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>*chomp chomp chomp*
>*mlem mlem mlem*


So yeah, I just had an autistic outburst against my family for eating like a bunch of disgusting pigs and somehow making slurping sounds whilst eating a fucking burger. Now I feel like an ass but goddamn it makes me want to puke.
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same I think I'm allergic to sounds like that. They absolutely disgusts me..
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I tried but I can't put food in my mouth if it's closed.
Any tips, OP?
Try opening your mouth to let the food in, then shutting it the hell up while you chew :)

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>realize that r9k is probably not helping my mental state
>decide im gonna take a break from it, possibly never come back
>wake up and immediately start browsing r9k

Why do I like this place so much? Its fucking terrible
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Because youre a flaming faggot
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I tried to leave months ago.
I can't.
I don't know why.
I don't even like it here.
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same here
we fell int the abyss
now we all are dam sons and dam daughters now

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Just out of curiosity, how many of you hold cryptocurrency?
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My friend had a flash drive with 5 bitcoins on it back when they weren't worth like $2000 USD and then he lost it.... Good bye drugs hello depression
up 2k from 3 weeks ago. liquidated before the correction yesterday @ $2900

Going for 10BTC before I put it all in storage. Things are going sideways and BTC is on a pump so I'll prob have to rebuy @ $2750 at this rate though
0.1 btc and 650 ripple.

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Statistics from the CDC, Census, NCHS, Teachman Study, Brinkmann Study, Ohio State Survey of Sexuality, NHS, Pew Research, and the GSS
>75%+ of all Millennial men will marry by age 45
>Odds fof divorce for first marriages have been declining for 40+ years
>The average age girls lose their virginity has been going UP for 15+ years, the average number of lifetime sexual partners for women has been DROPPING for 20+ years, the percentage of women remaining virgins for marriage has been INCREASING for 15+ years
>The percentage of women who identify as Feminists or accept Feminist concepts as true or good has been DECLINING for 30+ years
>Gen Z (age 21 and less) is more socially conservative than any generation since before the Korean War and since groups grow more conservative as they age this will improve for 30+ years
You guys have it backwards
-Women are getting LESS degenerate
-Men have a BETTER chance at a virgin wife
-Men have a BETTER chance at staying married
Your time in now!
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So - if you want a virgin waifu?
She's out there!
Go get her!
Just because they're a virgin doesn't mean they'll want someone who browses this board
Why not?
Take advantage of hypergamy to land a great wife!

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>visit forums and websites with 90% female userbase
>many posts are lengthy, well-written and mostly indistinguishable from posts you find on male dominated sites
>also lots of shitposts no different than you would find on 4chan
>correct usages of memes and lots of original content

what does it mean?
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it means show your evidence that this actually happened
please refer to rule 16
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It means you should check my doubles.

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Why do you place so much importance in virginity/number of partners?
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It's the most important thing to me. If a woman is unmarried and not a virgin she is a degenerate whore who should be treated as such.
Pic related, I want my own DNA inside a girl, not someone elses
I never did after I lost my virginity to an escort.

Virgin men want a virgin gf to marry and spend their lives together with.

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>Less than 2% of circumcised men experience inflammation and infection of the head of the penis compared to 10% uncircumcised men.

>Circumcision substantially reduces the risk of urinary tract infections and kidney complications in men.

>Circumcision results in over 20-fold decrease in risk of invasive penile cancer, which has a high fatality rate.

>Adult circumcision reduces lifetime risk of prostate cancer by 50%, which affects 1 in 6 men and often requires castration as treatment.

>Circumcision provides a 3-fold reduction in risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS.

>Circumcision affords substantial protection against thrush, papillomavirus, genital herpes, syphilis, chancroid, trichomonas, and mycoplasma.

>Up to 10% of uncircumcised adults will later require circumcision for medical reasons.

>Any uncircumcised male can develop phimosis at any point in their life. This is because foreskin tissue always has the potential to tighten in response to various aggravating factors.

>Circumcision eliminates the risk of BXO and balanitis, which can cause infertility.

>Research shows that most women prefer the circumcised penis for appearance, hygiene, and sexual activity, even in cultures where circumcision is uncommon.
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>reddit spacing
>endorses male genital mutilation
Why would I damage my perfectly healthy penis?
>reddit spacing


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Do you think you would be happier if you look hot?

Pay attention that your life scenario would be the same, same life story, same personality, etc.
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I probably wouldn't be happier.
Women would just approach me because I'm hot without me having to start a conversation.
Then I would proceed to ignore them and feel good about turning down a roastie cunt.
Now that I think of if, yeah that would make me happy.
Yeah who wouldn't. Problem is most robots think that'll solve their issues (wahh I'm a manlet, wahh I'm a dicklet, wahh you can't be white and a robot, etc.). I've been called attractive by a sizeable amount of people and had some women interested but they back away when they have to witness my social autism

My life is pretty cool, I just despise the person I see in the mirror, it makes me feel I'm less than how I feel I am.

It's very bad for me and sometimes I'd rather just not go outside or socialize because I don't feel like the person I am. It sucks. It's probably like trannys but less sick.

I'm a cool, great, funny, intelligent dude but looking like shit makes all that worthless.

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Is it too late to play a sport? 19 here

it's not like I want to play professionally or anything
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never too late

30 here, play softball
It's just I don't know how to get started

I want to play football(soccer)
Unless you can find a pick up game that's friendly to newbs, don't even bother.
People are really competitive, even if it's a nothing game being played for fun.
If you shit the bed, they're going to ride your ass until you get the fuck off of their field/court.

So, trap/futa lovers:
Why don't you admit you are a faggot, or bisexual atleast?
I don't really see what's the problem. I am a huuuuge trap faggot myself and I have no problem with admitting that I'm a fag.
Is the "I like traps but I'm not gay" only a meme?
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I hate futas, I do like traps to limited extent. I am bisexual myself, and have no issue admitting to that.
I don't see myself ever having sex with a dude, but a trap just maybe. If that makes me bi then I guess I am bi.
Please don't use the word faggot it is offensive.

Draw a Gondola Party wins 600 seats in an unprecedented landslide edition
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Post your polling station for a laugh lads, hahahaha.
Post your house address for a laugh lads, hahahah
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Who's the guy next to blair in this image?

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who skunk here
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>tfw qt skunk in my pocket
File: qt.png (777KB, 724x604px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw qt skunk in my lap

sleep tight, skunker
is it dead?

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I'm planning on asking my onetis to hang out this saturday. Something like ice cream. Is that a good idea? I want to make sure she gets the message. I'm pretty excited GNHAAAAA I CAN'T HOLD IT ANY LONGER !!!
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I can't wait for you to come back and post a sad Pepe and talk about how you hate women and the world is unfair because oneitis wanted chad instead
just go head and get it over with already shes going to deny you and tell her friends who will laugh at you lol
Don't ask her, tell her. Something like "Hey, let's go on a date this Saturday" is better than "will you go on a date with me?" Sure, she can still shut you down, but it sounds less desperate.
Make sure she knows its a date and not a friendly hang out.
Good luck.

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Why do men have such shitty music tastes? And by shitty I don't mean "he listens to genres I personally dislike" kind of shitty, I mean "he listens to edm, dad rock, meme metal and generic rap and never goes beyond entry level" kind of shitty. I know plenty of women with very diverse and interesting music tastes, yet literally one guy who isn't a generic piece of shit.

Can /r9k/ explain this to me?
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I don't see the point in trying to get into more obscure music since I enjoy my dad rock and eurobeat just fine.
I'm asking, in fact: why should I bother?
Sounds like you're too try hard trying to have musical "taste".
Your personal acquaintances are not an accurate representation of the world at large.

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1. Use a name in the namefield.
2. Share your troubles.
3. Be listened to.
4. Group therapy is on point today.
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Side games:

1. guess what my mother sent me in an envelope
2. she contacted me today, guess what she said/did

You won't find out, but past 100 posts, I'll tell at least one of these.
Boy am I glad to see this thread. I didn't have time to attend for the last few days because of some work shit I made myself do.

How is everyone doing?
Some kind of picture? That'd be my guess. Either some of your family or maybe one of your LO with you?

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