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White Fembot here. Any other girls think black men are incredible? Like, I can't stop fantasizing about them even though I have a white bf. I watch a lot of cuck porn. It turns me on like no other.
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Stupid post, but it attracted me anyway.
Half black boys complete qts. Any blackbots out there who read this, you are cute.
haha black man here, I have a black girlfriend but I really want a white guy to fuck her in front of me! xD do you believe me guys?

Fuck off with your garbage bait
>baiting this bad
must really be a woman wtf

Seems basically impossible to get a high quality job in Japan as a foreigner, the only way is transferring within some corporation to the Japanese office,and that sounds difficult. Nobody wants to be a damned english teacher. Just have to accept that our inferior gaijin brains and bodies are not meant to settle in the blessed land of Nippon, and we should feel blessed that the godlike Japanese people even allow us to visit their utopia. If they allowed groidjin to stay they would harbor a criminal underclass that causes societal strife.
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>tfw you will never experience a wizard anti-social hikki friendly ramen shop like this
>you will never be comfy like that
>no one to judge you eating
>no normies on a date to see and get bitter about
>no tip expected no staff bothering you
>pay with via vending machine
wish i was born in Japan
Of course you can.

If you're Chad
their whole culture is about work, they're all workaholic. Doubt anyone here wants to work all day and get home really late, so you can wake up early.

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get in here INTP fags; the world is your canvas
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I wanna die.
>You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not originaI.
The world can go to hell.

>being an artist

Better neck yourself.

look on the bright side, at least youre not an INFP.

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>Yo, Fembot, my eyes are up here!
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ywn have a thicc bf
why live
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Kek Both filenames
But I don't want to suck your eyes.

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How are normies not scared of driving? Cars are weapons. accidents are common and can get super gruesome. When there's someone you care about in the car with you their life is in your hands and if something happens to them, it's your fault.

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I used to be like this. Only learned how at 22. Its alright. Bought a second hand shitbox with lots of dents and a broken radio but I don't listen to music anyway.
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Aren't you scared you'll become another Nikki Katsouras?
By that logic i would never live at my house because at any moment a burglar might come in beat me up and steal my shit.

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>visit new website
>virus scan whole PC and refuse to type in any passwords for a week

I have never got a virus in my life, yet I am so scared of them. Anyone else suffer from this paranoia.
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>visit random musician's website
>file start automatically downloading
Yes. Viruses scare the shit out of me. The idea that your privacy could be swept away at the mercy of some sandnigger without you even knowing it is a scary thought.
Not really, if it all goes to shit there's still Linux

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When you nut in you're fwb and she rolls over and goes to sleep.

Why are girls so disgusting?
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>having sex with a girl
>wanting love

Pick one, retard.
Why didn't you eat it out of her anon?
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This is original

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>tfw homeschooled for my entire school life
>didn't have any friends when I was 10-17
>socially crippled
>never had the fun highschool memories that most normies had
>never had my "first crush"
>never got to fulfil my fantasy of assaulting the shit out of a school bully
>never felt like i existed
>i will never know the feeling of friendships where i can be as immature and childish as i want to because i'm young and allowed to be dumb

College will be more fun anyway, r-right guys?
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Depends on how much you indulge yourself really.
College is definitely the place to meet new people since you don't have the cool vs the uncool people. You simply have the scum that is all of you together.
But you have to go out of your way and socialize especially in the first 2-4 weeks. Hang around with a group of guys you stand close to and join the conversation. If somebody mentions he's going for a drink ask to come along, dont wait to long to make connections and you should be fine
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iktf. you're gonna have to try hard in college if you want friends. I think I made at least one friend maybe two, that I'll keep in touch with.
OP don't sweat it too much, don't base yourself of normie shit. Do well in your studies and it will pretty much all come to you cause that's what uni is like

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Stop saying literally.
Stop saying unironically.
Stop saying autistic.
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Only normies care about how trendy their lingo is.

If it's a definition or alludes to something, let it be that way.

sometimes you gotta say it bc op is literally, unironically, fucking cringe-inducingly autistic. just fucking go.
No. You guys sound like retarded faggots. Shut the fuck up and get off my god damned board kid

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fat fuck.jpg
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Lose weight you fat fuck.
You make gamers look like losers.
A slow motion gif of this guys chair tipping over would be a godsend
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Kek'd cuckie2988

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Be honest, how many of you can relate to this pic? We're all anonymous here, so there's no reason to lie

How many of you had actually had chances before but were too stupid/naive to have taken advantage of them?

>inb4 I've never even seen a female before
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This was me until age 18 when I said fuck it and went to a party and """"""""""raped"""""""""" a girl and turned everything around
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>turned everything around

So anyhow, as a 19yo virgin, how am I going to last if i ever get laid? I jack off regularly but don't Death grip
Its reversed for me, when i was a kid, I was pretty much trash. Im 24 now, really grown up and have a pretty good apperance, both in face and clothes. If u saw me on the streets you would consider me a chad, i fucking do aswell, in apperance only. I have fucking hard time keeping eye contact with someone, doesnt make it easy.. girls think im not intressted and leave.

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Today's story is the final straw. I've lost all incentive to live. My last shred of hope is fucking gone.

>be me in happy relationship for a while
>She be edgy, metal AF, aesthetic qt3.14
>basically it's a couple of outcasts
>long period of happiness.
>Friend dies last month
>Stronger relationship
>After a long period of happiness she be less and less happy
>Be me making autist mistakes
>Blocks me on IG
Her friend texts me and says:
"Any feelings she may have had for you are no longer there, Anon."
>doesn't quite affect me yet
>after two hours I'm in the fetal position crying like a bitch
>Go to store and see Chad and Stacy "couple" I know

They're just extremely hook ups. Nothing real, and it pisses me off that they're in your face about it. Real relationship are being outweighed by heathens.

I hope for the best for her.
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Just buy a gun and go shoot inna mountains.
Or anything else, women are for fucking, vato.
Be a man and be on your own.
Just tell us what did you do to her.
Shit. I forgot she's a fembot. Eh. It doesn't matter if I'm dead.

>Made fun of appearance
>Got into fight with her family
>Weird stalker shit
>I am a failure at school, work, etc.
>NEET in the making
>I'm unempathic according to her

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Anyone here been pantsed at school?

> music class 6th grade

>Standing next to "friend" that used to bully me and shit

>We were all told to sit down,I took too long to sit and this fag pulls down my baggy black jeans exposing my little peen to Stacy

>this kid pissed on my face in a hot tub and I did nothing about it

> I'm so beta
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Yes, quite a few times. Everyone did, even the chads.

But I went to a high school with 118 kids in grades 7-12 so everyone knew each other and no one made a big deal out of it.
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this only happens at majority white schools so no
I pantsed this guy at the back of the line in 4th grade, it was the new meme at school after benching.

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MBTI based discord server seeking seasoned shitposters

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Bumppity boooo

Click here to find out how Hillary can still win.

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So guys, I'm in my mid 20s, I'm tired of being a virgin. Should I try meeting someone on grindr? I'm just really afraid of getting diseases or something like that, but honestly being a virgin sucks so much. Also, do people over there mind if you dress as a woman? It's kind of my fetish.
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>being a virgin sucks so much
How do you know that not being a virgin is any better? Also, fags need to get off my board.
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Because I want at least one good thing going for my life: having sex. I'm tired of masturbating.
Same situation buddy. I had a hemorrhoid though so I'm kinda scared getting my anus pounded might hurt or cause a prolapse or something.

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