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Thinking about enlisting. Any /militarybros/?
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i want to enlist my cock into sailor moon's butt
going into the IDF to literally die for Israel, unsure which branch tho
Might go for OCS though when I finish my degree.

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How do I get myself arrested without committing a crime
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Just be black. That should work
OriginaI shjsjs
He asked to be arrested, not shot

Is there a reason you want to be arrested with no crime?

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Anyone else here hate normies with a passion?

>Have to be instructed like children on the most simple of subjects
>no humour
>listen to shit music
>blue pilled when it comes to history
>turn into literal animals when women get involved
>you can request to be left alone but insist on forcing you into social situations

Why cant they leave people like us alone?
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The word "normie" sums up their very existence. They define everything they do as normal, and anyone who deviates from their norm is in their eyes a freak of nature.

What I hate most about normies is their completely stupid belief that everything they have comes from hard work.

In reality, genetics explains 90 % of their success. Their naturally confident and handsome/beautiful faces...genetics. How else can a normie at the age of 12 be so extremely confident and also enjoy bullying those it perceives as weaker. 12 years is not enough time to develop confidence through experience. Every aspect of a normies personality comes from genetics.
>able to keep track of the billions of contradictory and illogical rules of "proper" social etiquette
>still terrible at math and science and incapable of rational thought

normies baffle me more than anything
They annoy the hell out of me but so do you guys. You're just two different classes of the same breed of normalcy. /r9k/ can't exist nor even communicate without memes to constantly regurgitate. You guys are also loud and obnoxious and listen to shit music. Your idea of "red pill" is just a different flavor of blue pill and you're always acting like animals when discussing women.

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Hey blackbots, what happened to you personally that made you feel that you were not a robot?

I personally got asked by a cute girl who happened to be white in a "Luxary" mall when I was hanging out with my friends of eastern origins.

I said no because I though she and her friend were playing a joke on me. But after I said no, they said nothing and left.
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I've never wish so much to punch someone through a screen
Even if it was a joke, it still wouldn't have hurt to take the chance
You personally got asked what?

Why are you so mad?

I got asked out on a date or "hang out"

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how do i flirt
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Probably cutely, because frogposters are, at least, really cute.
Are you having a stroke
Also fuck you this comment is original enough
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Uguuu What makes you say that?

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>not doing everything you do for personal gain
>not acting nice, doing "the right thing", and luring people into a false sense of security to complete your goal of being the top dog
>doing good things for no reason
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you aren't a sociopath just another underaged edgy redditor
how so

cause you're an idiot and sociopaths aren't dumb

File: Sigmund_Freud_LIFE.jpg (876KB, 1066x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am genuinely interested to know what anons that are well known for their hatred of women think about their own mothers.
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I love my mother, besides my little brother she's the only family member I genuinely like.
Manipulative wreck of mental health issues. She let me play with her tits until I was toddler.
Obsessed with outward appearance and what people think. A bit over protective. Ignores when I ask for help about wanting to kill myself. I still love her to death.

>spotted a qt trap on tinder
>Paniced and super-liked him
>Expected no response
>He swiped me back, matched
Really trying not to fuck this up, bros. Help me here.
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Was this a good icebreaker? It's been a half hour, still no response.
how about try not calling the trans girl "he" for starts
Don't worry, I won't do it to his face

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Alright robots, how perverted are you?
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Is that even a real thing? Tried googling it, got nothing but archived 4chan posts with the exact same question.
Can you please get rid of floor tiles on that list? I still don't get why everyone thinks its weird. I mean there's much worse stuff other than liking tiles.
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Here is a template for the lazy

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What meds are you on /r9k/?

I just got prescribed Wellbutrin.
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Don't take that shit. It will permanently fuck up your ability to be happy. I used to take this.
Klonopin and Seroquel. Got off Effexor, slowly weaning myself off klonopin. no plans to get off seroquel in near future.
Sertraline, metoprolol, and fludrocortisone.

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What level of cute is your anime girl folder on? Does it include super cute handholding and cuddling?
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sorry i thought i meant to reply to >>39012902
this makes me feel sad and warm! I! ! ! !
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1502466157615 (1).png
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Haha what?
Who even are you?

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Who else started doing drugs not because it's fun but because you're lost in life and don't know what else to do, so you do drugs as a way to fill that void in your miserable life. Too bad I'm poor, if I had more money I'd do cocaine till I overdose and die.
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i think i take drugs/drink is to kill brain cells, become slightly retarded and able to relate to all the shit around me.
Started with weed and now it's coke and booze because I have money and no point in living.
i love drugs. I'm with you poor drug user bro. if you need a suggestion for this lifestyle, find a compatible hobby. mine is art and music

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guys, i think i just figured out whats wrong with society. it's validation.

You see, the main driving force of most people today, especially millenials, is that they're always seeking validation. validation is like currency in society today, i have it, you have it, but we want more. people here want it the most, but arent willing to change for it. women are whores because it gets them validation, chads are, well, chads because it gets them validation. if anyone in society today had the chance to roll up and retreat into a dark space for the rest of their days, they would, because they no longer want validation, but they do, so they dont. validation is important to all of us, yet none of us seem to have as much as we'd like. we resort to retarded fucking methods of gaining it. when we dont have any, we break down and go full ragemode (i.e.elliot rodger). society can not go on until we remove the need of validation, and that will take robots and normies alike sacrificing their pursuit of personal gain for the greater good.

and we all know that'll never happen, but until it does, whores will stay whoring, chads wil stay chadding, a we'll never get the taste of sweet sweet validation
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Lost In The Sea.png
1MB, 1920x1080px
> and that will take robots and normies alike sacrificing their pursuit of personal gain for the greater good.

You heard em, sacrifice the normies and the robots. Lets bring this world to an end!
you dont get it, the only thing that seperates normies from robots is the amount of validation they have. they are the only two types of people on this planet. no in-between, no "ascended class".
>mfw robots dont know about muh validity/uwu
You ARE valid

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guys I think I found my new obsession

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>name is Faux
>pronounces it fox
I bet she really thinks that's how it's pronounced. What an ignorant swine. 0/10 would not hold hands with.
looks like stacy
get out
File: 1430453422386.png (30KB, 633x758px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Literally shed a couple tears watching, I'll never have a girl that looks like that, as innocent, as cheery.
I really should consider suicide after tying up some loose ends
back to fapping to uncut nigger cock
I wish I was kidding
what have I become

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What does it feel like to live without doubt?
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Probably not very exciting. Without doubt, you can't have any risk. Risk is what makes life a little more interesting and unpredictable.
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Guess what nigger?

You just posted the secret image
File: 1420654165781.png (786KB, 595x595px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here we see the pizza on a chair

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