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Has anyone here run away or moved across the country? I'm at the end of the line with next to no money, no car, no job, at the end of the month I'll be homeless and thinking I may as well give it a shot before necking myself.
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Who here /trying to improve/?

Got kinda bored of being a NEET failure all my life. I don't like the decisions I took or the things I did and didn't do. Already at age 24, jsut barely finished HS and then did nothing afterwards and I don't feel i've lived my life at all. Trying to draw more, learning how to program, trying to atleast go out a couple times / week. Want to try and work something with it if possible. If it wont be, i'll want to find a new area to focus on. If i'll have to spend another year of being a NEET without a plan, i'm going to lose it.

Any advice on how to keep a schedule and just work on something? Right now it's either 18 hours of work for a week or two and then a couple weeks of nothing.
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Every time I've tried climbing out of the hole of NEETdom, the monotony of doing the same shit every day ends up demotivating me until I'm back to spending my entire day on /r9k/. This aversion towards self-improvement is debilitating desu
Isn't it funny how fast time goes by when you're 18+ and launched into the real world except you fail to launch and end up a fully grown adult male living like a teenager in his parents house, meanwhile millions of others your age have already established their own careers, families, homes etc.

Makes you feel like shit doesn't it? What's worse is that time is ticking, you're only going to get older and uglier, it will just to get harder and harder to ever achieve anything the longer you stay in the rut.

Hahahhahahahahahahahahah life's is bitch for everyone, difference is your life is a bitch from the start, instead of the end. It doesn't get better, it only gets worse.

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>tfw too socially retarded to talk to anyone

ill never make it on the outside
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My brain can't actually string proper sentences together when talking to strangers.

Dropping out of society for 10+ years messed me up pretty badly.

I didn't develop any social skills because I never had friends growing up and always kept to myself doing my own thing. Turns out this is really bad for you if you want to succeed in the real world.

about the same, but it's pretty clear by about age 25-27 if you will be a success or a failure.

Success to me at this point would be lucky enough to be working as a janitor or some hellish boiler room phone job. if i can NEET rather than doing those, im gonna NEET

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>go outside
>see manlet with a gf (taller than him)
What the fuck, /r9k/?
Why did you lie to me? You said manlets don't get women, yet here this guy is with a gf and I'm single at 6'5"
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>go outside

there's your mistake right there

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>sister keeps telling me how fucking amazng crossfit is
>i tell her its gay and my routine is better
>she says its not gay
>i insist and tell her how each man there is a massive faggot
>she says they aren't because she fucked 4 guys there already
>she has a bf in the military for 4 years

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What the fuck am I looking at?

Original post pls

Any former fat fuck who had abdominoplasty or full body lift here?
How was it?
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its strange, spend alotta time bodybulding, working on myself, had girls, recognition enough and real life friends but i turned back here, being an robot.

That all came just to late ...cant forget nor forgive all those lost years of rejection in childhood and youth. Now i had it all i realized that its all nothing special being a normie and having what it takes.

Feeling still lonely when im with people even tho they like me now, normies only talk about drugs, TV, sexuality basically just about dumb things.

Now i feel like Sasuke or Zuko if anyone knows them. I enjoy living as an lonely one. Got on the top but i dont need/want society anymore, still hate.

anyone else feels like dat?
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i get you
but what is there really to talk about? life is pointless and the only thing left to do is to distract ourselves, and it so happens that drugs, TV, and sexuality are some are the best ways to do that.

either play the game or get off the ride.
>had girls

Leave, you aren't a robot.
Almost the same as you OP, except that I never had any girls. At some point my possessions were enough to fulfill me. therefore, any girls who had any interest in me I turned down, I just felt no need for women in my life, even more so knowing how mean a woman can be. That raised an irrational fear for woman in me. I feared for my money.

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Why didn't josh invite drake to his wedding. I mean I understand that drake is millions of dollars in debt and couldn't afford to fly out anyways but at least invite him so he knows you still think about him :(
All my friends no longer talk to me because I'm a worthless broke neet like drake. I wish money wasn't so important to people...
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Look how sad and desperate for a friend he is :(
Is this real? Are drake and josh actually their real names? If this is fake OP you should kys
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Yes it's their real names and they used to be real life friends now josh refuses to talk to drake

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Someone linked me to a website a few days ago similar to blacked.com except it had hung Asian guys

What is it called? I'm desperate
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check your history

>You have been muted for 4 seconds, because your comment was not original.

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What's the longest you have stayed in your house? 8 months here.
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>1 week into nofap
I feel like I'm going to explode
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>do nofap because on class trip for 10 days
>get home
>have fapped 11 times in 2 days so far, and it's still only morning of the second day
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did someone say explode?
try not fapping, once you go past a month then you become less dependent on it

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Umm does anyone want to chat? I've time to spend leisurely so. It'd be nice to do so. I guess.
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Yeh, ill have a chat with you :)
Yay, what do you want to chat about?
Depends what your interested in desu

dancing dino time derpy derp testing if i post gifs
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Did you have any fun? Do you like your dad?
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he died a while ago

he would severely dislike me if he had known what I turned into

he was very anti degenerate, parents had divorce, family fell apart.
He got drunk and passed out on the sofa, I had a couple drinks and played stormblood early access. He could die this minute and I couldn't care less.

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>trailer for a new game from a game series comes out at E3
>aggressively watch the trailer multiple times in anticipation for this game
>it finally comes out
>turns out it's not how I imagined it would be
>ends up collecting dust on my hard drive
Anyone else know this feel?
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