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going homeless next week. what are the best places to sleep to avoid being assraped? what cities in the 4 corner states are the safest?

also, general homeless discussion
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No idea, I'd suggest woods or a cave if you can find it. Go Man vs Wild on that shit. Good luck dude.
Go down to Florida, homeless are treated okay here please you're not going to die from the cold

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>Participate in 12 hour smoking and drinking session pop 2 xanax
>pass out on floor in puddle of drool and throat puke
>still feeling really fucking good
>zero visual or physical coordination to find door to bathroom
>pee in 40oz old english bottle which still had some left over
>pass out lighting bong bowls
>wake up in middle of night and take 3 swigs of beerpiss by accident thinking its water
>slightly disgusted but more interested if its possible to redose on drug remnant xanax-weed-beer piss concoction

I think I might just die anyday now honestly. There just isn't a single fuck left and i'm addicted to pleasure island. Hedonism is just too satiating.
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>i'm addicted to pleasure island
>drinking shitty malt liquor, smoking shit and taking benzos
Start using heroin. That's where the real pleasure is that. Literally better than sex/orgasms.
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I take vyvanse too but its prescribed and I know enough not to mix it with downers.

I am terrified of trying heroin just hearing others describe the experience informs me I shouldn't even try it once. The benzo/weed/beer combo is cheaper and the level of pleasure is just fine for me.

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why do fembots hate asian women? is it becasue they are
>Better looking
>Will love you for a long time
>Will always be loyal to you
>Does everything expected of a traditional woman

While fembots are all sluts and very rude, and they spend a good amount of their time online insulting lower-tier and average-tier men. Who would you want in a partner?
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femanon here
because they steal real in our men with lies with anime and men fall for it. it's an equal hate on both men and asian women though to be honest senpai a lama ding dong
do they dont
femanon here
femanon here

asians are okay, asian-americans are literal demons

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I always pee in the backyard, but I believe this time one of my neighbours saw me, I heard the window from her house cracking and then suddenly got closed, I dont know how is her view from there to my backyard but the window is big enough to see both backyards, the hell do I do now?

she have 2 teen daughters and a little boy, if she tells my mom im screwed, my mom has always suspicious that I pee in the backyard because of the smell, I thought that window was from the little boy room but he shares his room with one of his sisters, if she saw me the whole city will know since she is a instagram model and is very popular, Im hided in my bed , should Im never going to out again until next year when I move or should I a hero?
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Where were you when Adam West was kill?
>am myself
>arriving into females cat
>female turn to me with watery cat
>say "Adam West is kill"
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>it's okay Anon I don't judge who cares if it's a bad picture just let me see
>blocked on Instagram and iMessage

Women were a mistake.
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Maybe you are just ugly? Some people are legitimately painful to look at tbqh
You are just ugly. Time to focus on other things to up your sexual market value. Make some money or lift
Why couldn't the bitch say something besides lie to me? Okay tell me I'm ugly. I'm cool with that. But just saying "you don't judge" gives off a wrong signal.

Post a bunch of wojak pics so i can make fun of my normie friends
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>my normie friends
>>>/b/ is more your speed kiddo
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> has friends
> thinks hes a robot

Pick one.

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>go to a swinger party
>without partner
>fuck the guys girl whiles hes looking
>whisper to her "i make you feel like a real women" loud enough that he can hear it
the expresion of disgust on his used goods gf priceless
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Was the rape/sexual assault charge worth it?
>go to party for degenerate sex
>but only very specific kinds
>otherwise its rape
Yep sounds like our shitty society
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Will girls at swinger parties actually fuck anyone or do you have to be Chad for that too?

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>have to screenshot something for my sister so she knows what to buy
>pull up nhentai in another tab just to fuck with her
>it's Kimi Dake no Ponytail
>the entire title fit in the tab so she could easily find it

Who else here /devilish/
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Still no answer back yet boys but I'll post results when they come
you should have picked an incest-themed doujin anon
Fuck I wish I'd thought of that

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>be me about three years ago
>leaving school
>everybody walks downtown after school and gets food and shit and hangs out
>get food, start walking over to park
>as I walk to park, see this chick I like with her friends
>keep walking, try to act natural
>they don't see me
>I'll go talk to them
>go around to their road
>make my way down till I see them
>there's an art store across from their backyard
>walk down to it, trying to act natural
>"Anon, what are you doing here?"
>"uh...I'm meeting someone here."
>"Why would you meet them in my driveway, Anon?"
>mumble some excuse, run off
>next day, everyone thinks I'm a stalker
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Then, normies be like "but u need too go out and talk too peple!"

Man, fuck normies.

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honest question

how do you ride a dick/move your hips separate from your body/dance like shakira

i cant do this movement
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Ask a girl. Idk how my girlfriend does it, it seems even more difficult considering shes on my dick.

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>humans separated by vast distance for a thousands of years
>suddenly technological advancement offers them a chance to mingle with one another
>asian women become more selective and are acquainted with larger and larger dicks
>their male counterparts with smaller penises to their tighter vaginas get locked out of dating pool because vaginas can stretch to accomodate but penises can never get any bigger
How do you deal with this asianbots?
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Does anyone else get that thing where you feel like the piss passing through your shaft is boiling hot but it just wont come out your dickhead. It's not an STD or anything, just something that happens every once in a while.
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I've had it a few times after getting steamed the night before. I've assumed it's just dehydration, as drinking water seems to flush 'er down nice.
Sounds like a UTI to be honest lad.

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Guys I just took a shit and a decent amount of blood came out after the shit. I'm too scared to go to the doctor or tell anyone, so does anyone know how much longer I have to live?
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Man, this is why I love Japan culture.

This is the Virginity Tent. Now you can go camping without the risk of having sex.

I think it's pink because the target audience is the usual female thinking that a dude inviting her to go camping is like a nigger asking "WAN SUM FUK".
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>tfw no gf to fill the other half of the H-Tent.
Good thing the japs are figuring out ways to cut down on all that sex they're always having.

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