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Oh Wonder.png
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>sister bought me a Oh Wonder album
>never heard of this band before

Why would she gift me this?
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she wants you to fuck her brains out obviously shes a whore who fucking loves anal and deep throat face fucking. Duh, retard.
Cuz their music is really good and trendy
Why would she think I listen to this kind of music?


>"uhhhh anon, well, come on, you know what to do suck it and get it all lubed up before he puts it in my ass"
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She doesn't do anal, stupid
never understood why some of the hotter blacked starlets don't do anal, i mean your already debasing your self to the lowest form of degeneracy why not go all the way?
They say that so they can get some BBC seed in their cunts and breed with alpha males


Chill edition. I'm not on duty tonight. Anyone can do anything, myself included.

Any topic you want, anything.

Radios from around the world:


DOS games:


If you find anything cool on either, share.

Music, Pepe's, anything is welcome. It's a relaxed edition. You can still share and ask questions, of course.

Have fun together!

PS: I'm registering tonight.

Theme song for the thread:

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>open e-mail account
>see yahoo news

I wasn't a fan of the band at all, but I knew of his past. I has a sad now.
Ah man, the theme fits perfectly. I feel extremely relaxed and tired now. It is because I raged a lot a couple hours ago, but still.

How long did Coats pepe mastery last yesterday?

It lasted until the end. Coats is awesome.

What happened with your rage?

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Would you settle for a 5 or just wait until you get rich and win a Stacy, /r9k/?
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Don't let me go to page 11
i find the 5th girl on the 7 rating hot as hell
i prefer 2hu

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>meet realy cute girl
>we talk and realy like eachother
>she had to go so we met later at the same day
>go to carneval and i never had so much fun in my live
>i was never so happy before
>wake up

I actually wanted to kill myself after that dream. I was never so disappointed
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>every man you see who gets involved with women is screwed over and becomes suicidal
>women are incompetent and don't care about your feelings so you use escapism for comfort
Why haven't you taken the volcelpill?

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He makes some good points, saw a couple of his videos before and liked them.

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>There is someone on r9k right now who is 5'6 or shorter

LOL holy shit I'm glad that's not me
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Look at the thread with that fatty that is 5'4 and weighs over 300 lbs.
That's pretty nasty

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>woah bro she takes it from behind... what a freak...
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broken man.png
1MB, 919x720px
>be me 19 years old
>transfer from community college to state college in New England
>cant decide what is I want to do for first couple years
>study psychology, philosophy, computer science, literature, creative writing w/e trying to find something that interest me
>decide to be English major because I want to write ( don't bully me)
>be in English class talking about some African writer for the tenth time this class (apparently World Literature means African and Arab literature and one Japanese novel)
>stumble across passage about mandingos
>prof asks class if anyone knows what a mandingo is
>think about Djanjo Unchained
>raise hand
>yes anon?
>A mandingo is a nigg... I mean slave who fought other slaves like for the masters amusement
>teacher and class all notice I nearly said N word aloud
>be pretty much labeled a racist for remaining for next two years of college
>everyone looks at me funny because I almost said the n word

mfw 4chan has ruined on a subconscious level
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what are you taking a sjw class for?

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>tfw no cognoscenti bf
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File: cog knows cunt.jpg (151KB, 900x542px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cog knows cunt.jpg
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>tfw no congo scent gf
i'm certain you've said that before. sorry for being mean that one time.

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>he doesn't use legacy captcha
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Everyone should enable it, operation reNigger is still in effect.
File: captcha.png (163KB, 301x622px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I use this one so I don't have to run non-free JavaScript from Google in order to post here

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So the only real friend I've ever had (of whom I've been friends with for almost 3 years) is starting to distance themselves from me.
I'm not even clingy or do things that'd destroy this friendship. On the contrary, things have been fine for this whole time. It's only been the past three or so days where things have taken an odd turn. I can tell something is amiss. It could be that there's something else going on but I don't know what to do. I feel like I've done something wrong but I'm too thickheaded to figure out what it could be.
If this is the end, I guess having regular social interaction outside of my immediate family was fun while it lasted.
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>I'm not clingy
>things have been weird for the past three days
Makes you think. How often do you hang?
At least once a week. Sometimes it can be up to three times. We speak most days and they're the initiator usually. I'm probably overreacting but I just feel like I've done something but can't remember what. I can sense a level of frustration but I don't know the source.
Maybe just aks if something's wrong?

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Tfw i really cant even eat big amounts of rice and sweet potato carbs because im growing boils again.
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Does this belong on /x/
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anyone else listening to music he cant relate too?
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Op is a homo

It's a pretty good song tbqh.
It's nice and chill.
I tend to never focus on the lyrics anyways.
you didn't play enough RPGs in your childhood
otherwise you could relate to anything

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