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How does this kind of thing make you feel?
>each star is worth 4 USD
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Continuation. Allow us to peer into the mind of Reddit and women in general.
what the fuck star are you talking about?
The idea is that someone loved someone else's post so much they went and shilled all over them.

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Hi guys, /pol/ and /k/ lurker here. Are you guys still virgins? I grew up in a conservative Christian home with no interaction with women because I was home schooled and I still managed to get laid at age 18.

I'm pretty introverted but not fat or ugly, i'm sure you guys could find a girl to have sex with (not a hot one) if you wanted to. What's stopping you?

I'm 22 and have fucked 8 girls, only 2 of which were ugly (like a 2/10 and a 4/10) I met most of them online though because I'm bad at approaching people

What's your problem? How old are you? If you're still a virgin at like 19 or 20 that's fine but older than that and you're pushing it. Are you overweight or something? I'm scrawny as fuck with no muscle and I still do fine

I figured the virgin thing was just a meme
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I'm a virgin because I want a virgin wife.

As a /pol/ack you should know very well how women have screwed over humanity.
>virgin wife

You realize that's not going to happen right? Also you're not more likely to fuck a virgin girl just because you're a virgin too, in fact you're probably hindering your chances
I'm 33 and autistic, now fuck off, asshole

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just help.jpg
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Here's a specific example

>Start playing Demons souls in 2010
>get ok at it but never good enough to finish the game
> start playing dark souls because all my friends are
>think I'll have an advantage because of past experience
> Turns out I'm much worse than all of them
> most of them have finished and fully explored all three games and blood borne
> I have bought all three and haven't gotten past the first three bosses in all of them
> restarted and started at least a dozen times on all of them
> I simply can't learn how to play the game
> I can't learn anything new

This wouldn't be a problem if i wasn't going back to school next semester. Is there any hope? I think I'm gonna read books over the summer to keep me some what stimulated.
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>Like Roman history
>Decide to attempt to get more serious about exploring it
>Take a Latin course
>Everything is confusing, get headaches whenever I attempt the material, fail miserably
>Buy a copy of Marcus Aurelius' Meditations
>Don't understand what he's trying to say most of the time
>Literally anything more complicated than wikipedia articles overwhelms me
>Doomed to forever be a dilettante because brainlet
More examples

>takes me two to three minutes to read a page in a book
> Currently SR rank 1633 in overwatch (it's the only game i play i sucks shit at it)
> Cant understand what people say often
>took me months to get OK at using a cash register, but still forget how to do less common functions

Feel like pic related (best low IQ girl)
>took latin in high school
>was doing ok until second semester
>three weeks in and i didn't understand anything
>teacher let me pass because she low key knew I could never get it

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cheer me up please!
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I took my time to post in this thread and do a Captcha to see if this would make you happier. Hope it helps.
>stupid pity party normo faggot shit here, too
Wow, 4chan is shit across all boards

Kill yourself, thanks
What possesses you to tell someone to off themselves? You're never going to get euphoria from whatever mental condition you're suffering through like that.

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You're an apocalyptic survivor and you found an underground bunker that has electricity, food, beverages, a computer filled with emulators/porn/movies/music..

1) What would you eat first?
2) What would you be sippin on?
3) Which game you playing?
4) Song you're listening to?
5) Fapping to?
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Assuming this hypothetical bunker had whatever food and stuff I wanted:

>2% milk
>Anything by Analepsy (look them up!!! They're slam metal!!"
>Feminization hypnosis
I'm not interesting enough to warrant filling this out, sorry.
Does the computer have internet? If not then I'm probably going to kill myself.

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Do any of you robots miss high school or wish you could do it again?

It wasn't a particularly enjoyable experience for me, but I liked forced social interaction better than the loneliness of college. I've been here for two years now, and I've made a singular friend out of pure chance. I wonder if I'd be better off if I socialized myself a bit more in high school. Who knows though... I'd probably end up much of the same.
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Japan had one of the best and most advanced education systems in the world pre-1945; this was destroyed by the introduction of the American style system and took decades to recover.
I don't really miss school either but I do miss forced socializing, yes. College fucking sucks man, I really have no idea how people even make friends there.
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masketta shiggy.jpg
104KB, 1280x715px
Oh sure, I'd love to go back to being a bigger, less aware, retarded autist.

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Who is coming camping at the rainbow gathering in july?
What is your excuse for not going?
Afraid of sex?
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what the fuck is going on with that ass and thighs, am I fucking high
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What is this, somebody mentioned it in another thread but it got killed before I could ask more.
She used to be fat and now she is not. The end.

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Why is it so difficult to find a fucking straight hookup with a woman?
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Because you are not and never will be Chad.
I did that last month with a really ugly girl, twice. I used to fuck her friend and knew her from around town but we never really talked, we met at the bar and fucked. Now she won't stop talking to me

This girl wasn't fat just ugly, I could slay fat girls if I wanted to though, the problem is getting them to leave.

Bonus round: If you ignore and piss a fat girl off after you fuck her she'll tell everyone you fucked and you'll be embarrassed and forever be known as the guy who fucks fatties
More options for women now than ever which means they get to be choosy. Men fuck down because a hole's a hole. This means even 4s and 5s won't settle for less than Chad because they don't have to. And the 2s and 3s get with Chad-Minus and Beta-Plus (male 6-8s). The rest of us are absolutely fucked.

Who /Shameless/ here?

>tfw no Fiona wife to write a mean song about
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hard to believe people really watch that trash
Another shitty American rip off
the American versions are always better.

Brits are too prude

Female red flags

>Fucking essay for your profile.

I don't have time to read that bitch

>Cat person.

Yah marry your cat than

>Not like other girls / wired.

Great fuck off,

>Loves going out with friends

Have fun with that you and every other cunt on earth

>Loves video games / manga / star wars

No you dont, fucking liar.

>"People person"

Then why can't you find a partner irl you dumb bitch?

>Social worker / Feminist / engo

Nice virtue signaling non job, enjoy your fucking loneliness


Translation: loves her career more than she'll ever love you

>Loves to travel / finding myself / new experiences

You must be about 18 to 24 and not very bright

>Favourite book is a fantasy novel

This is because you're too fucking boring to have real interests.

I love this. These bitches are all the fucking same.
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wtf is wrong with liking cats OP?
>horse girl
my oneitis was a horse girl before I realized they were fucking insane
OP is a loser because
He can't be bothered to read a paragraph
He finds cats intimidating
He thinks having a life is a negative
He doesn't believe women can enjoy nerdy things
He doesn't want a woman who's cultured, can pay her own bills, and reads.

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My girlfriend of 4 months went to a club and left me for some guy. She went out in Huston for her bday, I stayed home because I'm not 21 yet and she met some guy in one of the clubs and never came back to me.

I tried calling her and she didn't answer and in the morning I got a call from her phone but it wasn't her, it some guy that said something stupid like "ay got your girl makin them cheese eggs up right now you can have her when I go back to my city" then he laughed and hung up.

I tried calling her after that and it kept going to voicemail like her phone was off. I nessaged her mom on Facebook and her mom said she said she's out of town and doesn't want to talk to me. I didn't hear her until 3 days later at like 2am my gf called me from a number I didn't recognize and she was clearly drunk and said "you aren't acting right, I fly with the plane gang. I like to keep them sparklers coming, my baby just blew 59 racks" and then she going on about "plane gang gang and champagne bottles"

I haven't heard from her since then and that was 2 days ago. What is her fucking problem? I don't even drink, seriously is this what alcohol does to women? Give me one reason besides "muh feels" that it shouldn't be outlawed. I don't even know if I'm single or not anymore. She is just gone and I don't know when she is coming back. I can't study because I'm worried
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nice pasta

>I nessaged her mom on Facebook and her mom said she said she's out of town and doesn't want to talk to me.
Her mom clearly knows something
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Pray she comes back so you can kick her ass to the curb for being a hoe.

Until then you can't be messaging shit to anyone she knows because then you lose. If you don't gaf you win.

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What does /r9k/ think about psychedelics? Feel free to post your experiences with them.
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Beautiful things, only a strong mind should visit these sacred states. It is not for the normal man.
Psychedelics can get you introduced to spirituality for sure but the hipsters who keep rambling about how the universe is one and all that vague shit gets annoying.
i get shizo tier paranoid on weed. i wonder what other psychedelics would do on me.

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Has anyone tried meditating to fix their problems? I've tried it on and off, my longest for three weeks, but I might have to try again after reading so much about the benefits. Apparently it's one of the few things known to cure Anhedonia (loss of pleasure), so I pretty much have no choice. I usually give up because my bad posture screws with me too much.

How about you? Ever give it a shot?
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I'm trying meditating.
It makes me calm down at least for a little bit, but I still have some issues finding quiet times and also finding the best way to sit crosslegged without getting tired
Bumparoo, I really want to know more about this, I'm a noob
You can just sit in a chair.

Yes, I meditate. I've been doing it infrequently lately and been feeling more fucked up as of late. When I was doing it every day I felt way more calm and relaxed and not as anxious or depressed. It's not just a meme, it is really helpful.

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DESU why do even want a gf in the first place for companionship? Just get a dog or something. For sex? Just get a fleshlight and a body pillow
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I want a female friend thats like one of the guys. Like I would love to take my best friends mind and put him in like some qt girls body. Not for anything sexual just for a friend
yes maybe

>For sex? Just get a fleshlight and a body pillow

Why not a dog for sex?

I'm losing my fucking mind and I can't fucking take it anymore

Something's gonna burst soon this can't go on much longer, something fucking terrible is going to happen I just know it
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No, you're gonna be ok. Maybe not great, but ok.
I'm stuck in the prison of the flesh. My brain is trapped in a cage where it can't operate. I'm dumb. I'm a dumb piece of dog shit. The brain ''fog'' is getting worse and worse. It's unbearable. I only see one escape from this.
File: 1491355448160.jpg (143KB, 865x532px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That is life. If you feel like getting a tarot card reading or something...try here >>>/x/ if you want to sort your shit out...try here >>>/adv/

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