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Can someone explain the pros and cons of having long fingernails?
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have to cut less often
gets in the way
will break and annoy you
ugly, especially once shit gets stuck under them
Is it true that jacking off is painful with long fingernails?

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cringey things that happened to you
>be me in school
>need to present a project about plants
>took the wrong usb stick with me
>video starts the teen titans opening is playing in full volume and the class bursts out laughing
>teacher looks at me with a weird face
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>tons of anons oppose lowering the age of consent because it makes them uncomfortable
>constantly claim that teens are physically or mentally ready for sex
>NEVER are able to provide a shred of evidence to support their claims
>the nations with low AoC laws function just fine and don't have generation after generation of damaged and traumatized people like the retards suggest
>despite them having absolutely nothing to support their argument and everything against it, they still support jailing people and labeling them sex offenders for having sex with teens

This is the craziest fucking bullshit. I don't even like hebe or ephebe since I like wide hips and big titties, but none of these puritan fags can come up with anything beyond emotional based rhetoric.
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People tend to forget their ancestors didn't really have those laws in place and child marriages were more commonplace.
Even so, I don't get how they can have such rabidly defended beliefs and not be able to defend them in the slightest. And not just beliefs, but want to actually ruin people's lives because they're sort of uncomfortable.
In my country it's 16 and 18yos can fuck 15yos.
That's pretty alright in my opinion tbqh but I'm still not getting any prime teen ass

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What was it and on what board was it?
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>dating qt
>go on tinder
>see she has deleted her profile
>we've already exchanged numbers and have a date planned for the weekend

W-what did she man by this?
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I meant mean not man
fuck off norman

She has accomplished her goal with Tinder
>found a beta provider (you)
>found a big dicked chad to please her
She has all the men she needs now.

>tfw imagine Western civilization isnt declining together with women and everything else

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Normies wonder "Why do people do this?"
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Unlike your impending suicide or mine, a celebrity suicide stands out because they are supposed to have it all. Friends, lovers, money, luxury, etc. The common man cannot understand that there are difficulties in that life. They can't see past their own mediocrity.
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why do they do it?, originally
I thought only robots were allowed to be depressed and have mental illness?

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>Walk into the house tonight
>Party Rock is there
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Was everybody having a good time?
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Possibly, but they definitely made me lose my mind

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>implying Chad needs hair
Same here luckily there's a ton of pills you can take to buy you 10-15 years and hopefully there's at least a somewhat better cure by then?

Fin came out in the 90s so 2020 2030 or 2040 better have some shit
You could do the "Big Three." The problem is that Minox and Fin have shitty side effects -- bloating, excess weight gain and loss of "the drive" for the latter, but it's not like any of you fuckers were using it anyway -- and their efficiency decreases with time. Nizoral shampoo is good to use, whether you're thinning or not.

I've just moved on to buzzing it and going over the remnants with a trimmer every few days or so.

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>neighbor's daughter has seen the piss bottles
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How did it happen anon? Greentext?
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>mom's best friend found the great cum tapestry

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What do I have to do to find a bf?
I'm not even physically unattractive, plenty of guys online find me cute
I"m not a bad person either
I try and try and try but no bf
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Well, maybe you're doing it wrong. Tell me what you're doing and I may be able to help you.
Just find an attractive beta kid and ask him out. If he says no you're just unattractive. If a random girl that was decently attractive asked me out on a date I would say yes without even thinking about it.
fat girls look better online than irl

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I'm being deprivated of my sleep by my parents and I think I'm kind of "drunk" because of this lack of rest.

I'm about to drive for a couple of hours, we will be visiting my grandma on her town but goddamn it guys, I think I will kill us all on an accident.

I feel dizzy
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then tell your parents that you will all possibly die due to falling asleep at the wheel which is incredibly common

>brothers friends mom saw me naked this morning
>told my grandma that she "thought it was cute"

What did she mean by this?
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You gotta post how she looks like my man.
She probably wants to fugg if anything. This is your only chance to fuck a milf
You have a feminine body
"Feminine" refers not just to literal females but to anything that possesses or is imagined to possess stereotypically female qualities. a man can be feminine or strike a feminine pose. various cultures attribute "femininity" to obviously genderless features of the natural world, like the moon or the soil (ancient chinese identified the ground as feminine with a masculine sky above). there are feminine rhymes in poetry. if an abstract linguistic pattern can be feminine, why not a penis?
A feminine penis is soft, small, and cute. But the thing you notice most is how non-threatening and friendly it is. Every time it rises in greeting because it's happy to see you despite it not even having the vigor to go up the whole way anymore always puts a smile on your face. That earnest joy and pleasure it shows when you're around lets you know the girl really is in to you, too. With how lovable and inviting it is, you'll find that it quickly becomes your best friend in the whole world. For example, a slender, smooth penis, contrasted with a blunt and veiny member. a graceful penis. a receptive penis that does not aggressively penetrate but rather allows itself to be engulfed. and isn't dribbling semen reminiscent of a breast's warm milk? a nurturing penis, a penis like a doting mother.


A female voice.
She is not terribly huge,but she definitely outweighs my mom. And she is a bit taller than me too. Maybe in her 40s.

You are an asshole if you think i am reading all that nonsense,i hope you know that.

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>tfw """""average""""" dicklet
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Most women can't take more than 7 inches or it's too painful for sex
Source: me
7.5 here, almost every girl can take it balls deep
Source: me
I've been average in all areas of my life. I am content.

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