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Hanging yourself can't be that painful, right? The ceilings in my apartment are pretty low so I won't be able to snap my neck. What are the chances of me surviving this method?
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Try holding your breath for as long as you can. Then imagine not being able to breath when you want. Then imagine having your windpipe crushed under the weight of your body. Then imagine feeling that for a minute or two, however long it takes you to pass out.

Find somewhere tall enough to break your neck or buy a gun.
I thought about going for a walk in the woods and finding a nice tree to climb and hang myself from but I thought it'd be a lot more comfortable if I did it in my apartment. I'd buy a gun but I don't have any money and I have a felony so that'd make it pretty difficult.
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I'm pretty certain most people pass out pretty quickly by hanging. Plus it's probably the cheapest method of killing yourself besides jumping.

Maybe find some high place to tie a noose, that way you could maybe break your neck quickly.

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c-ccome t-t-o our discord. w-we want to be your friends. oWo. we like girls too >_< s-sorry
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is that a boy or grill in pic. Deciding if I should save or not
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wtf this is my gf. don't save it.
thats a boy and its my girlfriend stfu

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>buy this for $1.80 usd
>bake in oven at home
>tastes better than most pizza that cost anywhere from 10-15$.
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At Kroger theyre 4 for $5. Best pizza ever
Where do you live in the US for that statement to be true, because those words in that order was an attack on every Italian alive. I'm guessing Midwest of shitty flyover?
Has 4chan really grown to such an extent that it's considered worth it to market normie products here?

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So, how many tickets do you have for the $700M powerball lottery tonight?
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its a jew scam. powerball made the odds twice as bad so drive up jackpots and the free media coverage (commercials) that comes with them. don't fall for it.
You didn't buy any tickets? Do you not want to be rich?
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It's all I need desu family man

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Came home and somebody musta broke in the back window,
And stole two loaded machine guns and both of my trenchcoats,
Sick, sick dreams of picnic scenes,
Two kids, sixteen, with M-16's and ten clips each,
And them shits reach through six kids each,
And Slim gets blamed in Bill Clint's speech to fix these streets?!
Fuck that! Pbbt, you faggots can vanish to volcanic ash,
And reappear in hell with a can of gas AND a match!
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is this "remember him"?
moms spaghetti he's nervous...moms spaghetti

dr dre's confetti
I see my target with my car and park it and approach a tender
Young girl by the name of Brenda and I pretend to befriend her
Sit down beside her like a spider hi there girl you mighta
Heard of me before see whore your the kinda girl that I'd
Assault and rape and figure why not try to make your pussy wida
Fuck you with an umbrella then open it up while the shit's inside ya
I'm the kind of guy that's mild but I mite flip and get a little bit wilder
Impregnate a lesbian girl now lets see ya have triplets and I'll
Disintegrate them babies as soon as that out her with formalda-
Hide and cyanide girl you can try and hide you can try to scream louder
No need for no gun powder that only takes all the fun outta

the true robot rapper

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Someone did this on /b/ and /int/ so I thought I'd do it here.
Control my pc, one command per reply and I'll do the first reply after each of my comments

I'm not doing anything that obviously harms my pc so don't get any ideas.
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Change your cringy wallpaper to some anime picture off of /w/
Open whatever internet browser you normally use and load history
uninstall gaypay 2

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>thought college was going to be different
>first week and Im more alone than ever
how could i have been so stupid
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What State? If it's in NY, let's go get some drinks.
Really appreciate the offer, but Im in florida
dunno bud
i managed a full year of uni without making a single friend and spending all my time alone in the library studying.
never went back because it was an anxiety filled mess of a time, and I hated having to wake up to go to uni just to suffer in loneliness.

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Who else here /can'tswim/
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Used to teach it to very young children and was also the skinniest lifeguard on the planet. You can learn to swim in one day.
Not if you have no limbs
i dont know how to swim either OP

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I lose a couple of IQ points reading this.
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It's just women being women. The funny part is she doesn't even see her actions or behavior as deplorable. She's probably soaking up the validation of getting a "bad boy" too much to recognize the child's well being what so ever.
Is this shit real? Coalburners deserve only death. Poor kid.
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K E K.jpg
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>negroes and roasties are still considered "human"

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>neighbors throwing trash in my yard again
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Take a shit in their front yard every night for now on.
I don't even know which one is doing it, after staring outside all day.
Kick their door in while you're naked except for your boots, and scream at them to stop.
This too.

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Damn, the new Batman cartoon is like THIS?


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It's nu-Batman

But anyway, the best Batman cartoon was ahnds down Batman Beyond. That cyberpunk world was shway (hint hint)
Kids are just going to grow sluttier when shit like this is on tv and they have unlimited internet access
>unlimited internet access
>settling for mediocre butt like this
this is more likely to get a rise out of canonfags

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Why do Americans have shitty hyper-consumerist living standards?
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Because I dont wanna shit in the street
Not sure I understand what you mean by that but America is a capitalist nation. The health of people's quality of life depends on the strength of the economy. So human beings were repurposed from being whatever the hell the gods originally intended into being livestock that work the capitalist system.
What's so wrong about that house? Doesn't seem over the top .

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Can I just burn weed and inhale the smoke what's the difference between smoking a blunt and that? My blunt isn't burning right I can't get high this is so complicated
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Blunt? Burn and inhale? What the fuck, use a pipe you fucking mong.
Get a pipe, using paper is pretty stupid.
You can buy a 30 dollar pipe on amazon.
Have fun.
>this is so complicated
Are you 5 years old?
Get a pipe, they are really cheap but remember to clean it once a week.

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Post a pic of the last cock you've sucked, /r9k/!

>pic related, a 56 year old daddy cock
>sucked on it until he came in my mouth

Share your experiences, robots!
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You suck old people off you're a fucking loser
You post on r9k you're a fucking loser

I'm dead, if you don't suck on BBC then you may as well not be gay

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>become neet
>lose all friends
>start making friends on r9k
>meet nice fembot who seems to like me
>help her through hard times because I had nothing else to do
>suddenly hit with depression
>she gets mad at me and fucks off

Never rely on people from this website, ESPECIALLY the women.

Yes YOU. I know you're reading this. Go and gather some more orbiters you disgusting piece of trash.
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tell the whole story fuccboi, in detail
it's clear as day your woman hating ass is making shit up to make yourself look innocent
This happen for a reason
she would have left you anyway anon.
You should expose her by username on discord or whatever so maybe some of her orbiters will clue in

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