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George Washington.jpg
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>foreskin won't stay over head
>retracts on it's own
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>foreskin doesn't retract from head automatically
>No foreskin

It's not fair.
Wait is that supposed to happen? Even fully, throbbingly erect mine is covered with just the tip maybe sticking out. Can be pulled back and stays though.

Is fapping to kids' feet paedophilia?
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It's podophilia
It is somehow worse
You might be already on a list somewhere

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>"And this is our son's room"

What are you doing when this happens?
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Hello mother dearest...
What parent actually shows off their house like that? Shit's retarded.
browsing this fucking board
You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.

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I'm going to take a shower.
Should I masturbate while in it?
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No. It goes all goopy and is a mess.
No. Take a cold shower faggot.
Not only does jizz coagulate in water, the shower will wash it away and divide it into a bunch of little globs which are annoying to clean up. If you're going to do it, aim right into the drain.

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>matches not replying
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>sends sh!t post to random people
>some actually reply
>ghost them
>start using different app cause I feel kinda bad
>what am I doing with life
>who am I
>starts sh!tposting all over again
> ask girl on date
> she says she's excited
> making chit chat
> she hasn't replied in one hour

How do I keep this up lads
>only being matched with hamplanets and ugly niggers

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Why aren't girls funny ?
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They don't have to be in order to attract mates

Actually, my funniest friend is female. Try again sweetie
Women are the best shitposters and trolls ever. Their cringey mainstream sense of humor angers the typical male internet user. I first remember seeing this over a decade ago. And I knew she was a woman since I knew her IRL. But it's easy to tell when a woman is posting due to the posting style.

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Why do I have absolutely no motivation to do anything and don't say meme depression what's the actual reason
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Knowing too much, perhaps.
See here >>37521862
I hope my answer was to your satisfaction
because you never got anything worthwhile for trying before, so why start now?

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What girls (if any) do you attract /r9k/? I'll start

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Pretty much any but especially alt girls and black girls
>none mfw you are ugly
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I only (probably?) attracted one girl ever, and her interest disappeared 30 seconds into the conversation. She even walked over to my desk and everything.

What's for dinner robots 06/05
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More greasy fast food and horrible ass malt liquor. It's time to stop, your liver and lard ass will thank you.

>Eat healthy
>Randomly die Young and end up not living life
>eating greasy shit food and drinking human trash beverages is living
What ever you say fat ass.

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How much do girls talk about sex when guys aren't around?
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How would any of us know this
Quite a bit actually. You'd be surprised. Even in front of men too

Mostly on dick sizes

I remember in uni last year these girls I overheard talking about dick

This on girl went on a tangent about finally having a guy "fill her up"

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>it's been 2 hours and she hasn't texted back
>it's her off day
>drove by her house and saw she was on her computer doing nothing

Fuck this shit
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Imma stalin that gif, but heres one to you
I know that feel btw
Wow. I wouldn't text a stalker back either. Grow up
>It's been 5 years and she still hasn't text back
>I don't even know what I said, we were just talking
>I saw her a few months back and she said she was happy to see me, I didn't believe her.

Fuck this shit

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>Hey Anon, I thought your girlfriend was joining us for dinner? Or did you left hand dump you?

>*the table explodes in howling laughter, drowing out any attempt for a rebuttal. You slink back to your room, a hungry and broken man*
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How did you lose your hand OP?
I'm not white.
What am I even doing here.
Haha made me kek

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>go to psychiatrist's office to get memepills
>see white people
>see Latinos
>see Filipinos
>see Asians
>see men, women, SJWs, young, old, robots
>NEVER see black people
I live in an area with a decent amount of black people and they're not so poor they can't afford it. Do black people not get depressed? Why?
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There's a stigma against mental health and seeking help for it in the black community
they self medicate with booze and crack
There's a stigma against it in every community at least in America

>lonely, no bf
>instead of trying to fix it, complain on the internet
>relish in sadness, repeat ad nauseam
how to break the cycle?
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Actually try and fix it instead of say you will and then doing nothing but bitch on the internet.
Look for a bf whos just as lonely and autistic as you pretty easy on here trust me
>how to break the cycle?

get grindr

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>They use an anime avatar
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>go to their house for sex
>tell me to have a seat
>the first thing they do is to ask for a picture of you
>conversations consist of nothing but memes and nothing else
God i wish i wasn't so autistic

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