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I've never tasted alcohol, /r9k/
Is it worth it to buy a beer at the local mart? Will it prove a nice addiction to my life or will it cause me to end up poor and addicted?
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Its literal poison, it will destroy your liver and brain and overall health.
I say go for it the worst case scenario is you end up sucking dick on the corner for cash, if you are a homo you might like it you can always go on Grindr and get free alcohol in exchange for hands etc. And if you die who cares we all do at some point
I like his idea

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The ride never ends edition

What does /r9k/ study? How are you holding up? What's your uni like?
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It's shit, I already want to drop out. I enjoy some of the classes, like math, but I took English and Web Design as my electives, and it's all about creativity and coming up with ideas. English, specifically, reminds me of Grade school with all the dumb shit we have to do. Such as, write our thoughts and then exchange our paper with a partner, so we can critique our work, and give each other tips.
Losing my fucking mind waiting to go back. I miss having things to do, and feeling like I was moving towards something. I also have no friends back home, and at least have people who will talk to me at school.
Meme STEM.
Just finished summer internship and going into final year in which I have to write a thesis and shit. I'll probably fuck it up since I have no interest in any of the topics they gave me, or in the course in general.

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Holy fuck someone just pledged $20 to my Patreon. No one has ever donated more than $5 to me. Now I actually have to take a picture , autograph it, and mail it to someone. I've only been getting $1 a month from my Patreon for the past 6 months.

When was the last time someone gave you money?
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>a succesful person
Fuck the fuck off from this board
let me guess, you're a semi-cute woman?
A picture of yourself?

Why are women such evil creatures ?
You spend your time to cater to her needs, try to be selfless as much as possible and give her all of you, just so she can piss on it.
They have the audacity to call you their "friend" and never talk to you again after they find an asshole who doesn't care about them. People were right, being a nice guy is not worth it.
I'm really thinking about getting a hooker right now so I don't become a wizard. I'm sick of trying to get a girl that will appreciate how nice I am.
Any wizards care to share their views ?
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Because your bitterness shapes your perception of reality.
What do you mean ? Can't I be bitter after so many years of being neglected ?

This is the one correct answer to rule them all.

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A level fags have fucked off edition
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First for now a Uni Fag
and Waifus
Post waifus
I'm adicted to makeup tutorials how do I cure my self of this mental disease
What are we all wearing this evening then laddos

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Do whatever the fuck you want.

I'm only here to get some people back.

Are you here you psycho piece of shit?
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Nickole really just kill yourself.
It's all a fucking joke anyway, what do you care?
Is anyone interested in some hateful and bitter talk? If so, I can be of service.

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Fembots, what do you think of a 24 year old virgin?
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i think you are me
Im a 49 year old fembot and dont care. But I guess you are ok in my books for protecting your dignity
wow, you're twice my age

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tfw no cutie somalian gf
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If a somalian woman spends all your money does that make her a female pirate
I've boned a Somalian prostitute. She was really hot, young, and very short, with tiny little feet. Shit was cash.

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Why do teenage girls always seem to forget about their problems after some year but teenage boys almost always ends up living with their problems for the rest of their life or just an hero?

Also, general mental illness thread
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Girls mature emotionally quicker than boys do
Their problems aren't real
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Pretty much this I guess, they only fake it for attention

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Is lesbianism a meme? Can't women just be turned straight with a good dicking anyway? A dildo or a finger can't possibly feel better than a warm dick.
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men are like NPCs to me

some of them benefit me, some of them get in my way, but at the end of the day I can't see them as anything other than objects. I might respect a few that I'm friends with and a knowledge some as my equals, but men in general aren't "people" to me. I don't hate them. They're just like a separate species to me. It's closer to "overwhelming apathy".

I got raped by one once and all I felt was annoyance. Like - it was boring and annoying that he expected it to mean anything at all. It was only an inconvenience to me, and somewhat repulsive. I felt a mixture of pity and contempt for him afterwards, but stopped thinking about it altogether a few weeks later.

It's similar to the way gay men feel about women, I'd imagine. I get along fine with gay men - they're like well-written NPCs, possible party members, the kind of NPC you'd be fond of.

But women are the only "player characters" I recognize.

I hate most straight women and bisexual women annoy me, but they're tolerable. Other lesbians are the most "human" human beings to me. The only emotional pain and genuine happiness I've ever felt were from my interactions with other women.

tldr - nothing you say or do will ever make me see you as a person.
it's not about dicks
it's about the person
if you level your value by your dick then...you're less than a human to women straight/lesbian/bi
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Women are the most superficial people out there, generally speaking. Most high-demanding jobs and fields are filled with men, who handle stress better and have been shown to have larger brains.

Yet you only see the emotionally driven gender as human.

After last weekend, why haven't you joined your local Antifa? We must destroy the nazis at all costs to society.
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can i score lots of easy liberal girls?
Why wouldn't you join to fight for the cause?
to me your cause has no meaning at all. now answer my question

Whats for dinner/lunch? Or what did you eat recently. Extra points for pictures.

Eating steak some weird small trees and potato au gratin. Drinking lemonade.
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For me, it's the McChicken. The best fast food sandwich, desu~.
I ate a regular hand sandwich because I don't have a women to do it for me.
This looks like shit

You're like the KFC poster but lamer

>a woman
You mean your mother?

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>Hey bruh, come have a few brewskis with us, your mom said you don't come out of your room all the time
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Nah I'm aight. Y'all look gay as fuck with your shirts off, look like y'all just got done fucking
Hey, you homophobic or somthing? That's not very cool of you, cou know...
>No shirt, no service
This applies to Chad too right?

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I have a story for you robots
>trying to get my life together
>looking for a job
>find a movie theatre close to my apartment
>Go in for an interview
>of course im a nervous aspie
>sit there staring at the ground
>interviewer comes out
>shes qt
>she asks me the routine questions
>somehow get through with minimal ravioli
>go into the big interview with the president
>sit in his big scary office
>signed posters from actors on the wall
>promotional art
actual life sized statues of Alvin and the Chipmunks
>"take a seat anon"
>this guy fucking grills me relentlessly
>"i couldnt help but noticed you dont smile very often, I mean when I walked out to get you, you seemed bothered that I was even speaking to you.
>im freaking out inside, is it that obvious that i want to kill myself?
>profusely apologize.
>"o-oh im sorry, i didnt get a lot of sleep last night."
>he leans back and smiles slightly, he is completely aware that im just trying to damage control.
>no wonder this guy is the boss.
>more interview stuff
>shakes my hand
>i leave
>while im walking out the front door, two women who already work there confront me.
>"so did ya get the job?" They both say
>i cant believe more human beings are talking to me.
>I remember what the boss told me about not smiling and generally looking like I dont want to be talked to.
>Maybe this is why no one talked to me all through highschool, i thought. Maybe this is why Im always alone.
>I muster what I think was a smile
>"hehe, yeah hopefully!" i said between seizures.
>Their faces seemed to light up
>Run out the door, before I fuck this up.
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you take too long writing, i'm waiting
Hurry up nigger
You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.
im waiting too anon

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This is my ideal type of girl
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I would do anything for a girl that genuinely likes The Velvet Underground desu. Not so sure about the rest except maybe liking the best Smiths record.
Were you homeschooled your whole life? every girl is like this

>The Smiths

Solo Morrisey is far better, women are plebs and will never understand this.

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