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>be 18
>be frog
>be lazy and incompetent as fuck
>in less than 6 hours I'll have to go through a shitty exam, don't know how to name it but it's the one at the end of highschool
>literally zero preparation beforehand thanks to my laziness, /gif/ and /r9k/ browsing did'nt help
>my parents are planning to throw me out in case of failure
>did'nt listen in class for the most part of the year

I want to off myself. I'm not suited for this.
I can't sleep as well. I don't know what to to /r9k/. I know there are people far worse than me and it makes me sick since this is nothing compared to what 3rd worlders or true robots out there are currently going through.
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True suffering alone even in /r9k/

Sorry for bothering you
Learn to love learning, or else you'll just end up a 22 year old high school drop out neet loser like me.

Why aren't there country flags on all boards? Would be really useful to know where someone is posting from.
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No. It's embarrassing
No it wouldn't, we have enough eurocucks with superiority complexes as is
Because it would create so much more shitposting

Not to mention that half the world would now be instantly discredited and the other half hated

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Does anybody else virtually drive from their house to (destination) via google earth before driving to a new location?
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Be me
Used to always sit alone at school
Some guy saw my huge dick
Had fake friends from then on
Dude told every girl is school
I pretended to smash em all
Dudes/chads believed me
9/11 actually hate my guts
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>rumor got started that I had a big dick in high school
>was ugly and autistic as fuck so no one cared
>it's actually 4 inches anyway

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Anybody else just having a really bad week?
>things constantly going wrong at work
>two of my teeth got chipped, on separate occasions, both in the past week
>just spent 45 minutes making dinner only to realize my chicken had raw blood in it because it wasn't bled properly and had to throw the entire dish out and eat beans for dinner instead
>oneitis giving me one-word responses
I just really feel like fucking killing myself
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>Mexican co-worker tries to act all American
>Gets deported two weeks later by ICE
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Hey guys, do u have any idea how to learn 300 pages in 20 hours? Anybody with some magic learning?
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300 pages of what? If it's a dense math text, then just give up. If it's something more like history or whatever, that contains a ton of information, but the topics aren't really built on each other, then you can read the whole thing in ~10 hours, and then skim over the important parts (maybe in the opposite order). You could also just read each chapter or whatever logical unit, and then try to recall it for 10-20 minutes, because recalling is the most efficient part of learning something.

fpbp as always

read this shit anon
huh thx for advice ... yeah its like math but hey ... i can at least try my best :D

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>gave up on women
>gave up masturbation and porn
>walk through the mall
>bimbo checkin me out
>look her back in the eyes and she looks away
>don't even care

Is this... true strength?
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Indeed it is my boy. Masturbation and porn makes men weak and destroys their self confidence even if they don't realize it. Even a week without porn will boost a man's confidence by a huge amount. Within a month, his mind has been cleansed and he looks much more attractive to women - simply for the fact that he no longer looks like a beta scared weakling.

You see, confidence isn't something you show with muscles or perfect skin. It's something somewhat invisible to the eye. It's the way you walk, look at people and talk. Porn destroys your confidence.
Thats' depression

Proud of you and envious. I've gone through phases like that but eventually I cave in.

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This just happened and thought reading this story might cheer some off you sad fucks up.
This is the story of the ultimate beta virgin, a man whose life got fucked in the most
awful, and humiliating way you can possibly conceive.

>be me, 15
>have a serious case of cystic acne, overweight and with fat man tits
>naturally by the first week I had already settled with the rest of the robots
>one of them is this incredibly beta guy that can't look people in the eyes
>hes morbidly obese and has a unmistakable stench
>gets bullied every single day in increasingly disgusting ways
>they would humiliate him infront of his mom when she picked him up
>mom is a legit qt, apparently his dad is as much of a genetic mess as him but hes going to get an insane inheritance someday
>marries his dad secretary, bitch used to model and has tits the size of her head
>one of the chads gets a goot look at her and eventually they start sharing a creep video of her cans
>friend looks so depressed he starts to get suicidal, I try to talk to him but the guy started acting like a cunt
>next semester he changes classrooms
>this time however, no one messes with him
>maybe the principal finally did something, think nothing of it
>he still seems to be sad as fuck, whatever
>graduate, know nothing more of him
>today, I bumped into him at the local store
>a 5 year old or so kid was with him, holy fuck could it be he made it?
>turns out the kid is his half brother
>apparently his dad didn't inherit shit in the end, mom started whoring around
>his mom started fucking her kid's bully and in exchange he will stop messing with him
>bitch got pregnant and apparently even had chad over to fuck her after his dad left
>now hes stuck taking care of his bullies son and half brother, because the chad ended up being a deathbeat dad
>he fucks his mom and beats her, then leaves
>mom is still a retarded whore
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There are countless tumblr dedicated to moms cucking their sons with bullies, stick to them and never come back her again.
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>this just happened
>be me, 15
Taking care of Chad bullies kid from your own mother...the cuckery levels...

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Post your cringeworthy stories to make other people feel better about themselves. Try to post some ones from your late teens or adult years because literally everyone has embarrassing moments from when they were 8 years old.
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Hey newfag! You're supposed to start.
I accidentally cum shot into my own eye once.

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>tfw hittin it from the back
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>tfw she cummin on the dicc

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>3 years ago to the day I hugged my oneitis under the impression she really liked me
>she lied about it the whole time and cut ties with me weeks after
>can't stop overthinking about it
>to make it worse I dreamt of her again last night
>genuinely considered suicide a bit but yell at myself for it
>now just sitting down with nothing to do besides think

I just want it to fucking end. Therapy doesn't help me for shit, I dont know why I still have it.

Share similar feels or give good feels.
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Don't kill yourself it's just what the other fags want. Prove to them you can overcome their demented ways of making people feel like shit.
Thank you anon. Means a lot. Originally.
>considering suicide because of a girl
>being this much of an (original) faggot
>stay classy

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>tfw It's an ugly day in Glendale
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it's another anon gets sent home from work for trying to be edgy episode

>working as a wagecuck in a supermarket
>managers are security guard are talking and laughing at jokes
>I walk past to go on my break
>oh you look happy today anon, cheer up!
>roastie manager who always tries to tease me shouts "go on anon, cheer up a bit!"

I mumble for a second and spurt out a

>"haha yeah I would if it wasn't for my crippling depression that makes me want to kill myself, maybe I will hang myself in the toilets!"
>expect people to laugh at my shitty joke that only faggots on the internet will understand
>they all stare at me
>I go bright red
>run upstairs to the toilet
>managers probably think I am about to an hero
>they pull me into the office and tell me to go home and take the week off work and maybe see my doctor

can never go back to this job since I exposed my powerlevel and already plan on quitting since I can't face these people again

so, back to the NEET life I once missed.
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Shitspewing normies can never handle the bantz. I'd have laughed OP.
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th-thanks anon, I am literally sitting in the dark re-evaluating my life choices over what happened, I don't see anything wrong, if I was a Chad they would have maybe laughed but because I am an autistic retard they can only view it as a valid threat to an hero or something.

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Robots, if you suddenly were given the ability to travel into the past would you:

A) Attempt to prevent your own birth.
B) Attempt to give yourself information that might change the course of your life.
C) Neither.
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B) because I have hope for a better life.
What would you tell yourself, anon?

Everythings shit. No matter what I tell you you won't do anything with the information cause you're a lazy sack of shit with no motivation and if you don't kill yourself now you're in for 20 years of pain and sadness before you realise your own family don't even bother with you. Do it now and save the effort

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