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I'll start

>call centre agent
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Night shift at sex shop
Fast food nigger here
Call centre doesnt seem that bad honestly if you are an asshole who enjoys pushing people's buttons

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>tfw drink bourbon as soon as I woke up
why do normies say drinking early is so bad anyway? it doesnt make sense what time you drink if you think about it
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It does.
Your brain is wired to work during the day, if you impair it with alcohol in the morning, how can you accomplish anything?
but I am neet. so why does it matter?
What normie says day drinking is bad? Everyone I know that drinks regularly would love to day drink if they could, but most, if not all workplaces prohibit being intoxicated during work

Who /NonVerbalLearningDisability/ here?

It's caused by having a damaged/deformed Corpus Callosum (neurons which connect and relay information between the two hemispheres of your brain).

It basically means you have a high verbal IQ but in every other way you are retarded. It's often mistaken/misdiagnosed as autism but it's basically inverted Autism. You are able to speak clearly and fluently but are in a severe deficit for things like math/science/music/art/everything else. This actually makes it worse because while autists usually have marketable talents, people with NVLD are basically screwed.

Another common issue with people who have this form of brain damage is that when they were younger they often did very well in school and were constantly praised for it. But as they got older and their disability began to manifest, they slowly fell behind their peers. This often leads to a complete collapse of ego and a lifetime of self hatred and low self esteem as things only get worse with age. Many simply withdraw from society all together, since they will never be able to compete and people often treat them poorly.

The high verbal IQ is often more of a hindrance than a help as well since being verbose often times makes people overestimate you and when they see how clumsy and clueless you actually are they recoil thinking you were just faking being smart.

Unlike your common variety of idiot who is often so stupid that he doesn't realize how bad he has it, the one type of intelligence that NVLD sufferers actually posses allows them to realize how badly they are being shafted. This breeds anger and endless frustration. Many people with NVLD also have extreme tempers due to all the pent up frustration and loneliness in their lives.

I would argue that along with autism and crippling depression, NVLD is one of the patron mental illnesses of /r9k/.

I wouldn't wish this shit on my worst enemy.
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This sounds a lot like me.
I have an above average vocabulary from what see around me but, you put a wrench in my hand or give me some kind of coordination or hands on task. I appear to be retarded.

Holy shit I want to die.
I have above average performance IQ as well but the gap betwen my verbal and performance is pretty large, which leads to really high scores on verbal sections of standardized tests like the GRE but only somewhat above average scores on the quant section.

It also makes me sound way smarter than I am irl, which I guess is sort of useful.
It seems to only gets worse with age too.

Any +30 anons here who might have this care to share their experiences.

>Holy shit I want to die.

Don't just kill yourself man. >:^)

Does anyone have any ideas on how to mentally prepare for suicide? I've wanted to kill myself since middle school, but I've always been too afraid to do it. I've mentioned that I've had suicidal thoughts to two or so people throughout the course of my life (not counting therapists) and honestly I've found it isn't worth it. I don't want to be convinced not to do it, if anything I want someone to talk me into it so I can leave peacefully and of my own will. It's the same online. It's all "it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem" coming from people who are mostly able to function within society. As far as I'm concerned, my problem IS permanent, and the solution isn't permanent so much as it is a willful choice to accelerate something that happens to absolutely everyone.
As for why I want to kill myself, I've never felt that I belong or relate much to other people, or that I care to. I can see myself in media, but those instances are exaggerated and crystallized manifestations of humanity. Far from the actual thing, and they add no value or meaning to my life. I feel distant even to those close to me, I always have. I fear those who I'm not close with to the point of constant contempt and agitation. I also find that there seems to be a disconnect in communication with others; people have a hard time understanding me, or maybe more accurately I'm not good at conveying myself to others.
I have no desire to continue a meaningless existence, and I don't really care about dedicating myself to a work or cause. I don't find pleasure in action or praise, and to receive either requires work that I'm too exhausted to undergo. I'd rather not prolong the inevitable, live in frustration and fear, or risk leaving on terms that aren't my own.
Still, something has always held me back. Any advice on how to overcome this would be appreciated. I am comfortable with the idea of an exit bag, I used to regularly knock myself out with compressed air so I think it would feel nice.
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fucking grow up and stop putting the burden of your eventual death on others. take a deep breath like an adult and carry on with your life without whining ffs
This is exactly what I'm talking about. I don't see how I'm burdening anyone here, it's not like you have to post. If you're referring to friends and family, I'm going to die at some point anyways. I'd hope they would respect my decision to choose where, when, and how that happens. Nobody is reliant on me and I don't have any real responsibilities. What does it matter if I kill myself when I could easily get hit by a car tomorrow or die any other painful and random way? Will that be any less distressing to my family? I also don't believe that I'm obligated to continue my life for the sole reason of accompanying others for their comfort. All things considered, I fail to see how my death would burden anyone.
Reading this really hurts. My train of thought is almost exactly the same as yours, but this doesn't matter. It still won't give me the push to finally end it. Rationalizing just doesn't seem to cut it, when it comes to suicide. Such is life, I guess

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How do I become a fake Stacy or at least a Veronica? I'm a 4/10 overweight fembot with no social skills.
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If you wanna be a villian number 1, you have to catch a superhero on the run
I don't know. I'm also a 4/10 fembot with no social skills. Will you be my friend?
Lose weight, it's literally that easy

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Why don't robots/incels/wizards just chemically castrate themselves? With modern medicine it's a quick and easy process and it effectively removes all sexual desire. You would be freed from your sexual slavery and able to pursue your dreams without being anchored down by "tfw no gf."
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Apparently it completely destroys your motivation to do anything.
Because i have never been in the tfw no gf mindset and fapping is quite enjoyable
maybe I was castrated at birth but it somehow didn't remove sexual urges

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how old were you robots when you first got beat up?
i was around 9 or 10
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15 and haven't been beat up since.
Now I'm terrified to stand anywhere where my back isn't facing the wall, always look behind my back when walking and feel extremely anxious standing next to guys taller/bigger than me. Because of that beating I became timid as fuck.
>>36436617 >>36436638

Calm down op, not everyone is out to get you.
Getting beat can be traumatizing. (can we get the story pls)
Maybe try a self-defense sport. Might help get your confidence back. Now for a story time.
>Be me be in grade school.
>Got the tallest kid in the class really mad.
>Shit he's coming after me.
>Run away like cray
>Get cornered. Shit what do now
>See he's going to hit me.
>Jump up on bench and hit him in the eye.
>He crying now.
>Teacher comes, he's mad at me.
>Have to stay inside for the rest of the week.
At least I didn't get beat up.
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Somewhere between age 10-11. I remember it was during 6th grade and some tall, buff black guy beat me to a pulp. It happened many more times after that. My old school district was a shithole.

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>edge for an hour and a half
>now absolutely reek of sweat and precum
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holy shit i thought i was the only one.

when i was younger i never used to sweat when i jerked off for an hour, but for the past two years or so i always sweat bad. idk why
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>suck myself off again so I can jack it to some pokegirls
>cum to an asmr gf roleplay instead
Different guy then op but I used to purposefully make my room really hot because masturbating when your really sweaty & gross and you feel like an absolute degenerate really turned me on. Anyway I naturally just sweat when I edge now I think because I've gotten a bit chubby from my bulk.

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Hello fellow asian bots. How has your week been? What have you been up to? Any success or just more string of failures like myself?

Being a minority sucks...
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where do you guys buy your used panties?
Tfw Eurofucked

Are you mentally retarded or something? There are more Asians than any other race.

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le cowe
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Ie cowe
I used to have a pet pig when I was little.
Her name was Bacon. Not even a joke.

I loved my Bacon.
le howe

holy fucking shit

i just had my first anal only orgasm

it was the most intense thing i've ever experienced
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Yeah I was moaning like a girl when it happened to me
>>>out faggot
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Is it really an orgasm if it comes from your ass not your dick?

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>Anon, I know it's unusual for us to talk. You, a beta. Me, a Chad. But there's something I want to get off my chest. I never did chose the Chad-life, the Chad-life chose me. It was cruel enough to curse me with good genes, devilishly handsome looks, and overall tip-top physique. But it's not what I really want. I, like you, are just pawns that nature assigned us to play. It doesn't make sense, but 'tis what 'tis.
>What I really want to do is skip merrily through fields of daisies. Grow gardens of pomegranate. Dance the Black Swan in front of a lovingly loyal audience. And lounge blissfully for hours on end on a pile of hay within the arms of Tyrone, the only heart I truly desire. None of this shoving you into the locker to keep up appearances. None of those physical assaults against other betas, and the police doing nothing just because. And none of banging Stacy's I do not care about, but who keep throwing themselves at me no matter how clear I make my disgust (really the more you show your hatred the more they want you -- they're weird). No, Anon. It's not the life I truly want, but have to live, and have to keep secret. So secret that, I admit, these past four years I've been breaking into the boy's locker room and sniffing all the other Chad's underwears. Or that I occasionally fondle my dad in his sleep. No one suspects a thing. But I digress, Anon. It's just what life as chosen for me without my input. It's not fair, 'tis what 'tis.
>You won't tell anyone, will you?
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you write like you failed 5th grade english
Lel give more tyone x Chad fanfiction please
OP: Well adjusted individual.

ironic shitting up games, is still shitting up actual games.
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tfw blk.png
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>White girl dates Asian Man
Nothing wrong
>White girl dates Hispanic Man
Nothing wrong
>White girl dates Arabic Man
Nothing wrong
>White girl dates Indian/Pakistani Man
Nothing wrong
>White girl dates Pacific Islander Man
Nothing wrong
>White girl dates Native American Man
Nothing wrong
>White girl dates Aboriginal Man
Nothing wrong

>White girl dates Black Man

Why are whitebois so insecure when it comes to black men dating white women? Where does this racism and hatred come from?
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> White girl dates aboriginal man
Bullshit about no problems, most are alcoholic junkies who hit their girlfriends
The others are also a problem, BMWF just gets complained about more because kikes push it so hard.
Why bother with them fellow blackbot?

Asian and latina women exist.

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ITT: Anons help us get a hobby
I like videogames and anime, that's literally all I do. What hobbies are related?
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Drawing, programming, music, writing and animation.

All those are actually creative hobbies too, as opposed to sitting in front of a screen doing nothing.
Pretty sure Anime and Video Games already are a hobby. As for what's related, either some creative field like drawing manga, or something related to the types of shows/games you like (e.g. guns).
If you guys picked anyone but the Red bitch you're fucking losers.

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