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I know wtf how long is this gonna take?
Reddit is a bunch of bitches. Too much censorship. I got banned on /r/lakers because I called someone a faggot. I like how nobody gets censored here.
lol got banned on r/nba because i called someone a faggot as well

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Invade /s4s/. Post anything, preferably no anime or lewd. Do your worst robots.
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anything will do. if you can think of a meme post it. doesn't matter how cheesy just go post it simple
if anything catches on ill start posting it regularly
Is that a cup of tea or a shot glass?

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How do we solve the nu-male problem?
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Only allow BLACK men to breed.
Offial meme of r9k
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Neck them all, nuke reddit

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Why don't you have a goth gf, r9k, it's the perfect choice. Explain yourself.
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>implying a qt goth girl would want to be the gf of a possibly aspie no inhibition 5.5/10 shitskin manlet
They only go for other goths and I'm not into joining a subculture just to gain the approval of chicks.
It's okay. They wouldn't date a short, overweight, nerdy white guy either

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Why is it that the type of women that sexually arouse me the most are tall, busty thicc women with wide hips; but my ideal wife would be short, petite with smallish boobs?

Is it because I'm subconsciously afraid of her drawing other men's attention?
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perhaps these issues have to do with your mother.
You may have different ideals for sexual and romantic love. Kinda makes sense to me. The perfect gf may not be the perfect wife and the ideal of lust probably wouldn't be either of those things

This is coming from >tfw no gf so what do I know?
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>Why is it that the type of women that sexually arouse me the most are tall, busty thicc women with wide hips; but my ideal wife would be short, petite with smallish boobs?
You want to fuck your mother.

Why aren't Men like this anymore? XD
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We are.

For Chad.
Despite the popular belief, we don't want nor feel te desire to dress like clowns, such as that fellow
>Why aren't Men like this anymore? XD

have you seen that show?(op pic related)
that bitch had sex with another guy.

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Hey anons! What are your requirements for girls?
Mine are
>Not Obese (a little chub is fine, but being huge is not my thing
>Be an actual girl (very important for me)
>Like me for real
>Don't be mean to me for no reason ;(
Am i desperate?
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Yeah you are, have some standards.
Have a big fucking uncut cock to ravage my ass with
>Treats me like I'm actually a person.

That's kind of it these days. I guess I could include stuff regarding looks, but who the hell has feelings for another human being if they aren't also personally attracted to them in some way?


Something very real and not okay happened to me today [yesterday].

I am realizing I am not okay, I knew it already and am ending it rightly soon in case someone tries to tell me to as an insult.

I work at the airport.
This afternoon while traveling the shuttle between terminals I encountered a woman.

A slavic woman perhaps in her thirties or so.

I realize now in hindsight the circumstances where that she was trying to catch a flight home.

She was looking for a terminal a dozen minutes away near a bus not going there.

She was asking the driver where the terminal she need was as I was getting off and the driver needing to keep going.

So as I offered to help and have her explain where it was she needed to go, she did that thing women do where they just kind of fall apart mid-speech in sob/talk like a car accident witness on the news.

If that wasn't bad enough the realization I actually DIDN'T know how to get where she needed after all (unbeknownst to her) cemented the misery I walked upon.

But the weirdest thing happened.

I consider myself a stoic in many ways.
And not a sadist in more.

But in that moment I felt impulsively aroused.

I felt some weird indistinct huge red sign flashing hug this strange distraught foreign woman.

I didnt of course.

I passed her off to a tsa lady and did my 360 and slid away.

But fuck its thrown a glitch in my gears for a good 12 hours now stewing in it.

Weird shit.

I have no one to help me digest this.
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Anon's first manly inpulse
I had a demolition man tier vr experience of just holding this woman's sad drained form.

Smelling her hair, squeezing her soft body, tenderly rubbing her shoulders.

Usually this thing makes me uncomfortable but my mine loopholed it into a causation. Like applying something out of generosity, not romance.

Maybe its because ive never been the...target of someone's needs before in a way like that.

Is this how normalfags feel about intimacy?

Is this how you feel?
What you crave?

This is alien to me.
And kind of distracting.

I dont like it
I didnt want to say it.
But it would truth in saying the emotion felt fatherly.

She seemed like a lost kid in a way.

But even for an adult.
Being in a foreign country at risk of being stranded in a confusing loud and fast place is terrifying when you're alone and inequipped.

She went from being nervously perplexed to on the verge of tears in like 4 seconds.

My first emotion was wtf did I just walk into, like having a doll made of wet pasta thrown in my lap.

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Hating women for the current state of affairs is like hating children. Women have no self awareness and cannot be blamed for their misdeeds.

It is, and always has been, the fault of the Jews.
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There's no conspiracy here
The Jews are simply disproportionally smarter and therefore disproportionately at the head of most intellectual and business fields
There's no group of people menacingly playing with their hands as they devise an ingenious plan to destroy the White race
I Will trust Hitler before this guy no doubt...
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Are you lost or did /pol/ ban you? You may be surprised but racism isn't a defining trait of robots.

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What song would you robots off yourselves to? Links semi related


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Silence is golden.

Though if I were to off myself to music, I would make it as situationally ironic as possible. Something like the friends theme song, "Don't stop me now" by Queen.
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Almost forgot



Friends was a pretty great show

Would be pretty subtle too

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This is probably the last place I should be asking this but I'm looking for some advice. This may be a bit long, I don't know yet.

Today, I was talking with one of my female friends about the beach or some shit. I mentioned this bridge I fished at that had a really nice view. Now, this girl has been flirty with me for a couple months, and it's finally reached its climax. She says (in an obvious "take the hint, dumbass" tone) "We should go see it sometime" with this flirty ass expression on her face. I just said "OK, sure".

But here's the problem: I don't want anything to do with her. She's nice, but she's pretty annoying, and completely embarrassing to be around be it first or second hand embarrassment. She's always making an ass out of herself in public (she's pretty awkward), or dragging me into some shit and embarrassing me. She also laughs like a fucking seal. Looks wise, she's only got like a 5/10 face but an easy 8/10 body. But I'm still afraid we're not remotely compatible.

Now, I'm not completely desperate, so I'd gladly say no. But *should* I? Is she really worth it? Even if we did get together, I doubt it'd be for long. What do?
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ask her if she has any friends to bring

Don't do anything you'd regret doing.
Why are you friends with her if you don't like being around her?

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>tfw you wake up from a husky filled dream only to return to the reality in which you could not have any fewer huskies
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Kind of glad you're doing ok, anon. Funny thing is I was just thinking about how I never seen husky poster in a while and I missed the day husky poster finally got a husky and I some how missed it. Fuck you for me wanting to see this to the end with you.
I really want to fuck the husky poster.
I had sex with my husky in the dream I had last night too.

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How does one determine this?
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/cgl/, /lit/, /jp/, /soc/, /d/, /co/, /an/, etc...
make a strawpoll
aesthetically original comment
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>participate in strawpoll

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Stop watching porn.

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Thanks terry
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I may be an unironic nazi but terry crews is pretty based
I may say nigger this and nigger that but Terry Crews is my nigga.

Why is it that some men are embarrassed to be seen with/introduce their friends and family to a fat girl?
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because fat = she let herself go
maybe she has a bad personality
Because fat people are a disgrace.

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