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>can't get off to incest porn because remember my hatred for my own sister
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Do you have both a younger and older sister? Or does one bad ruin the idea of the other, too, for you?
Incest rape porn.
I have two older sisters and i hate the both
I also don't find my siblings attractive whatsoever

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Who here like munchies?
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The uItimate.
Nice choices.


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>tfw the normies on this board call you a bitter virgin loser for expressing anti degeneracy views and calling whores out for being whores while they defend and whiteknight and think they're better than people with conservative views.

>tfw they're just bottom of the barrell normie wanna be' s that come here to talk shit to /polrninekay/ neets and call them virgins but wouldnt say shit to you irl and could easily break if you exerted your will upon their frail skinny fat numale bodys.

Conservatism is the new counter culture. You're not special or progressive anymore.
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Those are long ass quotes
Learn to green text Anon
Why are you giving me a thumbs up
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Remain originally triggered

>Tfw shaved armpits and pubes
Is there a greater feeling, lads?
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>shaving pits
Low T
Beta male
yeah the unbearable itch on your junk is pretty magical.

Do you wish your childhood was better?
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Nah mine was pretty good.

I had:
Sega Genesis
and in high school I bought a Playstation. Then a Dreamcast, then eventually a PS2.

So I had a really fucking comfy childhood and I had everything I wanted.
no i wish my adulthood was better
sometimes. i just think im tired of being older. i just live in nostalgia while not progressing and wish i could go back. then i remember other people got over this hurdle no problem so i should too. but then i dont. so here i am wasting my life

having a different childhood wouldnt have changed anything for me i feel

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images (3).jpg
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>tfw meeting up with a girl from high school who's just as desperate as I am
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>he seriously, literally, unironically started liking shaved men in drag because he thought it'd be easier to get than women
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it's a little late for this, try again tomorrow. Bye!

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>one bad thing happens
>I dwell on it and become sad over 500 other things within the course of an hour
>end up wanting to die over a ton of things at once
>inevitably realize I ruined my own life and I'm so young that there's no other excuse for it
I'm so out of hope that it's actually funny. I can't stop laughing. I can't stop crying either. What's happening.
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I don't know if you're the same anon, but suppressing shame and regret is the most useful thing I did to myself in ages. You must picture the past as conditions for your future, conditions in which to work out your life plan. Cool your head and look at it through the eyes of an engineer. Regret is useless bevause past is static. Only relive the memories that are useful to you. If they aren't, condense them into information, a new set of rules to follow in order to reach your ultimate goal - survival.

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My head hurts like shit guys. Help me get over it.
Completely unrelated obscure image attached
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take some Excedrin migraine pills?
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first drink some water, you may just need that. otherwise take whatever remedy you have at home for headaches and hope for the best. or go to a drug store open this late. not much else you can do
Nope. No headache pills in my house currently.
Thanks friend. I haven't drank water since lunch, I needed the reminder.

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Have any other robots living with parents, roommates, etc. who are currently NEET (I'm in secondary school and live with parents) adjusted their sleep schedule to be nocturnal? It has a lot of benefits. You can fap, talk to people online, play vidya without headphones and tons of other shit without being bothered. My room smells like garbage, but at night I can open my windows and blinds without being assaulted by sunlight. I can completely ignore social interaction with humans and be with my doggo at the same time! My family might confront me about all the snacks I get when I'm awake, but at night I can avoid the hassle.
You have to try this if you haven't already.
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>In secondary school

Pick one, you cant have both

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Which one of you thought this was acceptable?
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Failed normies who started browsing in 2016 probably.
Whoever it was seriously needs to GTFO of my safe-space.
And maybe you as well OP. What were you doing in normiebook?
Robots are failed normies. How is this news?

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Anyone else here grew up with the mindset that not having romance or friends was pretty much determined? I just never even considered it, and now I've completely abandoned the idea of ever having a companion. The default state to me is loneliness, having someone else would be outside the norm and unnatural to me. I guess that's as good as I can explain it. I'd probably feel bad about this if I was a different person, but I can't really muster enough feeling to get upset about it. I think I cried about it a dozen times or so as a kid, and that was it. It's kind of liberating, it's also a bit depressing. I can't see myself living any other way though, I don't even think I could be happy with a normal life.
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Same, but I'm not an anime or video gaming faggot, so I'm not left with much to do besides watch latest news events, watch YouTube or browse 4chan and lifting.
I guess I kind of respect someone who doesn't just turn to fiction and finds an alternative way to live in real life. I sometimes question my nature of indulging in stories instead of facing reality and trying to see what kind of life I could live outside of standard social shit.

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dear evan hanson.jpg
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>don't know what this is about
>only know that normies like it
>see my normie brother watching a bootleg cell phone video of the play that was put on YouTube
>load up the video on my phone and report it for copyright infringement

Feels good. I love crushing normie fun, as well as stopping criminal activity.
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Shit, I need to listen to that. I remember thinking there was no way Hamilton could be good but real nigga Lin-Manuel really knocked it out the park there, so I'm a little more trusting of normie musical tastes now.
Honestly, I liked what I've heard from Hamilton, but I don't understand why anyone would go out and buy a soundtrack without having seen the show. Why would you want the songs divorced from their context? And I don't understand how something can get so popular when so few people have seen it.

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images (2).jpg
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>tfw met guy on r9k
>tfw isnt a sociopath
>tfw he likes everything i like
>tfw hes my bf now
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Good job anon I hope everything goes ok
How did you guys meet you fucking retard who can't even post an image without it being the thumbnail.
Thank you sweet anon! Have a nice day desu :33

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Whose lit right now reply and talk
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That image looked like a scientiest octopus monster sitting on a table for me.
Why isn't she my wife lads

Come back

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