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This is my playlist.

Judge my taste in music.
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Topcringe. You need to leave.
really norman actually. go.
Dude, Led Zepplin, MCR, and 21 pilots are fucking fantastic.

You're too shallow to understand the deaper meanings in their music.

Explain to me how 4chan is better than tumblr.
It seems to me that both sites are full of losers, who despite living relatively good lives pretend that they have mental disabilities because being retarted is cool.
They are also trying to push their extremist agendas.
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>Explain to me how 4chan is better than tumblr.
it's really not.
>pretend that they have mental disabilities
My sweet summer normie. If only you knew how severe the mental illness of a robot is.

>because being retarted is cool.

Not where I'm from, it isn't.

Dubs decide what I dump.
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And the other files
Screenshots ....orgigg

Do it now

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>Sister starts threatening to cut herself if i don't give money on booze
General feels thread. Any suggestions about my situation
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Tell your parents about it you dumb cucky.
Also hug your sister and tell her you love her.
Not that simple, sister has Borderline personality
and mother doesn't have courage to do anything about it.
She's gone either way. Stop contacting her, tell the police about her suicidal thoughts, and let your parents know

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>You stay up late reading the the Ego and its Own
>Chad giving her Anal was just another milestone
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jokes on you getting cucked is my fetish
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>you count macros and strive to be nutritious
>She eats Chads cum, and its viscous
>tfw you're reading the ego and its own and your oneitis probably has sex with male friends on the regular

Would anyone be interested in a male only, 4chan originated Skype group with actual worthwhile daily discussion? We're approaching the year anniversary and a few new faces would be nice.
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I'm just shitposting my life away here and have nothing better to do, so yeah. A Skype group sounds good.
Likewise anon, please add oxenshire, first result.
>Would anyone be interested in a male only, 4chan originated Skype group with actual worthwhile daily discussion? We're approaching the year anniversary and a few new faces would be nice.

Not skype no
skype is garbage

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>got limewire
>realized I could watch my favorite shows and anime whenever
>discovered a plethora anime and unknown movies
>stop watching broadcast television all together
>Never looked back since
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Stopped when I was about 13/14ish after I got a laptop for christmas. No interest in tv after that.
i still watch it but only because of adult swim
you can catch that shit online
plus you don't have to watch shitty dubs

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Will psychedelic drugs cure my oneitis?
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I took LSD and it made me so spiritual I no longer want gf

So its possible, yes
You should just take them to be sure.
It cures depression surely?

> mom found the cum pillow

It's over lads
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Forget my name and I'll forget it too
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>cum pillow found mom
I don't think she'll make it out of this one lads.
>I found my cum pillow
It's been so long, Anons.

Did it boys, just got my revenge at Staceys

>daily regimen of leaving house to get lunch
>see Staceys on side of road advertising for car wash
>pull into side road that nobody is driving on to enter
>more Staceys advertising
>slowly pull in my 50k mercedes
>they stop talking and everyone stares at me
>I drive past going 1 mph just laughing my ass off at them
>drive away

Felt good man
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>Drove by slow, but didn't stop

Congrats. You just gave them an ego boost, since they probably think you pulled in there just to check them out.

Made them feel good about themselves! best revenge
I pointed at them and laughed, they did not get an ego boost lol
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>he drives a 50K Mercedes
You're not a robot so just get the fuck off my board.

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Decades of unsupervised internet use have turned me, a human being with thoughts, hopes, and potential into an empty husk whose only interest is memes and videogames is and is only capable of communicating through irony and self-deprecation. Can I even be considered a human at this point?
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i'm essentially the same way, but replace vidya with hyper-degenerate music listening.

it's cool though. we're definitely not human anymore, but luckily for us there are plenty of us subhumans lingering around the underground, both men and women. i recently met a girl who is completely ruined beyond redemption by irony and self-hatred, so it works perfectly; regardless of how many layers of irony i jump to, she can keep up, and continue the spiral of madness.

just don't worry about it at all. being human is completely overrated.
Me too mate, don't worry. Everything will end up fine.
>i recently met a girl
Post discarded. Yet another normslime who thinks being different from his peers makes him a robot

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ITT: we pretend we're in eighth grade again
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>No dude! Girls totally pee from their butt wtf is wrong with you!
what was i thinking
I really want to insert my penis into Stacy.
>tfw don't even remember my childhood memories
i'm a true robot

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I recently got into manga. Rate my collection.
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love biscut hammer
have you read spirit circle? Same author and i liked it more
Just got that biscuit hammer today. Gonna read the beginning of it online tomorrow.
honestly really bad except for Monster

get some Berserk, Vagabond, Parasyte, Death Note, Vinland Saga, Ashita no Joe, Slam Dunk

Manga is really expensive and takes up a lot of space so it's only worth collecting the top 1% series with the best art, don't waste your time collecting trash

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TINDER is the key to your VIRGINITY problem, this is how to talk to a girl and get LAID, what's stopping you??????
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idk that just seemed incredibly retarded and not at all funny
you must just be good looking
>asian girl
no he must just have white skin
I'm actually Mexican and I'm no better looking then the average user on here

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>118 lb
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>~150 lbs
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Are you guys satisfied with your weights?

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