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Pic related is why I don't even try to be friends with normies. They just straight up act cruel.
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they prob said it for a reason - aka you're an insufferable fucking autist dumbass unaware idiot selfish fuck

>a girl talked to me
>gosh i hate women toying with me feelings

classic r9k
>pray for manchester
yeah you're not trying to befriend normalfags at all

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angeru pepe.png
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Why exactly would she feel the need to do that
>thawing your raw chicken in the sink instead of using my special method
my condolences
Good. Her dandruff can mingle with your salmonella. Everyone's happy

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Is there a place where I could purchase a boy's panties online?
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I'm sure cwc will sell you a pair
ill sell you mine
I'm a cute 18 y/o boy.
I'll sell you my 3 day old unwashed panties if you want them. They smell like my sweaty cock and balls.

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>black women are gross, I will never date a black wom-
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kek, I don't even buy the roastbeef meme, but she really fits the description. You can see the beef strips flapping around.
Ana Foxxx is perfect, you low-t beta.
I'd rather get anally probed by an ayy lmao than touch a black woman

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I was 15
I'm 19 now and I have yet to kiss a girl
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You're still young! I didn't kiss someone until I was 24....and still have not done anything more than that.
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I was 13 when I realised I'd have tfw no gf for life,
20 when I realised that this wasn't bad and I had ascended.
Only misery and agony await you anon. Life itself will feel like hell and the idea of taking your own life sounds better every day that passes

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How do we get the white normies off of our board?
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This issue needs to be addressed ASAP. The influx of normie posts is getting out of hand. We would need some serious /b/-tier posting to scare them off
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Finally someone else who sees the white normies for what they are. They must be dealt with.
Give up. The fight has been lost

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I left this board a year ago. The same shit threads and shit mentality continue to surge through this place. May I ask why you continue to stay here? I left and my mentality improved so much, I got healthy, I picked up several hobbies, and got a good job. If you don't want to stay like this forever, leave.
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I will soon. My current job is killing me and this place makes me feel better. When I get a better Job i'll put effort into bettering mysellf.12 hour shifts give me no time for that
I like the memes here
What hobby did you pick up OP?

My boyfriend just doesn't understand. I like to hang out with my ex and smoke a few joints a couple times a week.
He gets so angry and today he demanded I stop talking to my ex.
Maybe if my boyfriend smoked weed he'd understand but he isn't into partying at all...
I'm still debating a break up
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Your bait requires quite a lot of work OP
I'll give you a 1/10 since you made me reply.
you're abusive
How many times can you make this thread? Lazy troll make up some new shit.

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>make a "robot" friend
>he's more attractive, sociable, interesting and successful than me
>claims he's a loser like me and has no friends etc
>next day he says he'll go spend the afternoon with a friend and do drugs
>then says he'll meet up with his friend with benefits this weekend and fuck the shit out of her
Vapid shitbags you're no robots, just dumb normies.
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>seeking friends out

You are the very thing you despise. Sorry fampai
And your just an ego boost to him. He's thinking "at least I'm not that guy."
Let this be a lesson.
>make a "robot" friend
You're just a shit normie.

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Have any of you ever had an incestous relationship with a brother or sister? I've always wanted a qt little sister I could fuck
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I really wish I had a sister too. She probably would have been a robot as well and we both would have no no one to lose our virginities but ourself. We'd fuck every day, it would have been great but my stupid parents just HAD to stop breeding at me...
maybe in another life this dream of ours could become a reality
>waiting a whole life for that to happen
>not just hanging out 3 more years until VR makes all your depraved sickfuck fantasies a reality

Can a girl get better looking than this?

Pic related of course
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>Can a girl get better looking than this?
Your not thinking straight

I have a loaded gun pointed at my head and my finger on the trigger. I want to pull it. I just want to end it all.
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obligatory dont do it anon
oregano why?
obligatory "livestream it" reply

>tfw just completed my first shift at my new job
>tfw I'm now a retailbot

Who else here /seafood/?
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I see food differently.
if you work retail, quit
>your boss probably schedules your work hours for you
what do you propose he should do then?

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Well I'm 25 now..no gf no friends, starting a new life next week. Have recently had all my self confidence pretty much smashed. Can /r9k give me some greentexts of victories you've had recently, no matter how minor? That would be a nice present thanks.
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no one who is here has succeeded and any /r9k/ greentexts of success are the delusions of entrenched robots and bait threads

Pretty much what I expected from here...well shit
I'm a normie who just comes here to shitpost. I have a pretty good life.

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is there anything more comfy than a personal nest?
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Even if you don't have money for food or rent, you can fill up a cardboard box with salvation army clothes and lead a p comfy life.
I once lived in a closet in a drug den for $200 a month shortly after I turned 18 because I had nowhere to go.
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no jew could evict me in this

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