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>tfw no big white cuck to pound my latino boipucci
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Same, man
I wish I were a girl so guys could find me exotic
>tfw no big cuddly guy to watch thought provoking movies with
why am I so unhappy
>Same, man
>I wish I were a girl so guys could find me exotic
Every time there's a curry fetish thread it makes me cry because I wasn't born a girl
Even if I transitioned I would just look like a weird Indian tranny

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Hello wagie, I hope you really enjoyed your day.
Monday is coming wagie, tic toc, wagecuck.
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Can you play this neetie boy?

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>tfw starting new temp job at a call center on monday
>tfw only thing I am looking forward to is all the roasties and having air conditioning.

Come on uni start already so I have an excuse to not be working.
Ah, a fellow master of the guitar. I just got done playing smoke on the water. I'm trying to decide whether I should play nib or whole lotta love next. What do you think?

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WHY ARE YOU ON /r9k/?:

add whatever you want but don't post gender or else this will devolve into an orbit central /soc/-tier clusterfuck
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see above
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>vidje, old movies, history, bass/guitar
>im socially aspie, can't talk to other sex, p insecure, etc.

Oohh mbti now.

>I like memes and remembering life as a 20 year old suicidally depressed loser

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It's time for you all to grow up.

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this is the natural result of video games and other types of escapism being really fucking cool in modern day

as technology gets better, the problem will only get worse
I only read mature papers for mature readers such as myself.
I want your pic to bully me SO HARD

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I was wondering; what cars do robots want or have?

I like this one for some reason even though it's a bit ugly
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id rather have that sfr concept or s660

neither of which will ever come to the usa
have a volvo s70, saving for a bike. if i buy another car it'll probably be a civic or something.
>tfw no 242 evo
>tfw no 4cyl t notchback
>tfw v8 swapping car and kind of regretting it for no good reason

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What's the best way for me to give my gf anal pinworms so I can dump her for cheating on me again?
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How about you just throw a used condom into her trash and then accuse her with that? That way it won't be illegal.
Why not break up without being a fag about it?
>wont be illegal
Maybe she shouldn't have cheated. Why isn't that illegal?

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>tfw no friends to go to concerts with
>tfw no friends
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I went to a deftones one, i thought it was pretty overrated. it's probably more fun if you're high or drunk as with most things
>wanting to be stuck in a crowd of thousands of people for hours while giving yourself tinnitus
i think i prefer being /comfy/ in bed
tfw you have friends but no money car or charisma...

how do you deal with never ever feeling this?
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I have. It's alright. How do you deal with it?
Once you realize that these feeling of desire are what drives human suffering you realize the basic physical sensations themselves are not worth the pain
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>2007 was 10 years ago
>Stuff from the early 2000s will soon be considered "retro"
>We aren't even in the early 2010s anymore
>In less than 3 years it will be 2020
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Yes, the new era, I dread it as the old world we once knew will be long gone and history.
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>Bought "Final Fantasy VIII" on opening day
>I was 13, then.
>Work alongside someone now who was born in July that year.
>19 years ago I was born

Feels old man.

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Fembots, why do you post nudes on the internet?
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this has to be the worst anime I've ever watched airing
My dad didn't love me so I want to degrade myself and be treated like a whore until I eventually suicide after getting gangraped.
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I'm an exhibitionist and its the only way to engage in this fetish in a consensual way

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Friendly remind that getting rich is the only way to fix your situation, robots.
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If I got publicly rich I don't think I'd make any new friends or date anyone that I didn't know prior to becoming rich. I would be too paranoid that people would only interact with me for my money.

I'd let in CUNNY
Is this supposed to imply he made it or something? I don't care how smart or how rich he is, he's a fucking idiot for being with that witch and she'll try to take everything from him, what the fuck is he thinking?

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Who here /probablyhasautism/?

>can't maintain eye contact
>constantly manually altering my facial expression and posture
>unable to form friendships
>don't share any interests with people my age
>no idea how to properly talk to people
>can't maintain a conversation
>no desire for friends or a relationship
>only want to be alone in life
>very bad at knowing whether something was a joke or not
>strong reaction to certain sounds (misophonia)
>will start digging my fingernails into my head and gnaw on my hands if I head someone chewing/swallowing/humming/laughing/etc
>fight-or-flight response is triggered
>strong desire for a routine/to keep a routine
>unable to properly word my emotions
>walk on my toes a lot
>need to have things in order or orderly
>enjoy doing tedious tasks/the same thing over and over

All of this has drastically affected my ability to function in the real world. I'm right in between too normal to be seen as different, and too different to live normally. It's already ended a relationship of mine and has led to me having to drop out of college. Would it make any difference if I went to get tested? I want to have closure for why I am the way I am. I also suspect I have a few other disorders, but I don't want to ramble on any longer.
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i don't get what closure will get you. just find another autist and link up
>nonverbal autism
>the type of "screeching retard" you see in documentaries
>communicate via typing or using various iOS apps

It's a living nightmare. I feel trapped in my own body.
>ended a relationship
>having a relationship in the first place

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No you're just fat.jpg
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What women want from a man:
-bottomless bank account. (hard to do)
-be popular
-six pack. (hard to do)

What men want from a woman:
-don't be fat. (easy to do)
-don't cheat. (easy to do)

I always hear women bitch about how they are held to unrealistically high standards, but aren't men held to higher standards? And I never hear men bitch about women's unrealistically high expectations.
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>-six pack. (hard to do)
Getting a six pack is easy as fuck. Just do sit ups and don't eat crap and you'll get them in no time. You don't even need to do that many sit ups. Six packs are like 70% built in the kitchen.
>And I never hear men bitch about women's unrealistically high expectations.

you're doing it right now
Originaru commento : requiem

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Does anyone feel that they get treated differently because of their appearance? I had severe acne and now I'm left with scars/red marks on my face and it looks disgusting..maybe it's just in my head but I feel that people are repulsed by me..
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I've read that fasting for a few weeks heals scars.
>be fat fuck with baby face and bright eyes
>everybody treats me like an adorable ten year old
It could be worse, at least strangers are willing to help me out when I'm in a jam.
I feel ya bra.

>Had horrible accident when I was a kid which resulted on me getting huge scars on both of my hands along with one crossing my forehead, ever since then people either look at me like a handicapped or have this fucking condescendant tone when talking to me like if I was retarded.

My advice is just to get over it, your face is beyond repair and loathing people for that won't get you anywhere, the best you can do is come to terms with it and move on, the more you think of it the more you find yourself sensible towards people's commentaries or actions

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>your using a public washroom, taking a piss at the urinal
>huge beefy orc walks in to take a piss too

What do you do?
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First off I wouldn't be using a urinal because I only use the stalls. If no stalls are open I use the handicap bathroom.
Give up my tight boipucci to him of course, what else?
why in the fuck would anybody draw this
please tell me there is no such thing as an orc fetish
please tell me nobody out there is whacking it to warcraft 2

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