned afflicted areas to loot houses and shops when this kind of thing happens?
A lot of spics probably will. I'll be sitting on my roof/porch so noone will get away with it in my neighborhood but it's definitely a possibility, especially if that kind of thing happens in your neighborhood normally.
>fortification supplies
GTFO of there you stupid cunt, are you unironically suicidal?

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Thoughts on my original essay?
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Gay, I contracted AIDS merely by opening the picture
Why did you type this in notepad?

Use open office
It's actually pretty interesting

This is an american FOURTEEN year old. Explain yourselves, amerifats.

Why do your females look so fucking old?
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Holy fuck. That's a nice Mercedez.
Fluoride etc in the water.
uhh i love those shoes

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Huge Dick 51.gif
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Is it true that the only people that obsess over large dicks are gay men and lesbians?

That if you are attractive in the face, have good full head of hair, aren't hairy, are tall, have a unique personality, that's the only thing that matters?
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>Is it true that the only people that obsess over large dicks are gay men and lesbians?
>That if you are attractive in the face, have good full head of hair, aren't hairy, are tall, have a unique personality, that's the only thing that matters?- 0 post shown.
Dumb sissy white boi.
yes because women only care about your face so they can safely show off their handsome looking boyfriends.
No, sexuality has nothing to do with being a size queen T gay man

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>sex with a 10/10 ONCE

>get into a 6 month relationship with a 7/10 who shares the same hobbies as you, but whose interest/understanding of those hobbies will never go above entry level

>lifelong relationship with a 5/10 who has as 10/10 personality that matches yours completely
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the third option is the only correct one.
Looks aren't forever. Female sexual market value only plummets.
second option

I don't care if my soulmate doesn't have the same hobbies or opinions or even personality close to mine
just wish it would last longer

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Robots, what's your opinion on anal only girls?
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I don't think they exist. I want to fuck my gf in the ass but I'm scared because she has ulcerative colitis and I don't want to break her little booty hole. It's been through so much already.
If they exist they're so rare it's almost pointless to believe they do.
Most of them are probably hyper Catholic girls with chad boyfriends
>It's been through so much already.

Fuck me Iol'd hard

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You know whats wrong with /r9k/ these days?

Everyone is obsessed with sex!
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So true. This board is full of braindead perverts.
I just want someone to hold, i dont want sex
Nah, society. I want intimacy over sex. Sex can wait for marriage.

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How can sex even be real? it looks too good to be true.

It's so normal for other people but for me it's like the biggest dream that I will never get to experience in real life. It's like a high end car that I will never be able to afford or a chance for a trip to the moon, it's fucking impossible to achieve it.

Why did I have to get fucked by life so badly that I miss out on such a huge thing?

>you're not entitled to sex
no one is but it's still infinitely easier for other people to get it because they are normal

inability to attain sex should officially be considered a disability everywhere in the world because it's one of the natural instincts, masturbation isn't enough for satisfaction because of the painful thoughts of being lonely

>get a hooker
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What an incredible experience, anon! Holy fuck it's excellent!!
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>"you're not entitled to sex"

Why is this statement invariably uttered by people who have never had a major problem getting sex or romantic affection?
It's like a reverse-tinkerbell.

The less you care and believe in it, the more likely it's going to happen to you.

>in b4 normie wheeeee

I was always picked last in gym class. Even when gym class was co-ed, I was picked last after the fat girls. I still managed to improve myself and get laid with girls that were more or less as attractive and as autistic as me.

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