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This is just a reminder that 6'2 is the new 6'0. If you're 6'0 tall congrats you're a Manlet.
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reminder that if you're not 7'5" and you're dick isn't 2' long then you are a manlet and a dicklet and you should kill yourself
Reminder that if you are under 8 feet tall you will die a virgin because no girl will want a manlet like you.
actually 6'0 gives you the largest option in the dating pool due to height preferences, which can vary believe it or not you delusional pagans

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I'm a black chad. I get pussy pretty much every week. Ask me anything whiteboys.
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janitor has awoken from his slumber and is going to ban you to heck.
how many cats do you have in your house so far? do you even have a house? oh wait, are asians allowed to ask?
What for, whiteboy?

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>tfw always alone
>tfw no one cares about you
>tfw no one wil ever care about you

How do you get through life? Its utter shit.
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>realise life is not about other people, but about what you get out of it
>only act towards your personal happiness, no matter if that means being a disgusting neet loser or being an alpha rich turbo chad, if you thought about it and made the right choices you will get happy
I cant do it anon, Im so alone and I need someone to talk to , its not fucking fair that some people can just "be themselves".
Do you have any family?

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Have you ever been kicked in the nuts?
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Once at Saturday football (soccer) practice when I was a kid by another boy. Once by my sister when I was a little older.
Why did she kick you?
Once, though I can't remember if I got kicked in the balls or if I just got hit in the stomach, I was probably 7. There was a time where some guy tried to kick me in the balls but was such a fucking sperg that he failed and only kicked my inner thigh. Then, I slipped on a playground bar as a kid and narrowly dodged having my balls busted because the bar slid between my balls and leg, pushing my nads aside.

I thought I was all badass with my luck, then got the tip of my dick cut trying to get on a bicycle super fast. 3 weeks of fiery death piss followed.

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Go ahead anon, you have 60 seconds to cum though, so make it quick. After that you're out.
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Dude, that's a man!
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no, it's a girl wtf????? Look at the feminine features!
uhm i have ED so this might take longer

Seriously how do I get rid of my social anxiety? I am a gymcel and I go to the gym 5 days a week and that is literally the only time I go outside, however when I'm there I am constantly on edge, like when someone walks up behind me I shake, when I'm on my phone and a girl walks past me my hands start shaking and my whole body tenses up and I'm pretty sure people notice. Also when a girl looks at me my face gets red like seriously wtf is that shit

It's so fucked, I don't even have that bad of social skills, a year ago I worked as a cashier but doing nothing for so long fucked me up. The thing is that I genuinely don't care what people think of me, but it's like the feeling of anxiety about what they think still hits me every time. Honestly the anxiety I don't even mind, it's just the physical effects that suck, I hate how shakey and anxious I act all the time, I straight up stopped buying shit at stores because of my hands shaking...
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Your best shot is to see a psychiatrist. Finding a good one can be tricky so don't give up if your first try doesn't work out.

You can also buy phenibut online. It can help with social anxiety.

Hope things get better for you, anon. I'll be lurking in this thread if you want to talk
>I go to the gym
Fuck off back to >>>/fit/
>how do I get rid of my social anxiety?
>I go to the gym 5 days a week

Fuck off and die. You dont have social anxiety.
Youre just a fucking beta cuck faggot.
I have social anxiety. I didnt leave my house for years until I was in so much pain i thought I was going to die. I had something like 9 gallbladder stones.

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To the emotionally dead inside. When was the last time you felt a strong emotion?

Hard mode: no 'the feeling when no X gf"

Nothing seems to really stir any emotion in me anymore. My last feel was when my grandad died but even that felt like going through the motions after 2 days.

What about you anons?
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Every now and then I'll see a really, really cute girl outside or in a picture online and for the following several days I'll pretend I'm making huge changes in my life and habits to be someone they could depend on, but it only lasts several days at most
>To the emotionally dead inside
I have almost the exact opposite problem, so I can't really tell if I actually give a shit about something or my emotions just naturally cranking it to 11.
When I last tried to ask for help that I really needed from someone who could help and was ignored entirely, I felt a pang of something I would describe as very unpleasant.
Would not recommend.

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When did you realize being a virgin is a bad thing? Have you ever been ridiculed or rejected irl because of it?
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Bumping unoriginal content originally
It's not a bad thing. I realized that it's actually a virtue and that society is wrong for making me think otherwise
>inb4 gets called out as delusional

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How do I stop being so intelligent? I think living a stupid dumbfounded life would be simpler and more enjoyable. What better place to ask here. Any tips?
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Microwave your head for two minutes.

I'm more intelligent than you. I'm mentally superior to everybody here. I could beat everybody here in a mental debate of wits, of intelligence. Yeah, I could beat anybody.
Drink dextromethorphan cough syrup daily like I did, it'll dumb you right down

and I wasn't that smart in the first place

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>find girl (female) on r9k
>mental disordered
>tries to get money out of me
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That's a really cool story!
Very original too!
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the saddest part is that I already lost about $100
>tries to find females on r9k
you walked right into this one OP

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>the suicidal thoughts are returning
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>tfw I tried partial suspension hanging earlier but chickened out right before starting to black out

Maybe next time
Don't do it go- I mean Anon, you're a wonderful person with a lot of opportunities ahead of you, suicide is never the answer :^)
>implying they left

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Who /mean/ here? I'm a really mean and arrogant person. Lots of people hate me. I hate myself. Post about being mean here.
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It's more fun to have people hate you but not hate yourself.
You're right, I've just recently taken a turn for worse.
I'm mean only because i'm fed up with everyone elses stupidity. I'm a sweetheart to kids who aren't complete brats and to dogs, but everyone else is a cunt who deserves to be put down.

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>try to explain hobby/interest/something to normie
>Normie is dismissive of anything and everything you try to tell them
>they act like they're above knowing about thing and act like they're a better person for not having hobby/interest
>this is normal and accepted

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What are your hobbies, Anon?

>>try to explain hobby/interest/something to normie
Why would you do this?
How much interest do you show them in return? Fuckin autists constantly go on long tangents about their extremely unique interest in detail that absolutely no one can connect with.

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My psn name tag is a females name and people often ask me if i am. Hoe can i milk this into profit? No one has heard my voice before,if that helps.

Picture unrelated.
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add them on skype, download software to fake webcam video of a girl, make up excuse for money (it's called ewhoring)
What is a good system to fake female webcams? I dont have a clue on how to do it but i am willing to learn.
not sure cause i've never done this myself but i have friends who did, i know you can find female webcam packs online though

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Anons over the course of 5 days now, I have only slept around 2 hours. I can't seem to go to sleep, what the fuck do I do? I end up staying up all night trying to get tired, then I end up thinking about it. I end up staying awake, any tips anon? Weed hasn't been working, in going to take melatonin. What can i do anons?
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Bump please anons, what are the consequences of this much lack of sleep, have any other anons experienced this?
Your brain will eventually shut down thanks to exhaustion leaving you unconsious for at least 15 hours, thats about it. Make sure to be hydrated

med student: what drugs are you taking (vidya is also drugs)

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