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Was what she did illegal?

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>girl tells guy to get in a truck
>mma fighter punches a guy to death
>lol nothing to see here
no, If tell a guy to jump off a cliff, am I suddenly a criminal?
can I get a quick rundown?

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>just remembered that time where my friends went biking and invited me, but my bike was broken so I ran around with them instead
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Did you hold your hands out in front of you and pretend you were cycling?
Naruto run.

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Why does loneliness drive even the best of people to do the worst of things

Why is fate such a cruel mistress

Why is life so cruel
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Wtf no, give examples of this claim
because god hates us

that's the only logical conclusion if you've looked at all the evidence and personal experiences objectively.

he picked some beings he wanted to mess with
Or perhaps god doesn't exist and there is no inherent meaning to our existence and that's why shit happens as it does?

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Why are men so EASY?
Does anyone know why they are so thirsty and will do anything for women?

I could tell a boy to bark and he will.
I could tell him to jump off a bridge to get my purse and he will.

Why are men so stupid?
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your talking about the average failed male / beta autist khv
I'd only do that if the bridge were high enough for the fall to kill me.

I don't know. It doesn't always last and you can't do that with any man just the ones that orbit you.

I can't even look at a woman, especially one I'm attracted to, without feeling depression, sadness, anger or shame.

I don't even want to know why anymore, I hate this life.
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>I don't even want to know why anymore,
It's because you know that you don't possess the traits that are most attractive to them, so you are undesirable. I feel the same way desu, seeing/being seen by women makes me feel angry/sad/embarrassed.
I feel the same way.
I can't to got /b/ anymore because of all the nudes threads.



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One day when you're buying bananas at walmart a fairtrade banana starts talking to you. After discussing the weather for some time the banana gives you three options:

1. For one year, you're only allowed to sleep outside in public toilets. If you get too comfortable in one place you're automatically thrown out and need to sleep somewhere else. If you sleep anywhere else that's not a toilet you're thrown out into outer space. If you succeed you receive a toilet in solid gold after the end of the year.

2. A close friend or relative offers you a job as a porn star. Under the name "The Scatman" - it's exclusively about scat porn. If the videos sell better than expected you get "The Scatman" tattooed into your forehead and a check for $4 million.

3. You're sent back in time to the year when your mother was 35 years old and transformed into a pair of shoes she never used. You then spend two years in a shoe box in her attic. If your sanity is intact after the 2 years you'll wake up as the female mouse mechanic in chip n dale rescue rangers.

Bonus: You get the ability to transform into someone else's dildo between 10 PM and 6 AM. For example, you're thinking about a certain girl and her dildo and suddenly you're inside her drawer. The senses while in dildo form are like a combination of your penis and your mouth. You also get the ability to drastically boost your own and other people's libidos.
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Man, these are the shittiest powers. If I was forced to pick one of the three, I'd pick the second one, I guess.
this thread is stupid sage
Get thrown into outer space

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Tfw I can't make or view a thread without one argument about reddit spacing breaking out

Can't we all just type the way we want to?

Stop with this fucking meme.
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>Told psychiatrist I hate myself
>Asked me what reasons I have for hating myself
>Couldn't really think of any, just that I've pretty much always felt this way
>Told me it doesn't make logical sense to hate yourself if you can't even think of any reasons why
>Agreed with her

I don't get it anons, when I look at myself objectively I can see a lot of good qualities in myself: I'm polite, kind, respectful, a good friend, a hard worker, etc. but despite this, deep down I just really think I'm disgusting and shitty and I just hate myself.

What the hell is going on here?
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you done fucked up
you sound like an attention whore who needs compliments to make yourself happy
You sound like a little beta bitch, and this female psychiatrist isn't helping.

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Which one was the robot?
ian paice
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>having conversation with sister who is a normie and says normie shit all the time
>says friends are all temporary and it's ok to have no friends because family are the only ones that matter
>this cunt has had friends and lived the drugs and alcohol normie party life her whole childhood while I was fantasizing about suicide because of loneliness
god this shit is so annoying
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If family is the only thing that matters, why isn't she fucking you?
Post your sisters butt
>mom likes to joke about "oh, life is so hard" and "woe is me(me)"
>I'm almost certain I'm actually depressed
Yeah, like I want to feel like not doing anything and wanting to die constantly. I realise she's a normie and doesn't have mental problems, but mocking me isn't helping.

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I don't get the appeal of sex, like for real. I haven't had it and i feel fine, it doesn't change anything, for real. I mean the fucking chads can't stop getting pussy but come on, why do you want to go down on a girl and lick her pee hole anyways? This is just so overrated i think, maybe we aren't really missing out. Does it really give you anything that just jerking off can't?
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pussy is better than hand, and a woman in person is better than a picture. and that's not getting into the possible emotional significance if it's not just random sex.

but it is overrated.

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I'm dying soon /r9k/.

Rare congenital disease that causes bone disease.

What's your end game? What really makes you live? Hobbies?
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holy fuck, this is why i live
I hope its soon, fuck outta here
sex tourism

go for it


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Do you follow the rules?
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John heders character up to about the 25 minute mark is one of the more accurate Hollywood representations I've seen of myself.
>you're not dangerous, you're a white collar wagecuck at best
>insincere half-assed compliments hurt more than a tough guy act
>i swear this would be common sense if you can't hear what anyone is saying
>don't actually, just fake the empathy
>i swear this would be common sense if you're talking to people

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haha wow really good post hehe this is very funny lol
Fuck off back to /soc/ Norman we don't want you here
haha sorry your shitty thread is dumb hehe
also haha how am i the norman when you're lol a phoneposter haha

Let's tell paranormal experiences we've had and just things that have happened that we cannot explain. (Or "Let's not meet" type stories about scary encounters with strangers..)

>grow up in legitimately haunted house
>this isn't a "no one believes me" type thing
>everyone in the family knows deeply that the house is haunted because we'll all experienced creepy shit separately and together
>most terrifying thing to happen to me in the house occurred before my parents informed me of the past family tragedy that had happened with the previous owners
>one night I stay in the guest room, fall asleep there
>room had always given me the willies and it was always unnaturally cold, like I'm talking FREEZING cold even in the sweltering summers
>that night I was in a strange half awake limbal state and i felt a hand reach around me and pull my blanket off
>ran out crying
>five months later: a cousin stays over and he sleeps in that room
>wakes up to see an apparition staring at him
>3am ran out absolutely screaming his head off, waking everyone in the house
>woman he saw matched picture of woman who had committed suicide
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Bumpacino bumperino bumperoo.
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>wake up
>see qt grill ghost
>she laughs at me and says she thought this was my Chad brother's room
>mfw my Chad brother's gf died in a car crash and he's still getting pussy

I'm schizophrenic, for all my life I've been haunted by a slender black figure with glowing eyes and sharp fingers half the size of it's body. The worst time was when I woke up as a kid and it was hanging out my window. I can't identify the source nor have I seen his face. He also likes to dance

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