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>tfw had a three-way with my sister
>tfw we then later cut out the middleman (female) and had practice sex with each other

what do now

things are weird as heck senpai

I can at least greentext how it went down

>be me
>be basement dweller cyborg
>sister is younger than me and lives upstairs
>tumblr degenerate with bleached blonde hair, tryhard bronze tan
>she takes over the basement area whenever she brings someone home and I hide in my room because her room is right near our parents' and so she can't fuck them upstairs
>my parents actually pretty much encourage this, they say that the basement is for everyone and that she won't be waking me up even if she has friends over because I stay up until 3Am which is true but besides the point
>at the very least she's mostly only brought girls home and currently has another degenerate girlfriend
>whenever I hear the TV outside my room I never know if it's just my sister or if she's doing gay shit with another
>walked in on her with a guy once, nothing obvious was going on at the time but they obviously did something
>anyways, my point is that the basement became her personal orgasm dungeon and I have to walk on eggshells or just hide in my room most of the time
>Friday night
>sister was out "watching movies" with a group off friends which means that they were drinking in a parking lot
>it was probably 1 or 2 AM
>wanted to go for a smoke
>I didn't bother to check for any sex sounds outside my door and just walked out
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please continue friendo

this original comment was brought to you by our sponsors
> cyborg???? CYBORG??? Reeeee get out
Tbh desu
>walk out with my phone
>see motion from the corner of my eye
>turn and look
>sister and her gf were hidden underneath a blanket
>they were very obviously drunk as shit
>sister asks me why I didn't knock
>remind her that it's my room and it's stupid for me to knock when I'm leaving my own room
>she laughs really loudly and slurs about how she needs her privacy
>her gf whispered something into her ear and they both laughed some more
>I told them to not make as much god damn noise
>she said that she always makes noise
>I told her that I knew
>about to walk away
>"hey anon"
>sis yanks blanket off her gf
>her gf is buck-ass naked
>her gf is not even trying to hide herself
>in fact she spread her legs and squeezed her tits
>sister was taunting me with "is Stacey sexy?"
>her gf was rubbing herself and making ironic sexy faces
>muh dick
>I was frustrated too
>I figured I may as well feel a tit
>I walked over to them
>Stacey asked me what I wanted to do
>told her to stand up
>she barely could
>slapped her ass so hard it probably hurt my hand more than her ass
>sister's gf cried out and fell back on the couch
>sister laughed
>I shrugged, and told them to be quiet I'd be outside for 15 minutes
>about to walk away

Watching this show made me realize how much I fucking missed out during highschool. Now I want to live like these fucking normies. anyone else here feel the same way?
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You missed nothing during highschool, anon.

t. failed normie
but I did, the only friend I have is a chad so naturally I knew about all the parties and fun they had. too bad I was inside all day playing vidya
You mean demon sex orgies?

For anyone with a shred of social anxiety parties are usually hell, especially high school tier fuckfests. Everyone drinking to a state of oblivion and acting like fucking nymphomaniac beasts, it's disgusting.

Don't you retards realize that learning a simple instrument like guitar turns you into Chad?
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I wish it were true dog.
Chad doesn't play instruments.
Chad is a Dj
It's not the 80's anymore, playing an instrument these days isn't notable and being in a band won't make you cool

t. plays guitar and bass and been in bands

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will doing this kill me?
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i need to know badly i dont want to die yet
Don't see why it would. I'm no nutritional expert but it looks like you're at least getting some nutrients from the V8. You're going to be skinny and sick as fuck though eventually.
Yes. If this is about losing weight just go on a fucking run dude.

Have you ever seen a pretty girl poop with your own eyes?
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lmao today on chaturbate
girl was taking out a huge cock then it just got away
'snot my thing. I like pee and runny noses

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beacon record.png
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lets say you were guaranteed to never have sex and never have a girlfriend or any type of interaction with a girl in your entire rest of your life

would you think your life is worth living? or would you be depressed and might as well kill yourself because theres no purpose anymore?

im not really interested in programming or any weird hobbies either so its hard to just dedicate my life to something else in the lonely realm
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just tryna bait out 1 reply i wanna see what someone says

maybe i try /adv/
gooky gookers
another problem is that everyone in the world is having sex all around me every day and that existence is already superseding everything else you could possibly do on your own

its all you see is sex related stuff online too. everywhere.

so how do i survive in this world and not go crazy

>all posts on /r9k/ must be original
>it's getting significantly harder to get around the robot compared to even just a few years ago

Are we going to run out of original posts at some point? Are we at peak original content?
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covfefe original
i've been thinking the same thing
So long as we find new eays to word things and make tactical typos we should be goode for a while.

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Has a girl ever been in love with you and you didn't reciprocate?
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Hannah, friend of my ex, i fucked it up
how did you fuck it up famicom?

Of course not because I'm not a filthy normie

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day


r9k isnt what it used to be robots...
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It's a crying shame that the show didn't focus more on him. Polnareff was a likable character until he hijacked the show and they played up his stupidity all the time. Fuck that prick Dio for killing best boy
Part 3, not so good
I'm so tired guys. Just so tired of it all. It's pointless isn't it?

Does anyone eIse on here ever get vagina envy?

l don't think I really want to be a woman, but I look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I realIy wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pleasurable for women it makes me deeply depressed... lt just feels Iike biology and my body have betrayed me.
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thanks for the daily dose, doc

Yes, but only so I can feel what it feels like to get fucked by a thick sweaty cock with my ass in the air and my face in my pillow
>Does anyone eIse on here ever get vagina envy?

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Uncut men, are you proud of your foreskins? Cut men, are you jealous?
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>Cut men, are you jealous?

File: foreskin.jpg (242KB, 918x1632px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You should be. Foreskins are wonderful. They're silky smooth and warm and fun to play with.
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Male genital mutilation should be a crime! Circumcised men are incomplete!

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What do you do when you're a 19yo kv neet that spends all his time on 4chan, has no friends, money, car and has DPDR disorder + major depression?
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Be happy you've held hands before?
>What do you do when you're a 19yo kv neet that spends all his time on 4chan, has no friends, money, car and has DPDR disorder + major depression?

1.) Learn Japanese
2.) Immediately apply to japanese university before you turn age 21
3.) Move to Japan and get bachelor's degree

Do you have a high school degree?
kys obv

Would it be a bad idea to tell a therapist about 4chan?
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Old old Normans probably don't know what this is, or they might assume it's a F B like site.

The answer is no. If you can't admit to doing something, you probably shouldn't be doing it
Just say reddit and bring it up as if it were. Everything you say is registered.
>someone asked me what sites i frequent
>I momentarily forgot that 4chan was taboo or some shit
>he hasn't talked to me since

Anyone here obsessed with dreaming?
The only good experiences I have anymore are ones fabricated in my mind while I sleep. I look forward to sleeping the whole day, and do things to make me tired. I wake up most mornings at 4am, then I might do something to stimulate me like read a book or listen to music or just sit and think. Then I go back to sleep, and thats when the deep sleep realistic dreams happen. I have a pretty normal life throughout the day, I'm not mentally fucked up, and I'm not a NEET, but eventually the dreams become real life, when you "learn how to dream".
>also share cool dreams lol
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I've had a dream multiple where I'm wandering through a big city where like every shop has its door open, maybe it's a fair or something, and there are crowds of people doing shit, and I'm wandering through and I really want to join one of the crowds but there are so many I can't decide and ultimately never stop at me.
yes I had 4 dreams today, that is I woke up from a dream, pissed, fell asleep again and dreamed, 4 times in a row.
Also I record the majority of my dreams.
I love my dreams but most of them are pretty shameful, like public masturbation, crossdressing, gender bending, etc.
sometimes i have dreams where I'm getting cucked

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Why is it so hard to get a gf?

Thousands of guys do every day.

It's as normal as learning how to ride a bike.

Or fly a kite.

Millions of guys learn how to do this.

Why can't we?
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You could, if you bothered building a social circle and asking women out.
doesnt work

i have tried
You gave up too soon.

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