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Is this true, or is it just a meme? My little sister claims to have been raped and the more I think about it the more it seems like pic related is what's really going on.
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I'm just going to post this good oldie in here. Usually needed.
>claims to be raped

if she had been raped, thinking of it would bring her on the edge of total collapse

it took me a decade to come to conclusion without irrationality for mine
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Women love getting raped, it is in their nature

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Just found out that my boyfriend has a late night playlist he listens to when he'd had a physically exhausting day and wants music to listen to before going to sleep.

What the fuck is this music?
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lt just is.
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ITT: Albums women will never understand
>What the fuck is this music?
Good shit, it's like the apex of melancholy.

I thought everyone had different sets of music they listen to depending on context/mood?

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Would you marry a paraplegic girl?
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I wouldn't not marry a paraplegic girl purely because she's paraplegic
I'd love it

I have no drive, hobbies or desire to leave the house, her condition would be a great excuse to lay in bed all day.
dumb bitch the wheelchair doesn't go in onsen

how you gonna roll when it's rusted

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My voice isn't deep enough to be straight and not flamboyant enough to be gay. I fucking hate it.

Maybe I'm just being insecure, idk, but I feel like my voice is ambiguous enough that you wouldn't necessarily think I was gay, but if I was, it would make sense.
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That is a cute voice OP. I'd rather have that than my current weirdly deep yet autistic tone.
I have decided to only speak through vocaroo from now on in this thread. I will post with this name though to make it less confusing.

what microphone do you guys use

I'm a poorfag and I don't own one

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Am I cancer for using meme arrows privately with someone I met on 4chan? If we friended eachother on Skype and I out of blue send you a GREATER THAN story would you call me out on my shit?
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No, it's fine. People use green meme arrows all the time.
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That was too concise and genuine, this is bait.
It's such a convenient structure for quick narratives but I don't wanna be made fun of...
no. you are a literal faggot if you use them outside any of the chans. bottom line

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I set up a date with a girl I met on the internet within an hour of meeting her. What do I do?
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Depends, where is the date? You didn't give very much info.

Dress accordingly. Shower and comb your hair, try to relax, even if it means using abbot of alcohol/cigarettes (brush after)
Don't expect her to actually show up unless she really has an interest in you. It sounds really forced. Unless she already enthusiastically agreed to go then good luck. Make sure to smile a lot and don't look depressed as fuck.
You go on the date I suppose.

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*true story*
>Be me 19 y/o
>playing Overwatch minding own business
>man child joins match picks tracer
>"well i can only assume he's gay"
>voice chat
>can you pick something else man child
>ok bitch
>actually does good at tracer
>invites man child to my discord server because i mean, why not
>sweet talks me
>be me at this time sensitive and lonely
>man child is 29 and lives in a different state
>i'm legal so this is ok i guess
>man child is nursing assistant apparently that's gay
>things start to escalate
>talk everyday about different things
>would rage like a gorilla at video games
>and i mean like throw his controller and shit
>2 weeks go by he wants to meet me
>actually drives 6 hours and gets a hotel room to come see me
>that's not creepy
>man child drives up to my house gets out of car
>that's not creepy
>man child and i fuck
>it was 2/10
>still going decent but awkward
>i moved in with my grandparents
>he gets super ragey, more so than usual
>playing WoW one night on discord with him and some other friends playing PvP
>i start roasting him tell him to get good
>he logs off wow leaves discord call
>messages me calling me a fat slut and that i deserved to have my father die and that i deserve to feel like shit because i am shit
>asks why man child is angry
>"nobody tells me to get good"
>man child is actually a 2 year old inside a 29 year old body
>rip man child
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all of my wat.jpg
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what the fuck did you expect from someone who's still into vidya at the age of 29 and hasn't switched to PC yet? does he own a portable and unnironicaly play in public too?

jesus tapdacing christ on a bike
I'm a girl btw
>would rage like Winston at video games
Fixed it for you

In his mind he's won, man-child or not he got that somethin' somethin' he wanted from you, even if it was sub-par.

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Someone red pill me on the red pill
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The "red pill" is actually another blue pill. It's questionable whether it is as bad as the regular blue pill. "Red pilled" males think they know how the game works so they "trick" women into finding them more desirable. When in reality they spend thousands of hours and even more dollars to be able to pick up 6/10 females.
Typical red pilled person
>"Guys I finally made it. I'm going to share my success in this thread so you fellow red pillers learn how to be alpha like me.

I started going to the gym two years ago, bought supplements stopped eating what I like. Bought numerous self-help books and practiced talking in the mirror. I bought new clothes, dyed my hair, leased an expensive car. And yesterday it happened. I offered to buy this cute girl dinner and she let me fuck her after.

TL;DR hit the gym change your (life/)style, practice talking and you'll get laid
>the red pill is to do with sexuality or SJW/alt-right politics
>He fell for the exercise jew
>He fell for the supplement jew
>He fell for the lease jew
>He fell for the impressing roasties jew

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How do I rid myself of my cuck fetish?
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stop watching anime
Remind yourself that women are inferior and you should be the one cucking them and not the other way around.
Same way you get over any fetish: jack off to it as much as possible so you get tired of it and it's no longer sexy to you. That's what I did. I developed an NTR fetish a few years ago and for a while it got my harder than anything, came super hard to any NTR doujins I read. I binged on it about a year ago and it hasn't really appealed to me since. I don't even feel the slightest temptation to look at the stuff anymore.

Then again, I've been fapping to futanari and lolicon for over half my life at this point and I'm still not sick of either. So maybe it just depends on how deeply rooted it is in your sexuality.

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>nerdy, chubby, roastie girl
>now considered a sex symbol
>thousands of orbiters and subscribers on her youtube sending her donations
>several dozen tinder requests every single week

Meanwhile fat, nerd men are villified, insulted, and spat upon, getting no pussy, no sex ever

Why the fuck is this allowed?
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we men barely have standards, while women, have pretty strict standards.
Blame yourself, fatty. You'd fuck anything, even that disgusting blob you call a "female gamer"
>him having bare minimum standards is part of the reason

If he had strict standards/confidence he'd be worse off.

Alright robots. Im GOING to lose weight. Im going on a bread and water diet. But after doing some quick research, id be deprived of vitamin c, and also will have lower testosterone. So ill just take Vitamin C and testosterone supplements. Any other vitamins i should be taking for this diet?
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just toss some fruits into your diet. would give you something to deal with sugar cravings
Yeah, a bullet.
Also, this is like the worst possible diet for losing just fat. You'll be destroying your muscle at an equal rate and end up weak and skinnyfat.

Go keto, nerd.

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How do robots drink and stay skinny?

>tfw eat healthy
>tfw just realized the calories beer has

I don't want a beer belly! I like it too much though
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By not eating. By replacing food intake with alcohol intake. You'll be heroin-thin like me in no time.
You don't have to quit cold turkey if you don't want to, but cut down on how much you drink. Start with a small amount, then move up to only drinking once or twice a week, if that.

A lot of people forget that when you cut one thing from your life, it's beneficial to add another. Find another hobby or activity to do in place of drinking and you won't even think of it anymore. If you want to lose weight specifically, that thing could also be exercise! Look up a regimen online and start working towards it. If not that, then start taking walks or jogging regularly. I wish you luck!
File: 1426999077500.jpg (3KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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But I don't want to stop drinking MR!

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>five years since I last felt anything for a girl other than mild sexual attraction

When's the last time you fell in love, robots?
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I never fell in love but I would always find a girl in my class to obsess over for no other reason than I have a strange need for a "that girl".

Now that I'm not in school anymore there's nothing.
What do you mean by "that girl"? Do you like talk to her?
Fell in love with a girl in my class at uni.
Spent a magical semester together and then at the end she just ghosted me.
Shattered my world and to her it was nothing. She misled me the whole time just so she could have a study buddy and someone to go to special events with so she wouldn't have to be alone for an hour.
Fell into a big depression, totally lost the will to live, litrally almost died. Ended up dropping out.
The recovery process involved burning away all ability to feel sentimental or romantic feelings. She basically stole my soul. Can't even form friendships anymore because I don't care about anything and never want to let anyone close to me again because I know they'll just end up hurting me.

it's over bros
parents are kicking me out if i don't get a full time job
even though i already have a part time one
this is bullshit i'm only 18
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Talk to your employer and ask for more hours or something. Or tell your parents that you're trying to go full-time.
Are you american? Because your post looks like one.
You are 18. Time to fly or die son.

Anyone else do this?

>come home
>fill pot with oil
>turn on stove
>sizzle sizzle
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are you gonna make fries or chicken?
I have a dedicated fryer. I make tendies and cheese sticks. I bought some spicy marinara sauce the other day, so it's been good times all around
>come home
>pour a big glass of oil
>yum yum

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